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Best Private Elementary Schools in California

There is no doubt that private schooling for your kid may cost you a fortune since public education is provided for free. But for a solid, first-class education for our kids, there is no problem spending extra money. I have handpicked the top 10 private elementary schools in California into this article. All these schools are chosen after considering their tuition fee, which can be affordable.

If you are looking for small-sized classes and personal attention for your kid, the following private elementary schools are highly recommended. Moreover, public education is not performing great in California. It is to be noted that California’s children tend to score poorly on the NAEP tests. So making your kid study in a private school can be a really good decision. So without further adieu, let us get started.

1. The Nueva School

The Nueva School is a top-class private elementary school that provides a first-class academic curriculum tailor-made for each student according to their interests and passions. The school provides a lot of extracurricular activities to fire up their creativity.

The school has a top-rated student-teacher ratio at 6:1, perfectly balanced. The school is 100% committed to diversity and comfort for all its students. So if you want your kid to learn about different cultures, ethnicities, and linguicism, then this is your good choice.

Founded In: 1967
Address: Hillsborough, CA
Rank: #1 of Best Private Elementary Schools in California
Contact: +1 650-235-7100
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2. Polytechnic School

Located in Pasadena, Polytechnic School is one of the finest schools that provide an excellent education. The school’s location is phenomenal and gives great energy to your kids to study. The school offers a rigorous curriculum with a holistic approach.

Poly is academically rigorous and sets high expectations for its students while providing the educational and emotional support needed to ensure every student has an opportunity to succeed. Moreover, if you want a school with advanced experienced teachers, this is a great choice.

Founded In: 1907
Address: California Blvd, Pasadena, CA
Rank: #2 of Best Private Elementary Schools in California
Contact: +1 626-396-6300
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3. Head-Royce School

If you don’t mind spending extra bucks on a school with world-class facilities, I would highly recommend Head-Royce School. With a 48,700 $ tuition fee, they provide a lot of extracurricular activities, which also include swimming and other sophisticated games.

Moreover, The teachers, administrators, deans, advisors, counselors, librarians, etc., of this school are very caring and supportive of the kids. They provide a first-class curriculum with constant attention to strive for better. It is one of the safest schools to go to in California.

Founded In: 1887
Address: Lincoln Ave, Oakland, CA
Rank: #3 of Best Private Elementary Schools in California
Contact: +1 510-531-1300
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4. The Quarry Lane School

If you want your kid to study in an environment where they love to go to school, then The Quarry Lane School is a fantastic choice. The school focuses on providing a simple experiential, real-world problem-solving curriculum which is highly recommended.

The highlight of this school is that students are grouped for literacy and math training according to ability so that all students can succeed and advance to their fullest potential. The teachers at this school have a  really good experience dealing with elementary kids.

Founded In: 1991
Address: Tassajara Rd, Dublin, CA
Rank: #4 of Best Private Elementary Schools in California
Contact: +1 925-829-8000
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5. The Harker School

Founded in 1893, The Harker School is one of the finest schools that still follows a traditional curriculum with an incline towards the modern education prospectus. The facilities are state of the art, especially the athletics dept/trainers.

Your kid will get an opportunity to kickstart their sport interest, extracurricular activities, or others. There is a plethora of extracurricular activities and clubs for students to choose from, robotics to sports to STEM to humanities. So this school is highly recommended.

Founded In: 1893
Address: Union Ave, San Jose, CA
Rank: #5 of Best Private Elementary Schools in California
Contact: +1 408-248-2510
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6. Chadwick School

If you want your kid to excel in arts, theatrics, music, dance, and other extracurricular activities, then I would highly recommend Chadwick School. The school also provides a great athletic and sports program for kids who want to showcase their interest in sports.

Students have an in-depth study of vocabulary, phonics, and spelling, as well as frequent assessment of reading ability with the Developmental Reading Assessment. The school provides a really good curriculum which will be challenging, but at the same time, it is stress-free.

Founded In: 1935
Address: S Academy Dr, Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA
Rank: #6 of Best Private Elementary Schools in California
Contact: +1 310-377-1543
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7. La Jolla Country Day School

La Jolla Country Day School is the finest school that provides great educational facilities. If you want a school that will provide you with excellent intellectual exploration, personal growth, and social responsibility, then I would highly endorse this top-rated school.

Moreover, the school has a diverse student body which will help your kid learn about different cultures and ethnicities from a young age. Furthermore, the prime reason why teachers send their kids to private schooling is the safety concerns, and this school provides a very safe environment.

Founded In: 1926
Address: Genesee Ave, La Jolla, CA
Rank: #7 of Best Private Elementary Schools in California
Contact: +1 858-453-3440
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8. Oakwood School

Located in North Hollywood, Oakwood School is one of the finest schools which provide a full-fledged educational experience. Their diversity, equity, inclusion, and belonging program is the deal-breaker that keeps this school apart from the other schools.

Oakwood School is a welcoming, educated, engaging community. They provide many opportunities for students who want to explore their creativity, whether it is a new language, theatrics, music, or you name it.

Founded In: 1951
Address: Moorpark St, North Hollywood, CA
Rank: #8 of Best Private Elementary Schools in California
Contact: +1 818-732-3500
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9. Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences

Crossroads School for Arts & Sciences is a first-class school that provides great infrastructure for students who want to excel in education. The school focuses on giving a hands-on approach to learning the nuances of the subjects.

The teachers’ commitment to the students is unparalleled; the learning style often asks students to connect curriculum and their own lives, providing deep personal and intellectual reflection. The teachers also provide great attention to all the students.

Founded In: 1971
Address: 21st St, Santa Monica, CA
Rank: #9 of Best Private Elementary Schools in California
Contact: +1 310-829-7391
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10. Francis Parker School

Francis Parker School is a great school located in the heart of the state, San Diego. The school is located in a fantastic environment and gives a beautiful atmosphere. The campus is very diverse, and the teachers take great care of the elementary kids.

Math students are encouraged through innovative instruction to develop critical and creative thinking skills right from a young age. Kids are encouraged to find new hobbies and interests through the school’s plethora of clubs and organizations it provides.

Founded In: 1922
Address: Linda Vista Rd, San Diego, CA
Rank: #10 of Best Private Elementary Schools in California
Contact: +1 858-569-7900
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