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Best Pre-Med Schools in California

If you’re in a stage where you feel like you want to get into the healthcare industry but don’t exactly know what path to go, that’s where pre-med school comes into play. Of course, we all know for a fact how the medical industry is super competitive, and it is not easy to get into the best Ivy League schools without taking colossal effort. But you might be wondering how to choose the best four-year degree college out of California’s 100s of colleges. That’s when the pre-med schools will guide you by giving you a sense of which pre-med schools you should consider, which will offer some strategies for getting you into your dream program.

In this article, I have enlisted the top 10 pre-med schools exclusively in California. All these schools will help you get into the best units located in California and other universities. After years of studying medicine, you don’t want to be disappointed, so let us get ourselves the best Pre Med School in this state.

Stanford University

With a more diverse population, Stanford University has students right from 77 countries and 48 states. In addition, they have significant financial aid opportunities where Tuition is covered for undergrads with family incomes under $150,000—the acceptance rate of 5.2%. The university is based in Palo Alto, CA.

The highlight of Stanford is it is in a great industrial area. It is located near the corporate headquarters of Apple, Google, and Facebook. The number of medical school applicants they take is just 213, and the acceptance rate is around 70 percent. It is ranked number 2 according to Forbes.

Founded In: 1885
Tuition: $74,570 (before aid)
ACT Avg– 32
SAT Avg– 1460
Acceptance Rate: 4 %
GPA:  3.96
Rank: #1
Contact: (650) 723-2300
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University of California–Berkeley

The University of California–Berkeley offers an excellent pre-med percent. It is not technically a major or minor program. In addition, applicants from UC Berkeley have a strong track record of entry into medical schools and other health professional schools. So having this pre-med certification from UCB is very advantageous for the future.

The campus offers broad learning and research opportunities (both clinical and wet lab) for a great experience in the medical field. In addition, this certification will help you land excellent ivy league universities, located in the mid of California.

Founded In: 1868
Tuition: $39,376 (before aid)
ACT Avg– 35
SAT Avg– 1530
Acceptance Rate: 16%
GPA: 3.86
Rank: #2
Contact: (510) 642-6000
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University of California–Los Angeles

The pre-health program is an undergraduate program specially designed for aspiring students who want to get into the healthcare sector. Located in Los Angeles, this university is a  first-class option to study.

The program’s highlight is that you will get an opportunity to do your degree in this top-notch university after completing the pre-program. This course also exposes a diverse range of satisfying careers possible with a life sciences degree. Whether it is medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, veterinary medicine, or optometry, you will have a great opportunity in all these fields.

Founded In: 1882
Tuition: $35,793 (before aid)
ACT Avg– 35
SAT Avg– 1530
Acceptance Rate: 12%
GPA:  3.6
Rank: #3
Contact: (310) 825-4321
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Pepperdine University

Pepperdine University is located in Malibu and is a top-rated university that is comparatively a bit competitive with an acceptance rate of 30.9%. However, they offer the best pre-path curricula if you plan to join in any of the following fields- medicine, dentistry, physician assistant, physical therapy, veterinary medicine, occupational therapy, podiatry, and nursing.

This is the proper guidance course to explore your options in the medical field. Biology, chemistry, and sports medicine are some of the most popular pre-programs students get into. They send recommendation letters to any colleges you wish to go to right after you complete the pre-course.

Founded In: 1937
Tuition: $75,312 (before aid)
ACT Avg– 32
SAT Avg– 1450
Acceptance Rate: 32%
GPA:  3.66
Rank: #4
Contact: (310) 506-4000
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University of Southern California

Located in Los Angeles, the University of Southern California is a first-class university that offers a pre-med program. The pre-med advice program is being provided to all current students, alumni, and post-baccalaureates of the University of Southern California.

If you are interested in carrying out your career with health professionals, this is the right program for you. You will get a sense of community and help you build relationships with industry experts, faculty, and friends. In addition, you will get great exposure through clinical exposure, laboratory research, and campus organizations.

Founded In: 1880
Tuition: $77,459 (before aid)
ACT Avg– 34
SAT Avg– 1530
Acceptance Rate: 11%
GPA: 3.79
Rank: #5
Contact: (213) 740-2311
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California Institute of Technology (Caltech)

Ranked as number (according to US News) in the best universities list, California Institute of Technology (Caltech) is a great institution to do your pre-med programs. They offer extensive opportunities to do your degree program in the same university if you can pass the certification examination.

Usually, students who went through a different high school stream to plan to take a medical degree should opt for this program. The acceptance rate for the medical school is not mentioned; most students score above the 90th percentile on the MCAT.

Founded In: 1891
Tuition: $74,763 (before aid)
ACT Avg– 35
SAT Avg– 1560
Acceptance Rate: 6%
GPA:  3.5
Rank: #6
Contact: (626) 395-6811
Financial Aid: Click here for more details.

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Pomona College

With a competitive acceptance rate of just 7 percent, Pomona College offers a tremendous advisory program for medical field students. The highlight of doing your program in this college is it provides a powerful science program with extensive laboratory experience and close faculty/student interaction.

The industrial experts take the pre-health advisory- Pre Health Director Katrina Kiel, and with Faculty Pre-health Advisor Richard Lewis and Chair of the Health Sciences Committee, Matthew Sazinsky. So this program is highly recommended.

Founded In: 1887
Tuition: $74,480 (before aid)
ACT Avg– 35
SAT Avg– 1540
Acceptance Rate: 7%
GPA:  4.04
Rank: #7
Contact: (909) 621-8000
Financial Aid: Click here for more details.

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University of California–Santa Barbara*

The UCSB Health Professions Advising Office offers a first-class pre-med program. No matter what the students want to do, whether medicine, dentistry, physical therapy, nursing, podiatry, or public health, there will be proper guidance for all the students in this program.

They will offer the standard fields the healthcare professionals will opt for; after choosing the right stream which fascinates you, you can select, and the team will guide you throughout the admission requirements. This program is highly recommended since the acceptance rate is at 30 percent, and it is pretty competitive.

Founded In: 1891
Tuition: N/A
ACT Avg– 31
SAT Avg– 1320
Acceptance Rate: 30%
GPA:  4.28
Rank: #8
Contact: (805) 893-8000
Financial Aid: Click here for more details.

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Harvard University

The Office of Career Services in Harvard stated that an estimated 17% of their classes are bound to apply to med school. The pre-med program offered by Harvard is first-class and has an excellent reputation in the market. It is a peer program that is provided even for healthcare professionals.

Harvard University has an excellent opportunity for clinical and research experience for premed students. Harvard University has a total of 6788 undergraduate enrolments. This program is highly endorsed because a pre-med program from the great Harvard will help you go places.

Founded In: 1636
Tuition: $73,800 (before aid)
ACT Avg– 35
SAT Avg– 1580
Acceptance Rate: 5%
GPA:  4.18
Rank: #9  
Contact: (617) 495-1000
Financial Aid: Click here for more details.

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Johns Hopkins University

Johns Hopkins University won’t disappoint if you need an institution with amazing links to IMA, an excellent advising program, and a wonderful affiliation with a teaching hospital. In addition, John Hopkins has the best pre-med program. Last but not the least, this program is highly endorsed by great medical professionals.

With their extensive research and clinical facilities, you will learn a lot and will be guided through a  road map on what you have to do with your career. International Medical Aid was founded at this same university and it has gone on to become a stellar NGO that provides pre-med internships.

Founded In: 1876
Tuition: $74,028 (before aid)
ACT Avg– 33
SAT Avg– 1450
Acceptance Rate:11 %
GPA: 3.92
Rank: #10  
Contact: (410) 516-8000
Financial Aid: Click here for more details.

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