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Best Pinterest Affiliate Marketing Courses

Welcome to the world of aesthetics! Even if we take a blind guess almost more than 70% of teenagers have the Pinterest app on their phones. And in their defence, it’s worth it. Almost anything and everything is found on Pinterest. Right from high-quality photos, quotes, HD wallpapers and even video tutorials. Sometimes people use Pinterest as a coping mechanism as they keep on scrolling until they are filled with happiness. Pinterest is a social media service offered for people to give them information about a specific topic with the help of images, videos and GIFs. The company was found in 2009 and has over 400 million active users now. Even though it is not part of the traditional social media like Twitter, Instagram, Whatsapp or Facebook, it still proves that you can interact with people through the medium of art. One can create boards that are a collection of your saved pins or photos and anyone can view them and if they like it, save them. Not the most convenient way of interaction but it’s a dream come true for people who love art!

The recent years have seen a rise in people opting to go for the career of an Instagram influencer or an entrepreneur. In such cases, people also make use of Pinterest as it is a unique platform and has a lot of unexplored areas when it comes to using Pinterest as an income source. Pinterest marketing is basically encouraging people to use the platform to buy certain products and by doing so, gaining followers and commission as well. Affiliate links can be created on Pinterest to link the exact product you want the people to buy. And Pinterest having the algorithm of showing you things you have typed in, or is previously typed in your search history, you don’t have to scavenge your way through. The results are shown right away. A lot of United States opportunistic entrepreneurs look forward to affiliating with Pinterest to boost themselves. And because there are a lot of courses that are provided online for the very same purpose, it is a boon for the budding social media influencers.

Here are a few Pinterest affiliating online marketing courses for the crowd in USA.

1. Pinterest Passive Affiliate Marketing for Beginners (Udemy)

One of the things people want these days is to earn money by doing the things that they love. And if they can connect a cash flow to the things they are passionate about, it creates a hunger for improving constantly. And if you are someone who really likes to work from your own comfort zone, this program is the exact thing you would be looking for. Few things this course provides is:

  • Know about passive income and earn it through Pinterest
  • Learn to properly promote the product
  • Develop your own pins and board

The course is provided by Udemy. You will need to have a Pinterest account which is very easy to make if you don’t have one. Chantelle Taylor, who is a fashion blogger and creative expert presides over the course. The course it around $100-110 but there are discounts you can get. The certificate of completion is awarded once you finish your course.

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2. Pinterest Marketing for Beginners (Udemy)

The start of a venture is considered very important when it comes to a business-oriented approach. And for that one needs to have the basics of the entire concept clear. The first steps are taken to build a profile to make sure that it covers all the bases for further assistance is crucial. Few things this course provides is:

  • Learn to increase traffic
  • Understand that quality of the pin is more important than their number
  • Expanding your business

This course is provided by Udemy. You will be introduced to the world of eCommerce and how it works in this course. Tips and tricks to make your Pinterest venture grow will be taught. The people who have a slight interest in how Pinterest affiliated marketing works, this course is the one! You get a certificate of completion once done. This course costs $20 but discounts are available.

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3. Pinterest Marketing for Makers and Designers (Creativelive)

How many times have you gone to your Pinterest and have been fixated on that same dress for a long time? This is because the Pinterest algorithm tends to show you things you spend most of your time looking for. And the creative designers focus exactly on that. Pinterest is an unpopular but very efficient source to grow your business from. Few special things this course provides is:

  • Business-driven purposeful approach
  • Bring traffic to your account and turning them to potential buyers
  • Sell Aesthetically!

The course is provided by Creative Live where a lot of hidden gems of courses are found. Almost 6 hours of coursework is comprised in this course. You can download necessary study material. The course costs $49 but discounts are available.

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4. Using Pinterest to Grow your Business(Creativelive)

Consistency has to be key when it comes to running a business. One cannot put all the effort in the beginning and once the venture is established, ease on and just let go off the reigns. And the same case applies to Pinterest Affiliated Marketing. You have to be consistently working on getting and managing traffic as well as encouraging people to follow you by building a rapport with them. And this course provides the same. Few aspects are:

  • Boost traffic to your account
  • Grow your brand
  • Have a proper analytical future growth plan

This course is provided by Creative live. This course is presided over by Alexandra Evjen, who is one of the most prolific and renowned personality when it comes to Pinterest. This course lasts for 1 hour and 10 minutes covering all the bases of the topic. It costs $29 but discounts are available.

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5. Marketing on Pinterest (Linkedin learning)

A lot of people are keen to start something or the other and expand it through the means of social media. But they don’t know the exact way too. This happens with people wanting to grow their business using Pinterest as well. Thus, they need to understand the concept of marketing through social media and this course does the same. It teaches:

  • Learn social media marketing strategy
  • Engage with audience through Pinterest

This course is provided by Linkedin learning. The course is carried out by Megan Adams who is a social media strategist. You have 2 project files and 6-chapter quizzes. Certification of completion is offered. If you have LinkedIn, the first month is free for courses.

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6. Pinterest for Musicians and Bands (Linkedin learning)

Get out those guitars, keyboards and drums, because it is going to be a party when I tell you that you can gain exposure through promoting your skills on Pinterest. Yes, this course helps you to take your music talents and portray it in front of the people on Pinterest. This course gives:

  • Learn to use Pinterest as promotional tool
  • Optimize your account to make the best use of it
  • Promote your gigs

This course is offered by Linkedin learning. Bobby Owsinski, a music industry author is the one presiding over the course. The course takes you through the necessary elements of promoting your musical abilities, solo or a band, with the help of Pinterest. The course can be taken for free if you have a free month trial left.

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7. Boost traffic to your website with Pinterest (Skillshare)

Constantly optimizing your website with the help of SEO can be tiring after a certain point. Creating a Pinterest profile can be beneficial to one to bring traffic to their website. People nowadays pay attention to pictures more than written content and what more way to attract people other than aesthetically pleasing pictures. This course teaches:

  • Use free design tools
  • Exploit paid programs through Pinterest

This course is offered by Skillshare. The total course is of 1 hour 20 minutes where Raymond Baxter will guide you through the course. You get the first 7 days of Shillshare for free.

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8. The power of Pinterest Marketing (Skillshare)

This course is an all-in-one place to build, boost and drive traffic to your website. The course is presided over by Teresa Cole who is an online Business Strategist. The course is of almost 4 hours which will take you through every detailed description of using Pinterest to the benefit of your own website. If you don’t have skillshare, the first 7 days of skillshare is free to use so that you can take advantage of this course.

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