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Best Orthodontic Courses for General Dentists

An orthodontist is also a dentist who is specialized in treating teeth contortion and irregularities in the jaws. The oral health of patients is in the hands of orthodontists and dentists. A dentist helps to correct teeth, gum, nerves, and jaw, whereas an orthodontist is a practiced expert who deals with the specialization in dentistry focusing on bite correction, occlusions, and teeth straightening. 

They are trained dentists capable of identifying, existing and futuristic problems of the teeth and jaw. Orthodontists are involved in employment with any range of people whether they are children or adults. Orthodontists are seldom involved in tooth extraction, but they diagnose the problematic area and suggest a visit to a general dentist or surgeon.

In order to become an orthodontist in the USA, first, they have to obtain a degree of under graduation (DDS or DMD) and appear for the dental examination by the National Board. In order to be a specialized orthodontist, a special state exam has to be taken. To take the course in the subject, Biology, Chemistry, and Physics should be included in their core. An orthodontist takes more time and money than a general dentist to complete the course and practice. They earn around $208,000 every year as their career is advanced with technology for a variety of methods for teeth straightening. Their requirement will never fade as the maintenance of oral hygiene is always a way of life and a necessity. The students have to face academic as well as financial obstacles in order to be successful in their studies and careers.  

The service provided by an orthodontist is highly dependent upon how attractive and beautiful a person’s smile is. A good smile always provides confidence personally and professionally, so their treatment is well recognized. There are several extension courses provided for the dentists for improving their orthodontic skills;

1. Intermediate Straight Wire Course by American Orthodontic Society

The course is designed for those who are already practicing orthodontics and have finished the basic course on Straightwire Orthodontics. The classes are divided into 4 sessions and each session provides an improvement in skill and understanding. The existing know-how of techniques can be enriched by the current study and can include pediatric practice as well. Hands-on classes along with a discussion of real-life cases also help to increase the experience of the learner. As a final requirement, the learners are given access to a dental clinic and provide with hands-on experience on Laser, Electrosurgery, and temporary anchorage devices (TADS). The complete course ensures the learner to diagnose and treat Class III malocclusion, bend and torque archwires, the time of distalization, reposition, and extraction of permanent molars. They also learn to close the spaces for extraction, using temporary anchorage devices (TADS) in straight wire orthodontics, laser and electrosurgical techniques in orthodontic applications, and the principles of surgical orthodontics and orthognathic surgery (jaw correction).

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2. Dentist’s Role in Snoring and Sleeping Apnea by Rondeau Seminars

The study program helps to gain comprehensive and crisp knowledge regarding snoring and sleep apnea. The sessions by the expert doctors aid the learner to have a better understanding of the topic so that they can be of help to patients and have improved communication with medical professionals dealing with the condition. The learner should also convey accurate information to sleep specialists who are dealing with cases of snoring and sleep apnea. The dentist should be well informed in domains of sleep dentistry such as CPAP devices, oral appliances,s, and surgery in order to treat sleep disorders.

The learner should also be well versed in the variety of sleep apnea, stages of sleep, interpretation of sleep studies, and conducting a thorough examination of the patient, and the accurate way of preparing and forwarding reports to sleep, specialists. The course aims at improving in the following areas; Sleep Apnea Symptoms and Causes, Sleep Examinations and Forms, Hospital Sleep Studies (Polysomnogram), Home Sleep Study, Different Sleep Cycles, Summary of Sleep Disorders, CPAP – Continuous Positive Air Pressure, Surgical Solutions for Sleep Apnea, Comparison of Different Oral Appliances, Marketing Your Sleep Practice, Sample Reports to Sleep Specialists, MD’s, Dentist’s and ENT’s, and How to Bill Insurance Companies for Oral Appliances.

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3. Orthodontic Continuing Education by 3M

The continuing education course provided by the 3M Health Care Academy helps to meet the orthodontic continuing education requirements along with the many sorts of questions regarding the topic being answered. Valuable resources to deepen the expertise and to improve patient care are provided, organized, updated, and made accessible at any time, from wherever required. The program on orthodontic continuing education and product training includes extremely sought-after orthodontic webinars, in-person events, instructional videos, and educational resources.

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4. Certificate Course in Fixed Orthodontics (Online) by Academy of Fixed Orthodontics

The program supplies with hands-on experience on the concepts, ideas, and implementation techniques of fixed orthodontics. It can be done as a self-starter course delivered online and can be taken according to the feasibility of the learner. The course envelops the recent advancements in fixed orthodontic treatment technicalities including MBT (Straight Wire) system. The course is designed such that the learner could comprehend the methods easily and take it into their way of practice by including fixed orthodontics. Even though it is provided as a distant learning program, the learners have agreed to the fact that it had helped to improve their dental practicing skills in fixed orthodontics.

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5. Graduate Diploma of Digital Orthodontic Treatments by BOSS

The course is an excellent choice of online training in digital orthodontic treatments. It is recognized nationwide and accredited by ASQA (Australian Skills Quality Authority). This course is aimed at dental practitioners who are currently practicing. The prescribed time for learning is 12 to 18 months and the learner will have to allot an estimated period of 7 to 14 hours every week. It is best suited for those who need detailed and complete learning and for improving the coaching and mentoring with an orthodontist. Any stage of learner; be it a beginner or an advanced can go for the program.    

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6. Iao Online Orthodontics Continuing Education Program by International Association for Orthodontics

The program is offered in the form of video lessons and is presented for CERP Certified CE with IAO membership. The topics of the videos include; Treatment Protocols for Class II and III Mixed and Adults; Invisible Orthopedics and Orthodontics; The A-Z of Orthodontics in a General Dental Practice for 2013 and Beyond; Diagnosis, Prevention and Treatment of Excessive Gingival Display; and Surgical Exposure of Maxillary Canines.

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7. Comprehensive Online Clear Aligner Course by Academy of Gp Orthodontics

The course takes the pattern of following 6 sessions each for enriching the learner with a different kind of information that too with all the necessitated comprehension. The Academy of Gp Orthodontics is a non-profit organization aimed at improving educationally and professionally. The members are dentists and dental specialists who help in providing quality orthodontic care for patients. The main aim of the organization is to smoothen the progress of sharing knowledge and involving in updating new technological developments in the field of orthodontics through all-inclusive orthodontic experiences not compromising with undeviating patient care. The sessions are stressing the use of clear aligners, the proper understanding of their mechanics,  digitalized treatments plans for setting up, dealing with issues related to deep and open bites, class 2 and 3 treatment, and the retention detailing.

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8. Startup Practice Blueprint Course by Ideal Practices

The course acts as a complete help in mastering the knowledge of successfully opening up a startup for a dental practice. A complete and compact understanding of all the required details for the process is discussed in the course. The integral parts include; how to go about with the planning and to start preparing from the time of the thought process in order to walk towards triumph; selection of location which should be the most appropriate choice so that it matches with the strategies of the learner’s idea. The next major factor of concern which is the arrangement of a finance is also given emphasis; the selection of equipment and construction of the required infrastructure; designing the set-up with decency and grace; learning of marketing techniques to lure patients; and dealing with hiring, systems, insurance, and other related requirements; and ultimately the clinical know-how of how to provide the finest care for the patients. The course is for sure to make the dentist a truly outstanding and flourishing one once after dedicated completion of the course.

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9. Ultimate Occlusion Level 1 by Online Clinical Mastery

The importance of occlusion and why there is a need to be discussed is what is mainly concerned with the program. The course follows a rather instructional, but fun way of dealing with the philosophy of functional dentistry and how the results might turn out to be. The modules are divided to deliver different protocols, materials, and techniques adjoining occlusion. The guides are experienced in the field and provide a proper insight into the topic. The learners are also privileged to get an opportunity to deal with the lab professionals to acquire knowledge about dental lab partnerships and the ways of maintaining and enhancing them.

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10. Dentistry 101 by Michigan Online

The introductory course to the exhilarating and assorted field of dentistry from end to end through the eyes of scores of practitioners is what is meant by the course Dentistry 101. It is the most probable one for those who are interested in exploring dentistry as a profession, for those who are planning to take it up as a career or want to be ready to enter into a dental school to look forward to a profession in the same field. The course offers a super-supported all-around introduction and understanding of the basics about the field of dentistry, and to get glances of the profession that isn’t easy to attain. There would also be a superior indulgence in the stream and a better preparation for the dental school admission procedure.

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