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Best PowerShell Courses on Udemy

PowerShell is a powerful scripting language and a command-line interface of Windows that is very useful to System Administrators, Automated Engineers, and other related IT Professionals. Since Microsoft has released the PowerShell language, it continues to pick up steam and be implemented across dozens of platforms. It has become a necessity for all IT Professionals in their day-to-day roles. 

Udemy has proven to be one of the best online learning platforms that introduces learners to a plethora of courses designed for all types of learners. When it comes to learning Windows PowerShell, there are indeed numerous top-ranked courses to help you out. Here are the best PowerShell Courses available on Udemy that can be the ones you are looking for. 

1. Master Microsoft PowerShell

The Master Microsoft PowerShell is a fantastic course for anyone dealing with IT who wants to be more effective at work. PowerShell is Microsoft’s mighty command-line shell and scripting language, and once you get to know its function, you just cannot stop using it. Beginning with the fundamentals of PowerShell, you will come across some crucial topics such as install and start-up PowerShell, basic data types, Cmdlets, Comparison operators, Loops, and so much more. 

This short course by a Professional PowerShell expert is all you need to master Microsoft PowerShell in an afternoon. This course is for any learner at any stage interested in learning the uses of PowerShell, Sys Admins, and anyone responsible for IT in an organization. 

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2. Learning Windows PowerShell

A comprehensive guide on using Windows PowerShell, Learning Windows PowerShell training course is where you get to learn task-based command-line shell and scripting language, built on the .NET framework, designed especially for systems administration. It doesn’t matter if you have zero knowledge about PowerShell because this course has been exclusively designed for absolute beginners and will actually begin right from the basics, introducing you to installing and setting up PowerShell.

Some of the key highlights of this course are learning about the PowerShell commands, PowerShell scripts and providers, objects and classes, get-help, and get-command, and many more important things. You will be introduced to PowerShell version 5 in this course, and by the end, have a firm understanding of its uses and benefits. This course is ideal for System Administrators who want to begin with PowerShell.

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3. Introduction to Windows PowerShell 5.1

As the title suggests, this course will introduce you to PowerShell version 5.1 and make you familiar with the PowerShell command line in a short period of time. From installing PowerShell on your device to running it like an expert, by the end of this course, you will have all the necessary knowledge of PowerShell 5.1; you need to know.

This course will be covering almost all the critical areas of PowerShell, including how to use the CLI (Command Line Interface), using the ISE (Intelligent Scripting Environment), understanding the language of PowerShell – Command Syntax, Objects and Properties, and the Pipeline, and many other significant topics that will help in understanding a comprehensive understanding of advanced scriptwriting, and the multiple uses of the platform of PowerShell. 

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4. PowerShell – essential course with labs

The PowerShell introductory course with labs is where you can get your hands on practices and exercises, to master PowerShell scripts in much less time. This is a course where you get to learn how to use PowerShell, getting familiar with its common commands, and exploring it overall in such a way, that you have all the essential knowledge of making the most out of it. 

In this course, you will come across video lessons, shot quizzes, exercises, and also solutions to them; overall, it is going to be excellent learning and practicing experience. If you have a computer with Windows, then this is just the right course for you. Even beginners will enjoy learning from this course, and it is an excellent choice for Windows Administrators and Power users too! 

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5. PowerShell version 5.1 and 6: Step-by-Step

A Step-by-step guide to mastering PowerShell version 5.1 and 6, it doesn’t matter if you do not have prior programming knowledge or do not know what PowerShell actually is; this course is for anyone with an abasic understanding of Windows client and Server Operating Systems. Here in this course, you will understand PowerShell principles and tools, learn to manage processes and services using PowerShell, manuscripts using PowerShell ISE, how to work with different versions of PowerShell, and come across so many other features and functions. Every command and script covered in this course are clearly demonstrated, and sample scripts are available for download to make it a lot easier for you. 

While attending this course, you can follow along on your own computer or in a virtual Microsoft online lab for free and get your hands on the live experience of scripting. This course is for Administrators that need to learn how to complete tasks using PowerShell, have a solid understanding of managing settings using the GUI, and those who want to learn to manage settings using PowerShell. 

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6. Advanced Scripting & Tool Making using Windows PowerShell

Another top-rated course on Udemy that introduces learners to Advanced Scripting and Tool Making by using Windows PowerShell, here, you will receive simplified yet advanced training to get you going with PowerShell and overcome real-world problems. A course that is full of hands-on instructions, exciting and illustrative examples, along with clear explanations, this is literally a course where you get to learn some mandatory skills for Windows Server Administration and Windows PowerShell scripting. 

With video lessons, practice files, quizzes, and assignments, this comprehensive course is designed to take the System Administrators to an advanced level in PowerShell Scripting. This course is ideal for professionals who want to begin with PowerShell to make their work experience even better and those who are simply interested. 

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7. Windows PowerShell in less than 2 hours – 15 hands-on demos!

If you don’t have much time and want to learn the functions of Windows PowerShell quickly, then this course is just for you. In less than 2 hours, and with the help of 15 hands-on demos, you can actually learn all of Windows PowerShell and use it as a powerful tool. 

PowerShell is a must-know for all Windows Admins and can become an integral part of their day-to-day work. This course is designed to give you a quick bite on theory and some practical skills that let you deal with real-life problems. This is truly one of the best hands-on courses where you get to develop skills in the areas such as PowerShell Basics, Scripting, getting familiar with Important commands along with Hands-on exercises to make your learning experience even better.

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8. Basic PowerShell commands for Windows Admin

An introductory course for Windows Admins that introduces the basic commands of PowerShell is specially crafted for beginners and intermediate learners with little or no knowledge of PowerShell. From installing PowerShell on your device to getting familiar with its essential commands and running it smoothly, you will explore it all in this course. 

This course has helped multiple students understand the functions of Windows PowerShell and made them determined to establish their future career as a System Administrator, Automation Engineer, or other relevant job roles. This introductory course is something you should not miss if you are a beginner. 

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9. PowerShell: A Getting Started Guide for IT Admins

Now comes a course solely designed for IT Admins who are looking forward, to begin with, PowerShell, to make their work performance and experience even better. This course is actually a complete guide for Scripters who are beginners or Veteran Scripters just beginning with PowerShell. 

Because Automation techniques and scripting skills are no longer optional for a Systems Administrator but a necessity, learning PowerShell from depth has become very important. Since Microsoft has released the PowerShell language, it only continues to pick up steam and be implemented across dozens of platforms; learning the functions and uses of PowerShell will never let you down. Instead, come to use in every step of your work. 

This course is open to professionals who are working or willing to work under these positions- Sharepoint Administrator, Active Directory Administrator, PC Technician, Helpdesk Operator, SAN Administrator, VMware Administrator, Amazon AWS Administrator, and other relevant IT positions. If you wish to get promoted or find a new job position, you will always thank this course. 

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10. PowerShell from Beginner To Sheller And Scripter

The last one on this list is a course that can transform you from a beginner to an expert of PowerShell through the help of simplified lessons; PowerShell from Beginner To Sheller And Scripter is one of the best choices for complete beginners. In this course, you will learn how to install and use PowerShell and get introduced to some basic scripting. By using basic commands like Cmdlets, you will be able to write your own basic scripts and so much more. Beginners will absolutely enjoy learning from this course. 

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These were some of the best Windows PowerShell courses available on Udemy that are not only top-rated by students for their helpful Content but are also designed in a way that will help both Professionals and Students. 

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