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Best Online Graphic Design Courses 2018

One of the trademarks of today’s age is that so many aspects of it have some form of digital presence. This includes the field of illustration and art, especially since they have become such an important part of the business dynamic.

Being proficient in this area is a highly valued and much sought after ability by companies. Being on top of this arena, which is also extremely competitive, can be challenging but it can also be very rewarding.

If you want to have a career in graphic design, or just want to expand your knowledge in this field and want to do it from home, without having to interrupt your job or other responsibilities. You have the opportunity to go for online courses that also focus on determined areas of design that you have the chance to choose and learn about them and increase your technique and training.

The list below includes some of the most reputable websites that offer courses in graphic design, proven to be of high quality and that will surely help you on your way to improving your skills and knowledge in this line of work.

These websites usually include more than one graphic design course, so the fees for each one may vary and some may even be free, so we won’t include the price on each of them.

Udemy: Introduction to Graphic Design

Best Online Graphic Design Courses

This is a great option for those that are starting out on graphic design and are looking to learn from scratch; the basic concepts, the process, the principles. You don’t need software or special equipment or prior knowledge, just the thirst for learning and a positive mindset. It offers lessons through videos, articles and when you finish, you will get a certificate of completion. It’s a very popular course, with very high ratings and over 110,000 students enrolled since it became available.

Alison Online

Best Online Graphic Design Courses

This website really focuses on providing high-quality certification for free, via online courses that can be a great addition to anyone’s resume. They offer a wide variety of graphic design courses that range from Design Principles to Visual and Graphic Skills. Here you can choose the road you want to take in design, so this is a great option to explore.


Best Online Graphic Design Courses

Coursera prides itself on having instructors from renowned and accredited institutions and universities worldwide. They record video lectures on many topics for the courses. It has an auto-grading and peer-review system for the assignments, as well as interactive discussion sessions. You can request a certificate, but for that, you have to pay, however, the course is free of charge.

ADMEC Multimedia Institute

Best Online Graphic Design Courses

Their courses include diploma and certificate options for their learners. The online version is identical to the regular program when it comes to the content and the learning. The students for the online course will attend live sessions with their tutors having the great opportunity to interact directly with them. Depending on the specific course you choose, if it a diploma you’re after, they can last between 6 to 8 months, while the certificates span from 2 to 4 months.

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Best Online Graphic Design Courses

MIT offers OpenCourseWare that is online and it consists of a database of courses that are offered through professional course writers and academic teachers. They are very helpful and highly trusted due to the reputation of the university and its very high standards.

Envato Tuts+ Illustration & Graphic Design Courses

Best Online Graphic Design Courses

Few websites are as dedicated to graphic design and courses like this one. It has highly comprehensive and intensive courses and it covers things like Photoshop, Illustrator, Rhino and other popular software. It has a broad database with over 990 courses installed in the system.


Best Online Graphic Design Courses

This is another website that provides multiple courses focused on graphic design, all at a very reasonable price. The cost of their courses average $20, however, there are some free options as well within the website. Their Visual & Graphic Design course is a great start for those that wish to go after graphic design as a career; the best thing is that it’s one of the free courses offered by the website.

Zee Institute of Creative Art

Best Online Graphic Design Courses

One of the great things about this institute is that it covers a lot of aspects of Graphics, including Web Design, Visual Effects, Animation, Digital Photography, and more. The online courses have been worked and planned very carefully in order to guarantee a high-quality education. They also hire some of the best professionals in their fields as mentors to be associated with these courses.

Canva Design School

Best Online Graphic Design Courses

The Introduction to Graphic Design Course from the Canva Design School is an amazing course that covers basic, but very useful information on fonts, backgrounds, images, layouts, and shapes. It is divided into four modules and it is self-paced. It is also free!


Best Online Graphic Design Courses

A great website that offers a very large range of online courses that is aimed at designers and artists alike. Some of the courses are free, but for others, you have to pay, however, you can often find good deals. The courses cover topics like HTML, CCS, typography, Adobe programs, and more.

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