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Best Online Hebrew Courses

The language of Christ, and the original language of the Holy Bible, Hebrew is a Semitic language that was originally spoken by Israelites, but now has extended into other Countries and Communities as well. Unlike other hobbies, there cannot be something more exciting than learning a new language. The excitement and fun in being introduced to a new language, getting to know the people who speak it, and getting introduced to the culture that binds them are truly amazing. 

Hebrew is among those most learned languages worldwide, which is indeed challenging to master especially for those who speak English. Are you among those aspiring learners who want to master the language of Hebrew, get introduced to the culture of its people for the purpose of studying, or opting for job opportunities? Or are you someone who wants to learn Hebrew to read and understand the original version of the Holy Bible? No matter what your reasons are, you are surely going to learn how to speak, read and write Hebrew, with the help of these online courses and resources noted on the list below. 

1. Hebrew for Beginners by Udemy

A course ideal for beginners who want to get introduced to the language of Hebrew, Udemy’s Hebrew for Beginners is a course that will help you read, speak and write the language in much less time. The most unique fact about this course is that you will be learning Hebrew from Scratch and in just approximately 6 hours, you will understand the differences between English and Hebrew, get familiar with its Alphabets and Pronunciations, and by the end, you will have enough skills to travel to Israel, meet its people, and strike a conversation. 

There is a lot of homework included in this course so you will learn a lot about yourself, but of course with the guidance of the course instructor. 

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2. Learning Hebrew for Free By Duolingo

Duolingo is undoubtedly one of the best online platforms where you get to learn a plethora of languages for free. By just spending around 5 minutes a day, and getting engaged in the fun, game-like language learning lessons, you can master any language at your own pace.

Learning Hebrew from Duolingo is the best choice because you can personalize your learning, browse for courses you want to learn from, and obtain every resource for free. By meeting the game-like challenges every day, you will engage in a fun learning experience like never before.

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3. Online Hebrew course By Hebrewversity

As the name suggests, Hebrewversity is like a University only focusing on Hebrew because you will come across numerous Hebrew-learning courses on the website. Courses in Hebrewversity are different from others because they are taught by Native Israelites who are fluent in English, and will make it easier for you to understand the differences of the languages. 

Courses in Hebrewversity are designed according to the needs of students and are split into 3 sections that largely depend on the type of learners you are, such as a beginner, or a learner with basic knowledge, and so on. If you get pretty confused about which course will be the best fit for you, there is nothing to worry about either, because you can contact the Program Director from the website details to seek help. The best part about Hebrewversity is that the monthly membership for opting for online Hebrew Classes is just $9. 

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4. Hebrew Courses By Rosen School of Hebrew

Another extremely popular online destination for mastering the language of Hebrew, Rosen School of Hebrew is a part of the Hebrew University of Jerusalem and features courses that focus on Modern Hebrew, Biblical Hebrew, and Yiddish. Whether you want to learn Hebrew for the purpose of your studies, traveling to Hebrew-speaking countries, or wanting to work there, the Rosen School of Hebrew will be your ultimate destination to master the language.

With time-proven methods, the online platform of Rosen School has helped thousands of students across the world to learn Hebrew in the easiest way. Choose among the wide range of courses that are designed to meet the needs of every type of learner, and begin your journey towards discovering a new language. There is a course for all types of learners at all stages, and all the courses that you come across are fully accredited by the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. There is also a “Hebrew for Kids” section, so if you want your siblings or children to learn Hebrew along with you, there’s an option for that too. 

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5. Learn Real Life Conversational Hebrew and Boost Your Vocab Course by Skillshare

If you are traveling to Israel or any other Hebrew-speaking country or area for the first time, and want to learn how to strike up a conversation easily, then Skillshare’s Learn Real Life Conversational Hebrew course will help you boost your vocabulary, and teach you the right ways to greet in Hebrew. 

Don’t go after its short duration because, in these 30 minutes, you will be learning the basics of conversation in Hebrew, learn how to greet, present yourself, how to order food, how to get by in different social situations, how to do it all in Hebrew in just 30 minutes. From learning new words to using the most common phrases, you will learn it all in this course. 

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6. Learn to Read Biblical Hebrew by Udemy

A course by Udemy that is perfect for beginners who want to learn Biblical Hebrew, learning the alphabets, vowels, and pronunciations are made very easy. If you have no prior knowledge at all, there is nothing to worry, because this course is designed in a way that every type of learner will understand this course. 

From translating and interpreting the contexts of the Bible, to read it fluently, you will be able to do it all. Note that this course will focus only on Bible and its original Hebrew version to introduce you to the language.

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7. Hebrew Courses By Memrise

Memrise is another online platform where you will come across numerous Hebrew-learning courses that will make you fluent. From learning “1000 words from Bible”, “Modern Hebrew”, “Basic Conversational Hebrew” to focusing on the Alphabet, Symbols, and Pronunciation, you will come across all the types of courses you would love to focus on. Please note that Memrise is not a free platform and requires a subscription, but the cost is not that high for sure. And the benefits of subscribing to Memrise come with an unlimited resource of learning and mastering the Hebrew language. Begin your journey in the right way through the guidance of Memrise.

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8. Easy Learn Hebrew

A platform for learning to read Hebrew in the easiest way, Easy Learn Hebrew is a perfect online learning platform for those who want to read and understand the original Hebrew version of the Bible or want to pursue their study and research in the language of Hebrew, and before that are looking for opportunities of mastering it. The quick and easy time-proven methods of Easy Learn Hebrew have helped thousands of students across the globe read Hebrew fluently. And while you learn to read it like a pro, speaking it would not be a big deal anymore. 

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Best Online Hebrew Courses

9. Loecsen 

Loecsen is a trusted platform to master any foreign language quickly, and you master Hebrew from here too! Begin with a free online course in Loecsen, and get introduced to words, phrases, and practical expressions that the Hebrew-speaking people generally use in their everyday lives. By getting used to the pronunciations and enhancing your vocabulary, you will become a fluent Hebrew speaker as quickly as possible. Loecsen helps you focus on alphabets, conversations, numbers, colors, feelings and so much more! You surely wouldn’t regret learning Hebrew from Loecsen.

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Best Online Hebrew Courses

10. Glossika 

The last online platform on this list, which is absolutely free of cost, Glossika features all that you need to master speaking and responding in Hebrew. Now absorbing the language naturally is made the easiest by Glossika, where you would come across audio-based training, that will quickly boost your listening and understanding skills. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced learner, Glossika will be the true guide that will help you speak Hebrew at the speed Natives often speak. 

By focusing and memorizing rules of grammar, learning new words that enrich your vocabulary, Glossika will introduce you to every word, phrase, and sentence that make you a natural speaker of Hebrew, and the locals wouldn’t even know that you have acquired the language and are not a native. Glossika is convenient and hands-free, you yourself can take care of your schedules and control your pace, you can always check your progress during the process of learning, and increase your level step-by-step.

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These were the best online platforms where you can master the Hebrew language in much less time, from free and paid courses. Each of these courses and platforms included in the list is time-proven and has helped thousands of students like you master the Hebrew language in much less time. No matter if you are a complete beginner and do not have any close or far relation with the language, you can still master a challenging language like Hebrew with the right guidance and courses that understand your needs, and makes learning a fun experience. 

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