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Best Point Guards in College Basketball

The role of the point guard position in college basketball is comparable to that of the quarterback position in college football. You’ve got a pretty good team if you have a good one and a strong supporting cast. You have a good opportunity to be a contender if you have a decent one. While any team has a point guard, there are only a few genuine difference-makers in the sport — those with the vision, shooting ability, and IQ to be a true floor general. True elite point guards are also capable of turning a game around, leading a comeback, and making his teammates around him better than they are.

In an attempt to rank point guards accordingly, extensive research has been done to bring the best knowledge on college basketball players in the point guard position. So, here are the ten best point guards in college basketball.

Marcus Zegarowski, Creighton

Zegarowski had a fantastic season and was one of the country’s most improved stars. He is one of the country’s top guards. He’s also a decent shooter off the catch and dribble, and he has a great feel for the game. Additionally, the ability to step off the ball and consistently make shots is preferable. He’s still a natural at making plays with the ball heading downhill in ball screen action. He also regularly pulls up in transition with knockdown strength. Through his passing skill, he does a decent job of including others. Zegarowski is an outstanding shooter and scorer who will be among the top players in college basketball next season. Still, on defence, he is a rock-solid defender who doesn’t take any risks. He has excellent lateral movement and is still in a good position off the ball. Zegarowski will be a contender for Big East Player of the Year and one of the nation’s top point guards.

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Cade Cunningham, Oklahoma State

Facing their ineligibility for the NCAA tournament, Cunnigham is remaining at Oklahoma State, rendering them a must-watch team next season. With his great height and ability, he will be a favourite to be the first overall selection in the NBA draught in 2021. With his height and passing abilities, he’ll be a fantastic distributor for Oklahoma State, creating a great backcourt with Issac Likekele. He will reliably get to the rim and finish with a strong touch. In addition, his exceptional feel for the game would make him the focal point of the Oklahoma State offence. Next, his ability to defend will be powerful, thanks to his size and athleticism, as well as his ability to manoeuvre laterally.

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Jared Butler, Baylor

Butler is one of the best guards in the nation, and he had a fantastic sophomore season. His scoring ability has improved significantly, as has his ball management. He will also strike in transition, bringing the ball to the basket and pulling up for perimeter jumpers. He also possesses deceptive athleticism, as shown by his ability to use his pace to get by opponents and finish high around the basket. His ability to fire off the dribble and catch is also impressive. Butler is the heart and soul of the Baylor offence, and he’s a master at enlisting the help of others. The ability to score in one-on-one situations could increase, as could the ability to score in crowded situations. Butler will be one of the top point guards in the country and will be trusted with leading Baylor to a National Championship.

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Colin Gillespie, Villanova

Villanova’s offensive performance was set by Gillespie, who has a perfect feel for the game and is as technically sound as any point guard in the world. Next, he excels at catch and fire chances from long range. Through his jump stop and ability to pass or fire, he even gets into the middle of the lane with great power. He’s still brilliant at putting people into scoring spots, and his ball and head fakes help him dribble penetrate. In addition, he may improve his ability to create his shot off the dribble and make shots against contested coverage. Without the ball, he runs very well and is always in a scoring role. He’s a gritty player who can go to any length to win, and he blends right in with Villanova’s scheme and community. On defence, he’s very solid in terms of overall positioning and effort. He does an excellent job of taking the guard space and battling across screens. Gillespie will be one of the best point guards in the world, and he’ll try to guide Villanova to a national title.

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Tyrell Terry, Stanford

Terry is a point guard who plays a key role in the offence’s success and execution. After that, he will make contact and get fouled and head to the foul line on a regular basis. He’s still really good at ball screenplay and has a great feel for it. Terry’s physicality and completing by touch are two areas that he can develop. He also does a good job coming off the ball to move into scoring areas. His ability to free up his players with passes is exceptional, and he is adept at spreading the offence. His ability to make threes off the bounce and with the ball is also very effective. Terry has a positive overall impression, and his contribution to Stanford’s growth is critical.

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Ayo Dosunmo, Illinois

On the open floor, Dosunmu has elite ball skills. In addition, he has a dynamic first move and is very good at ball screen activities with the basketball. Guards stand in front of him as he goes downhill to attack the basket. He’s a competent mid-range shooter off the dribble, but his three-point shooting is inconsistent, and it’s the part of his game that he needs to change the most. Along with his overall strength and his body’s continued growth. He also does a decent job rebounding the basketball and is a good distributor, thanks to his stature and athleticism. His sheer skill to get to the basket is unrivalled, and that is what distinguishes him as a great player.

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Bryce Aiken Seton Hall

Seton Hall will need Aiken’s presence to replace the influence of Myles Powell and Quincy McKnight in their backcourt. Next, as a scorer, he has the potential to take over tournaments, but he will have an exceptional feel and will have a significant effect on winning. As a defender, Aiken is undersized, but he works his feet effectively and does a good job of guarding the basketball. At the point guard position, he can bring outstanding leadership and stability to a squad. Furthermore, he excels at moving the ball in turn and is still incomplete charge. He excels in ball screen conditions, allowing him to get to the basket and finish. He’s also a capable mid-range and three-point shooter. Next season, Bryce Aiken will be just as important as any other point guard in keeping Seton Hall in the NCAA tournament.

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Remy Martin, Arizona State

Martin, who has a chip on his back, gives a lot of stability and leadership to Arizona State. Next, despite being on the ball a lot, Martin does an excellent job of getting open without the ball, which leads to scoring opportunities. He still has strong toughness, and when he’s in charge, he can get into the lane and finish at the rim. Furthermore, control and stability are critical for Martin to advance to the next level. If he can demonstrate consistency, he will be one of the best point guards in the nation next season, and Arizona State will be a top 10 team. His ability to build off the dribble and pull up with authority is a great feature of his game. Martin’s playmaking and shot-hunting abilities are what separates him as a player. He’s undersized on defence now, but he makes up for it with a lot of effort and tenacity. He has a habit of getting up in guys’ faces and wreaking havoc.

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James Bouknight, Uconn

Bouknight has excellent ball control and feels, as well as the potential to strike successfully. He has good height and can use it to fire over the top and get to the rim. He can also rebound the ball well for a guard and drive the ball quickly in transition. And there’s the fact that he’s a fantastic mid-range shooter who can pull with ease. Bouknight’s next goal is to improve his perimeter shooting from three to the point that he can score at all three levels. He could develop his passing abilities to help his team start more offences. Without the basketball, he plays well, spotting up on the perimeter and cutting down the lanes. In addition, his strongest attribute is his excellent balance and finishing skill around the basket. On the defensive end, he should strengthen his ability to contain the ball and make more use of his length. Bouknight will remain UConn’s starting point guard and one of the strongest point guards in the Big East.

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Kihei Clark, Virginia

Clark is the perfect table-setting point guard on both ends and adds to Virginia’s growth in every way. He does an outstanding job of handling the offence and setting up his teammates for perfect shot chances, and he has a strong sense of being in command at all times. Following that, he does an excellent job of going to the basket and finishing away from larger defenders. He also does a decent job of coming far off the ball and making fixed shots from long range. He also has excellent ball control and quickness, allowing him to make plays in the lane and get out in transition when necessary. He’s a master at using the ball screen to create openings for himself and others.

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