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Best Online Legal Drafting Courses

The ability to write effectively is something that is looked upon and envied. Especially if the talent can be exhibited in the legal sector, then you can have a vibrant professional life ahead. Legal drafting is one of the most imperative skills that a legal professional should possess.

There is more to it, as there are sufficient and more providers who are ready to extend the help in developing the skill to ultimately shine in the career. Better drafting needs finer thinking ability. The abilities can be further polished by enrolling to nay one of the courses cited below.

1. Certificate Course on Drafting of Pleadings by Institute of Legal & Management Studies

The course is sensibly explaining the details of what one has to keep in mind in order to draft an answer to a complaint, counterclaim, cross-claim or amending the pleadings. It is delivered in simplified language and describes the fundamental mechanisms of how a draft is prepared. Samples of various petitions, bail applications, civil suits are provided for reference. This really helps the law students who are preparing themselves for an internship in any law industry. The course consists of an audio lecture that describes the course aiding the learners to keep it in mind all the time and listen to it whenever required.  The duration of the course is 1 month and does not require any prescribed timing to start with the class.

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2. Duane Morris LLP Legal Writing Program by Villanova University

The ability to write legal documents properly is one of the most sorted out skills in any law firm. There are 5 rigorous semesters of legal writing courses capable of providing with the skills to write all that the client needs including advising email to a legal brief. The teachers are well-experienced personalities in the domain along with sufficient teaching skills enough to train the learners to develop the ability to write and speak that will surely take to be a successful person in career. Innovative exercises are added every time to improve the writing in varied settings.

The extra help is provided outside the class situations in the form of personal help and as workshops to come up in the writing skills. The importance of doing proper research is also made to be practised by the expert legal research instructors to improve on the needs of the recent legal practices. Along with the complete wholesome curriculum, learners are able to have the opportunities to work on 3 published journals in order to get additionally trained and to construct a more regimented way of writing legal records.

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3. Expert Legal Writing Course – Writing To Win by British Legal Centre

The course helps the lawyers to get hold of the guidance and training in areas such as litigation, arbitration and negotiation which is essential for them to convince the readers. The class is delivered in the form of 24 recordings including almost all the advanced topics, along with living sessions and backup classes. The important indispensable legal skills required for writing in order to influence are detailed consisting of the text structure, vocabulary and psychology of persuasion. This also includes the ways of advanced writing for lawyers who are into written arguments and proposals for the victory in a case.

There are live sessions along with 4 pre-recorded classes. Several other interesting activities and exercises such as web quests and quizzes are carried out after each lesson to confirm the understanding of the learner. The characteristics of a fine draft are; they should be logically agreeing, crisp and clear, staying away from grammatical and lexical mistakes with respect to the style of a legal text, and ultimately the appropriate editing and correcting the document in an organized and meticulous manner

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4. Certificate Course in Introduction to Legal Drafting: Contracts, Petitions, Opinions & Articles by LawSikho

Legal drafting includes the drafting of several important documents such as legal documents like notices, contracts, affidavits, petitions, and so on which are to be submitted to the court and it is a profound way of communicating legally. The law and facts are synthesized in a language format to form a legal draft. One of the most attractive skills that a lawyer should possess is the way of writing a legal draft. It may involve various kinds of petitions to be filed in court, drafting contracts for clients, preparation of legal opinions.

This skill uplifts the value of a lawyer in performing different kinds of billable work for clients. The introductory course on drafting has gained importance as it facilitates getting on track with the matter-of-fact side of the law. Legal drafting is one of the key areas where every lawyer needs to excel in drafting contracts, civil and criminal petitions. This skill makes the learner more confident and to handle multi tasks that are delegated to the juniors.

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5. Effective Legal Writing by Seattle University School of Law

The course is mediated by the law professors from the Seattle University School of Law to help lawyers and legal professionals worldwide to gain the talent of effective drafting and communications. All these can be acquired through the online platform. The course benefits the learners as it is delivered in English and the providers are the best in the sector. The faculty is extremely experienced in teaching on an international platform. The course can be completed according to the ease of the learner. The sample writings are reviewed with improvement suggestions by professors and all of the above learners are presented with a certificate of completion from the Seattle University School of Law.

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6. Introduction to Drafting by Mylaw 

The most for the go talent that a legal professional should have is the ability to draft an effective legal document. The principles and rules to be followed during the drafting process with a keen eye on the surrounding matters need a complete understanding of the area. The course provides the best experience in delivering a practice-oriented knowledge acquisition. The topics included are the best practices for drafting legal documents on a general basis, along with a close centring on contracts, notices, and pleadings. The additional learning area of interest includes the major provisions under the Indian Contracts Act, 1872; structuring of a commercial contract; analyzing the hurdles in contracts and negotiating terms of the contract; drafting notices and pleadings and editing and reviewing the already prepared drafts. The course is for those who are junior law students and young legal professionals. The requirements to enrol for the course are a standard Internet connection next to a computer, or a laptop or a smartphone or a tablet.

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7. Advanced Contract Drafting and Legal Writing by Enhelion 

Contracts are the most important documents for any kind of transaction, be it in business or any sector if the relationship is a long term one. The draft is the best to uplift the confidence of any organization or company to deal with the business associations. Any person; be it a corporate professional, business manager, lawyer, law student, or entrepreneur needs to understand the fine distinction of a legal contract and be able to write a perfect one. The specialized course on Advanced Contract Drafting and Legal Writing is provided by the CR board Advocates and Legal Consultants, along with the cooperation of Enhelion. The program is paced based on the learner and looks upon the course in an entirely different manner as it deals with specialized drafting ideas with complete details of it along with preface agreements.    

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8. Advanced Legal Drafting by Rostrum Legal

Writing down a legal document is a significant and important section of practising law. A lawyer should indeed possess a good grip on how to draft it effectively. This course throws light on advanced legal drafting to teach about the various types of drafts of legal documents accompanied with the practical and theoretical aspects. The pattern that is followed is, practice and learn the method, where the learner gets the chance to get involved in the drafting of real legal drafts with appropriate guidance. The course can be taken according to the flexibility of the learner based on convenience. The course promises to make the learner job-ready and be confident enough to face the tightly competitive world outside. The effective drafting skill of legal documents is ultimately an advantage to the career providing a spirited boundary over others. The course can be taken up by law students, young lawyers, chartered accountants and company secretaries. The course has proved to be supportive to increase the efficiency in legal drafting.

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9. Legal Writing for Law Students by The Indian Society of Legal Writers

The course emphasizes the variations to be kept in mind that exist between plain English writing and legal writing; the importance of champion clarity, cogency and truth with a clear, bold and readable style; creating persuasive legal articles; removing verbose writing; finding out greater opportunities for career mobility with a broad range of possibilities, the ways to deal with counter-arguments effectively; and to master a strong legal analysis. The course ensures to help the learner to reach the targets quickly, more effectively, efficiently and eloquently. The opportunity also helps to improve my writing skills along with the ability to avoid frequent errors and start thinking like an expert lawyer.

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10. Legal English Writing Skills Masterclass by Udemy

The course is a slightly varied one as it interests any learners through the way of rendering. The lawyers are teaching along with to understand the acceptable use of prepositions and articles, while drafting contracts and writing letters. The acquired skills include; Legal English Skills, Legal Writing Skills, a better understanding of English Law, improvement in English Grammar Knowledge and aid in dealing with the TOLES Test of Legal English Skills. The legal terminologies and vocabulary is introduced to the learners, get an idea about the legal jargon, increasing confidence in writing and legal skills, specialized communication skills, use of punctuation effectively in writing, the basics of drafting clear commercial contracts and the ultimately the valuable knowledge and experience for writing fluently in Legal English and Business English.  This course can well be adopted by Lawyers, Law students, and Legal professionals.

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