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Best Online Jobs for High School Students

Are you a high school student and want to earn extra pocket money? This write-up will guide you through finding the best jobs that you can continue with your studies. Finding an online job to continue without disturbing your studies is the best option to build a self-dependent human in the future.

Online jobs are great for high school students because they can earn without visiting offices or establishments for the entire day. Another benefit of having online work is to learn working and adopting yourself into a working environment from a young age which will help you cope well with your profession. Thirdly, online jobs also provide experiences for students. Apart from all these, the most beneficial use of having an online job during high school days is getting independent and not asking for everything from parents.

This article has listed down some of the best reliable online works that high school students can do in the USA while maintaining a good score in their academic life. Give a reading to this write-up and choose the most reliable work for yourself. Feel free to contact me for any further related queries.

1. Become a Tutor provides a platform for students to create their accounts free of cost and provide tuition and earn money online. This platform includes students from kindergarten to adult learners. This option is most suitable for high school students because, after acquiring basic knowledge for primary education, you can provide tuitions online for those primary section students looking for guidance in any subject. Being at high school, you definitely have an option for yourself as well. The average US salary that a tutor can earn through this platform is $13-20/hour. The tutoring service is available 24*7. Therefore, you can fix your timings according to your free hours.

2. Be a Social Media Manager

In today’s world, students are highly active on social media platforms. If you have good knowledge of social media basics as a high school student, become a manager. You can search Indeed for companies that provide work from home part-time jobs for social media managers. You have to build communities for companies on social media and engage these communities in conversations. Social media managers additionally play an essential role in establishing brand awareness for a company. 

3. What can be better than a Freelance Writer?

Are you interested in writing and copy-reading? If yes, you are all set to earn online being a freelance writer. Your piece of writing can bring you luxury. Platforms like Freelance Writers Den will provide you the opportunity to earn through writing during your hours. Sources have revealed that students can earn up to $61,000/year through different freelance working platforms available online. Along with freelancing, a high school student will learn more about the technical aspects of writing. The freelance writer’s experience also enhances writing skills for students in their academic life. 

4. Be a Resume Maker

Making a resume isn’t rocket science. However, most graduating students and grown-ups consider it a difficult task. You can simply make a resume on your free hours for clients and earn bucks. If you can bring some expertise into making a resume with the ResumeEdge platform, you will likely earn $12/15 per hour. Furthermore, you can submit LinkedIn profile review services, as several recruiters lookout for potential students on this acknowledged social network. 

5. Transcriptionist

One of the simplest online jobs for high school students is becoming a transcriptionist. Transcriptionists usually need to listen to the audio recording and write them down, which we often do while taking notes during our class hours. What needs to be taken care of is giving proper attention to the audio and writing it down accurately. Another important requirement for this job is to be very good with the typing speed on a computer or a laptop. The faster you can type in this job, the more you can earn. Data estimated that a person doing transcriptions could earn up to $15-25/hour. You can visit platforms like TranscribeMe for doing this job being a high school student.

6. Be an Influencer and Earn

Get your passion into a business. You can blog around and earn money online. Being an influencer is one of the most popular online earning mediums in today’s world. You can create your account on any social media platform like Instagram, Facebook, etc., and give valuable information to the public. In return, you can make money out of these platforms. An influencer influences the audience in a better way. As estimated, an influencer can earn up to $88.00 per post. This is a great start for high school students to build a passion for a profession and earn a handsome amount of bucks. 

7. Online Data Entry Jobs

There is nothing much to be worried about doing this job online. All you need to do is enter data provided to you in an entitled manner. The works provided under data entry jobs include describing or identifying images, entering up-to-date prices, transcription of audio notes, subtitling, tagging and annotating data, and so on. As estimated, a student can earn up to $5 to $25 per hour. You can refer to the link mentioned along with the note for finding out some of the amazing data entry jobs online. 

8. Do Some Homework for Others and Earn Online 

Being a student this job will be best suitable for you. Since you are used to doing homework at home for your academic life, you can also spend some time over online platforms and do homework for others and earn money. Get some idea about the online homework jobs from here. As estimated, a student can earn up to $16 per hour (on average). All you need to care about is understanding the subject and the lesson for which you submit the work.

Best Online Jobs for High School Students

9. Freelance Graphic Designer

If you are passionate about creating images and editing them, you can choose to enter this field of online jobs as a high school student. Being a freelance graphic designer, all you have to do is design templates or other options for the company you will be working for. As estimated, a freelance graphic designer would earn up to $22 per hour (on average). Graphic designers are chosen to create logos, brochure sheets, posters, and different information substances—many graphic design jobs on websites like Fiverr, Upwork, etc., are available for students to earn online money. 

10. Make Your YouTube Channel and Earn Online

Nothing is more interesting than watching videos on YouTube. If you are passionate about making videos, you are all set to earn through YouTube. YouTube channels with good subscribers can bring a handsome amount of money for YouTubers. This profession is great for high school students because students can make creative videos following their passion. The purpose of You Tubers is to design appealing video content on YouTube. They are accountable for bringing people’s notice to make payment through advertisements and associate marketing.

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