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Best Podcasts for High School Students

As we all know, high school can be the turning point of one’s life where one is on the path to finding their individuality. If you are a high school student and looking for an easy way to absorb information, then you have come to the right place. In this article, I have handpicked the top 10 high schools that provide the best information to help you find a path in life.

Don’t worry; not all the podcasts mentioned below are about education and information. These are fun, engaging podcasts that will definitely intrigue you. Right from academic ones, inspirational stories to current affairs, you will find the best podcasts in 2021. Now you have to choose one from below according to your interests. It is very easy to access these podcasts. You have to have a stable internet connection and download these podcasts. So without further adieu, let us get started!

1. Ted Talks Daily Podcasts

Without a doubt, Ted Talks is one of the best suggestions for high school students to start with their podcast journey. Whether you want to subscribe to conference series, technology, entertainment, or you name it, every topic is there in the Ted atmosphere. It is a very diverse platform.

If you are looking for more thought-provoking podcasts, then you have come to the right place. They provide a curated list for you to choose from your favorite option. Suppose you want 5 mins or 30 mins audio podcast; everything will be available. It is the best one to listen to when cooking or doing chores.

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2. Duolingo Podcasts

Well, if you are serious about listening to podcasts and if you are going to dedicate separate hours for listening to podcasts, then you can try learning new languages through Duolingo’s two distinct podcasts. You can either try Spanish or learn French through their podcast.

Moreover, it is not recorded like a language class. The speaker in the podcasts will provide great insights and tell stories in a simple language to understand the story quickly. This will help you learn the language very fast. This will benefit high school students greatly.

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3. Hidden Brain Podcasts by NPR

Well, you might have got bored with all the psychology Ap programs offered at school. But Hidden brain is not yet another mediocre psychology podcast. The journalist Shankar Vedantam provides deeper insights on psychology which is very intriguing and will intrigue you.

Most topics will cover contemporary issues like test-taking, loneliness, attention, and marriage. Getting insights through general issues will be effortless for high school students to understand lessons easily.

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4. Inside the Admissions Office: Advice from Former Admissions Officers Podcasts by InGenius

If you are serious about finding some top ivy league schools for your undergrad, I would highly endorse you to listen to Inside the Admissions Office: Advice from Former Admissions Officers. It is the season where you start applying for colleges, and this podcast will provide great help.

The speaker will have a guest from the admissions office every week from top ivy league schools who will guide you through how to go forward with the admission processes. They pull from their own experiences as students and as evaluators of thousands of college applications to advise you.

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5. Overheard at National Geographic Podcasts

If you are fascinated by the world, animals, and geography, then Overheard at National Geographic can be your best podcast. Most of the topics are about fascinating facts of nature and science. The curated list will help you find your favorite topics from their platform.

The hosts’ Peter Gwin and Amy Briggs are very popular and provide deep insights about the world every single week. The topic is very diverse since they cover a  wide range of topics. If you like knowing a bit about history, then have content regarding the same.

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6. Reply All Podcast by Gimlet

Well, let us get real; it’s not like every high school student wants to listen to something always informative or educational; sometimes, all we want to listen to is some chill stuff. Reply All will be an apt podcast since it’s all about the internet, which is insightful and fun at the same time.

High School students are on the internet the whole time, and learning about fascinating stuff about it will be intriguing. The topics are related to the modern world, which talks about memes, Snapchat hacks, and many more. I would highly recommend Reply All.

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7. Sawbones Podcast by Maximum Fun

If you are interested in medicine and stuff related to the medical industry, then Sawbones can be the right choice for you. Most of you will try to get into medical school, and this will be the right start to get interesting updates and educate yourself with stuff related to medicine.

Moreover, you don’t have to worry about the podcast is so informative and boring. Hosted by podcast savant Justin McElroy and Dr. Sydney McElroy, they have provided information very engaging and in a fun way. You will also get to learn about the coronavirus and vaccine.

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8. Stuff You Missed in History Class Podcast by iHeart

Stuff You Missed in History Class is one of the top podcasts highly recommended by high school students who are doing their STEM coaching. This podcast is for you if you have an interest in topics pertaining to humanities and history, and they cover every topic in a  very engaging way.

The stuff which is covered in this podcast is not something that is mediocre stuff. These topics are something you wouldn’t have heard about in your history classes. Listening to this will help you become a pro in history and impress your history teachers at school.

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9. Stuff You Should Know Podcast by iHeart

If you are new to podcasts and don’t know where to start, I would highly suggest Stuff You Should Know. This podcast will cover every topic of interest, and it does not succumb to a particular topic. You can listen to this podcast when traveling, working out, or doing chores.

Episodes cover everything from peanut butter to Barbies to mullets to pinball. Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant are the top speakers who give us vital information three times a week with in-depth research and easy, fun, engaging topics. This podcast is highly recommended for high school students.

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10. When to Jump Podcasts

Last but not least, If you are looking for a more inspirational podcast to start a  business or to work out or do something which requires motivation, then When to Jump can be the best choice. You should listen to this if you have an entrepreneurial mindset.

When to Jump is hosted by Mike Lewis, a man who quit his day job to become a professional squash player. This podcast will help you get through your life. This show is sure to be inspirational for any high schooler who is second-guessing themselves or isn’t sure how to turn their dreams into a reality.

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