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Best Online Swedish Courses

Many of you would love to learn a new foreign language, get introduced to a new culture, and be able to speak fluently, so why not begin with Swedish? Many people are seen to go after the most common foreign languages when it comes to learning a new language such as French, Spanish, Italian, and Russian, so how about you opt for something unique and learn this amazing language?

Swedish is a North Germanic language native to Sweden, parts of Finland, and Estonia. This language has been derived from one of the oldest languages in history known as Old Norse, and shares similarities with Norwegian and Danish languages. Learning Swedish can be of great help to you if you are planning to study abroad, work in Sweden because it is a land full of opportunities, planning a long trip to the country, or are simply an enthusiast. Whatever may be the cause, learning Swedish can be the best decision of your life.

If you are looking for some online courses where you can begin with your learning, then here are the top-10 courses on our list that will help you in becoming a fluent Swedish speaker who can even compete with the natives. If you are not willing to spend on courses then don’t worry, this article also features courses that are absolutely free.

1. Free Language Course from Learning Swedish

The best way to learn Swedish is to opt for a course from Learning Swedish a website exclusively designed to offer free courses to learners worldwide. The learning Swedish online course is specially designed for beginners who have little or no prior knowledge of Swedish. The course comes with self-study learning materials for adults that will help enhance their spoken and written skills.

Well, this course is not just about learning the language, you will also be introduced to the amazing Swedish culture, and know many things about the country, its people and much more. The course is divided into three modules where the learners will be introduced to many texts and dialogues, listening comprehension, and various interactive exercises. By the end of this course, you will gain skills in pronunciation, have a rich vocabulary, and become fluent in Swedish. This course is ideal for students wanting to study in Sweden or professionals wanting to work.

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2. Free Swedish Course from Duolingo

Duolingo available both as a website and a mobile application is known worldwide for offering 35+ language-free online courses and learning materials that help students learn new languages in a much easier way. By spending only 5 minutes a day, anyone can master the Swedish language from any corner of the world with Duolingo.

The bit-sized lessons are designed to make learning a new language lot easier and effective for learners. This Swedish course will enhance your reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills and help you become fluent in it. The lessons are tailored keeping in mind the level of learners, where they can grow at their own pace. To make learning a new language the most fun experience, Duolingo provides game-like features, fun challenges, and portrays playful characters to offer a learning experience that is one of its kind.

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3. Swedish Course By Folkuniversitetet

Now you can learn Swedish from anywhere around the world with the flexible online courses offered by Folkuniversitetet. There is a course for every type of learner, and the course levels are divided according to the purpose of learning. Such as there is a course for beginners, intermediates, Medical Staffs, along with some special Swedish courses.

The Swedish courses on the website are divided into levels from A1 for beginners to C2 for advanced learners so that everyone finds the courses of their levels. If you have some prior knowledge and are confused about which course to choose, then you can take the Language Level Test or use the Self Assessment Grid available on the website to find out. Honestly, you won’t be regretting taking a course from Folkuniversitetet.

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4. Swedish language – Introduction by

Here comes another free course on our list by presented by Lund University, that will introduce you to the Swedish language and its basics. From learning to write and speak simple phrases to using language nouns, verbs, and connecting adjectives, this course will cover all that you need to know as a beginner.

This free course is top-rated and is accredited by Continuing Professional Development (CPD), and will make you all set to be able to communicate with the natives. From vocabulary, grammar to sentence construction, you will have so much to learn from this course and get ready to opt for advanced-level courses.

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5. Swedish Courses by Babbel

Undoubtedly, Babbel is one of those online platforms that give you the opportunity to learn foreign languages in an easy way. From German to Turkish, Portuguese to Indonesian, Babbel offers courses for learning 13 different foreign languages including Swedish.

Before you begin with online courses, Babbel lets you go through a short series of questionnaires that eventually recommends the best course for you. This quick process not only takes away the confusion of choosing the right one amongst many but also helps in providing just what you are looking for. Learning Swedish from Babbel will be a great choice.

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6. Learn Swedish for Beginners by Udemy

The ultimate 150- lesson course you need to begin with learning Swedish, this top-rated course by Udemy is going to be your best guide. By attending this course, you will be able to read texts in Swedish, write simple texts, speak with the right pronunciation, and most importantly, communicate easily in everyday situations.

This course will help students develop skills in communication, vocabulary, and grammar, that will make them fluent Swedish speakers. This course will be the best for complete beginners and lower intermediate level learners for it will cover basics and progress slowly. This course is a great one for students who want to learn Swedish, travelers who need to brush up before traveling to Sweden, and anyone interested in learning the language.

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7. Swedish Courses by 17 Minutes Languages

As the name of the course suggests, you can now master the Swedish language by just spending 17-minutes of your everyday busy schedule. A course that is fast-paced and adapts effective learning methods, is all you need to quickly have a grip on the language. In just 4 hours, you will be ready to converse in Swedish and will be able to speak like a native in 50 hours of training. All you have to do is spend 17-minutes of your day on the 17 Minutes Language website, and you are all set to declare yourselves a proficient Swedish speaker!

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8. Swedish Language courses by Hermods

Hermods is a renowned online platform when it comes to learning the Swedish language. Whether it is for immigrants, students, or language enthusiasts, Hermods offers a wide range of Swedish online courses that meet everyone’s requirements.

These courses by Hermods are all you need to become proficient in Swedish and communicate with the locals fluently. You can choose between your ideal course from the categories of elementary, Intermediate, and second language courses, and begin with your learning!

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9. Swedish Courses by LinGoPlay

LingoPlay is the perfect online platform to find the best courses for beginners, intermediates, and advanced learners. Now you can learn Swedish easily by choosing your desired level and become a confident speaker as well as a writer. You can also install the LinGoPlay app to hone your listening and speaking skills, and play some fun games to test your learning progress. Learning with LinGo is super-fun, and offers the easiest ways to learn the language.

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10. Comprehensive Swedish Course by WordDive

The last course on our list by WordDive is one of the fastest ways to learn the Swedish language. Now anyone from anywhere around the world can learn Swedish easily with the WordDive method which is easy to get started with and learn.

The ComprehensiveSwedish course by WordDive is for learners of all levels be it elementary to advanced level. Now at just spending $8 per month, you can learn to read, write and speak the Swedish language while also honing your listening skills. Because it is important to learn Genders and Nouns in order to speak grammatically correct Swedish, this course will also introduce learners with “en” and “ett” nouns along with a third voice for words that are not nouns. WordDive is your ultimate destination to learn Swedish at the fastest pace and also at the most affordable cost.

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Be it free or paid, these top-10 courses on our list are the ultimate guide to your learning the Swedish language. No matter if you are a complete beginner or have little knowledge of the language before, there is a course for learners of every level. So choose the course that suits your requirements, and speak Swedish as fluently as the natives and make them go wow!

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