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Best Online Real Estate Development Courses

One of the booming industries in the world, Real Estate is behind the success of every beautifully planned city and every public or private project. Real Estate Development refers to the process of converting a piece of empty land into a fully developed property that is ready to be purchased or sold. Real Estate Development requires skilled minds who have the ability to plan and research projects, and turn them into properties that are ready to be sold and used for various purposes be it Industries, Corporate Offices, Restaurants, and Residence.

Real Estate Developers are highly paid, and that is the reason many people aspire to work in this industry. One can choose between becoming a Commercial or Residential Real Estate Developer, but either way, it requires skill to become a successful professional in the industry, because the work is full of complexities and requires pure talents. If you too are hoping to begin your career as a Real Estate Developer and work on numerous projects and showcase your skills, then here are the best online courses that will lead you closer to your dreams.

1. The Real Estate Development Modeling Master Class by Udemy

The first course on our list by Udemy is a Master Class that will take learners to the world of Real Estate while introducing them to the skills of building dynamic models. Since no project may proceed without the right models, this course will teach students how to develop models from scratch, and create other construction models.

This project-based course will progress step-by-step, and begin with an empty sheet of Microsoft Excel, where students will learn to develop fully functional and dynamic models for real estate development. Learning to build virtual models is one of the main jobs of a real estate developer, and requires skill to build models that are of institutional quality. This course will hone all the required skills, and make you all set for the industry. This course is a great choice for college students who are thinking of working in this field or professionals who want to shift their career to Real Estate Development.

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2. Real Estate Investment and Development Online Short Course by Rice University

Next comes a short course from the online learning Rice University that will introduce students to commercial real estate and development. This course for Professionals is designed to help them equip skills required in the development of commercial real estate, and introduce them to the concepts, techniques, and commonly used assets.

By attending this short course, you will be able to examine the real estate environment, identify and analyze the commercial viability of real estate investments and developments, using tools and assets, and much more! This short course with a duration of 8 weeks is all you need to improve your career opportunities.

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3. Professional Certificate Program in Real Estate Finance & Development by MIT

This Professional Certificate program by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology on our list is one of the best ways to hone your professional skills and get ready for the Real Estate Development industry. This short course with a duration of 2-weeks focuses on developing industry skills and mold them into skilled professionals.

There cannot be a better option than obtaining a certificate upon completion of this course by MIT. You will be taught by top-class professionals, introduced to networking opportunities across the U.S, gain dynamic experience in the Cambridge and Boston area, and most importantly be prepared to call yourselves Professionals.

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4. Real Estate with Concentration in Development Course by UCLA

Next on our list comes another certificate program from the prestigious University of California Los Angeles, which focuses on Real Estate with a concentration in Development. This course is specially designed for anyone interested in gaining skills in real estate development, and veteran real estate professionals who want to regain their knowledge and welcome new opportunities.

This course will teach you how to build development plans, sustainable financial plans for the future and understand needed approvals and financing alternatives. Upon earning the Certificate, you increase your professional value and land up with the best jobs under the best companies.

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5. Master of Real Estate Development by Arizona State University

Now if you have previously studied in the background of real estate, and are looking for opportunities to opt for higher studies, then here is a perfect course for you offered by Arizona State University. The Master of Real Estate Development program is offered by the university’s College of Architecture, Planning, and Landscape Architecture (CAPLA), and is ideal for professionals who are seeking opportunities in the industry of Real Estate.

This online master’s degree program is comprehensive and covers the fundamentals of real estate, its various financial concepts, development processes, and also some real-life development projects. However, before applying for this course, students must have had experiences in the field of Urban Planning, Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Financial Markets, and so on, it is only then you would be able to make the most out of this amazing course. It is suggested that you go through the eligibility criteria before applying.

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6. Professional Certificate in Real Estate Development Fordham University

Fordham University brings the Professional Certificate program in Real Estate Development that is interdisciplinary and introduces learners to the real nature of the real estate industry. This course is designed to develop analytical, financial, and organizational skills among learners, and will cover important areas including site selection, land use, entitlements, market and feasibility analysis, budgets, construction loan finance, construction, and income-producing property types.

The certificates will be offered to individuals who complete the four 6-week courses such as Real Estate Development Principles and Process, Real Estate Development Pro Forma Analysis, Real Estate Development Construction Loan Finance, and Real Estate Development Construction Essentials courses, upon completing, you will be ready to rock the professional world of real estate. 

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7. Online Master’s in Real Estate by Georgetown University

Another online Master’s degree program that deserves a mention is by Georgetown University that has been designed to make you a leader in the real estate industry. The program is taught by expert professionals who will introduce learners to the many facets of the industry including development, finance, sustainability, construction, and management.

With real-world examples and globally trending topics, you will prepare for this dynamic industry that is a successful worldwide business. The best part about this online course is that it is the largest real estate program in the D.C. area, and will provide access to a large network of partner organizations and many facilities and growth opportunities that will ultimately provide you an amazing learning experience. After completing this course, you will be able to work as a Real Estate Developer, Corporate Real Estate Manager, Site Acquisition Manager, Real Estate Entrepreneur, and many more prestigious job positions.

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8. Real Estate Diploma from International Career Institute

The Real Estate Diploma course from International Career Institute can bring a positive change in your professional career. A comprehensive course that will help you completely understand what the Real Estate industry is all about, and what are its major functional areas? This course provides real-life scenarios and interactions with Virtual Reality Staffed who serve as clients, to offer students a learning experience like never before.

The course is divided into four major sections including Property Sales, Property Management, Business Practices, and Agency Services to help you know it all! Upon completion, you will be ready to become a Real Estate Pro.

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9. Professional Real Estate Program by University of Memphis

Taking the Professional Real Estate Program from the University of Memphis can be a great option for it requires no prior training to be a part of this course. If you are a beginner wanting to establish yourselves in the Real Estate Development industry, then this course has got all that you need.

This course is specially designed keeping in mind the professionals who are looking for good training courses but cannot afford to spend 4 years in a course. You will be learning about the opportunities that exist in the real estates industry, such as in the areas of leasing, Property Management, Corporate Real Estate Analysis, Real Estate Development, and many others. This course provides you the opportunity to learn and train at the comfort of your home, and get ready to work in the industry of Real Estate.

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10. Real Estate Studies Program by University of Boston

The last course on our list is by the renowned University of Boston that provides a wonderful opportunity for students and professionals to opt for the best Real Estate Program that has been a popular choice for decades.

Led by the industry experts of Boston University, this program will prepare learners for the real-world challenges that professionals usually come across in their everyday lives. The course is designed with a wide range of industry topics that will help develop a comprehensive understanding, and also includes required training that will help them begin with planning a City or developing Real Estate.

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That’s all for the list of best online Real Estate Courses on our list, we hope each of these courses will meet the requirements of every student and professional, and help them achieve their dreams.

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