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Best Online CPR Courses

CPR or Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation is an emergency procedure that is used for patients who come across sudden Cardiac Arrest or Choking. CPR works like magic, it can give a second chance to people to live. However, the process of CPR requires the right skills that eventually help patients regain their senses by regulating their blood circulation once again.

This life-saving emergency technique should be known by all because it can help anyone from sudden death. But before you begin with the process, it is very important that you are properly trained to perform CPR, because a wrong procedure may lead to worse circumstances. If you are looking for the best online courses that will help you master the process of CPR, then here are the best courses available on reliable online platforms. If you are a student, a teacher, a coach, a personal trainer, or a CPR enthusiast, these courses on our list will provide you with the best training.

1. CPR Classes Online by American Red Cross

CPR may take only a few hours to learn, but learning the process from a reliable resource is very important, especially when it is online training hence, there cannot be a better option than learning from American Red Cross. Though CPR is something everyone should learn, this course is specially designed for those who need it most during their day-to-day lives such as Coaches, Teachers, Parents, Adults, and Teenagers.

CPR can give someone a second chance to live, hence learning with Red Cross can bring you that opportunity. You can gain access to this online course from anywhere on any device laptop, desktop computer, tablet, or smartphone, and complete the course at your comfort. Red Cross has prepared millions of people to perform CPR like a pro, and help save valuable lives.

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2. Standard CPR, AED, & First Aid Training by National Health & Safety Association

The Standard CPR, AED, and First Aid Course by the National Health & Safety Association is one of the best and most affordable options to learn your CPR from. Upon completion of this course, you will be ready to print your nationally accepted, 2-year certification card, the certificate is accepted nationwide so you can work anywhere across the country.

This course will help you gain skills in CPR, AED, and First Aid, you will be learning how to treat choking and shock victims along with other life-saving tricks. In this course, students will cover a wide range of topics including CPR, Heart Attacks, Strokes, Choking, Bleeding Control, Seizures, and many other important ones. This course is ideal for Daycare providers, Teachers, Coaches, Students, and Adults.

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3. Heartsaver CPR/AED Training by CPR 123

Heartsaver CPR/AED Training by CPR 123is a specially designed training course to teach individuals how to perform CPR when a person faces a sudden Cardiac Arrest. The life-saving techniques you will be learning here in this course can be applied to anyone be it infants or adults, and help them relieve from a choking experience or survive a cardiac arrest.

The expert instructors of CPR 123 will instill required skills and confidence among students so that they can deal with every situation tactfully. This course will prepare Lifeguards, Coaches, Personal Trainers, Teachers, Babysitters, and Adults for the worst scenarios, and help them save lives without panicking.

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4. CPR & First-Aid Certification Class (AED) by National CPRF Foundation

National CPRF Foundation is your ultimate destination to find some of the best CPR courses at the most affordable rates. All the courses on this website are free of cost, and you only have to pay for the certificate, the amount of which is very nominal. You can choose your course type from the various options available on the website and proceed with them to get trained by the best Healthcare professionals and perform CPR like them.

Students can choose between CPR Certification, CPR and First-Aid Certification, and healthcare CPR Certification, and proceed with them. The courses by National CPRF are up-to-date and are aligned with the Occupational Safety and Health Administration’s (OSHA) Best Practices. You can pay the required amount after you pass the Certificate examination, and there is also a money-back guarantee with every course.

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5. CPR Certification Classes by AEDCPR.Com

Now learning CPR is made easy by with the help of their online CPR training courses that have been voted as number 1 in online safety training and continuing education. For more than 20 years, AED CPR has been a trusted resource for students and professionals and has successfully trained them to become skilled emergency workers.

These online CPR Certificate courses are specially designed for Professional Rescuers, wannabe Doctors and Healthcare Professionals, Emergency Response Teams, Lifeguards, Airlines Workers, Police, and any other individuals who want to help save lives. The courses are self-paced and are taught through video demonstrations that explain the processes of CPR and other First Aid services in detail. Get certified from the comfort of your homes and become a skilled emergency aid provider.

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6. Learn CPR, AED and First Aid with 7 Steps! by Udemy

Next course on our list is by Udemy, which is top-rated and also a good option to pursue your learning how to perform CPR with the help of an expert instructor. With 7 easy steps and the guidance of Physicians, this course will make students experts in the areas of CPR, AED, and First-Aid.

The best part about this course is that it is absolutely free of cost, so if you were hesitating earlier to opt for paid online courses, then this course by Udemy is your treasure. This course adheres to the latest ILCOR Standards and Guidelines, provides high-quality training in performing CPR, how to use an automated external defibrillator (AED), and treating common illnesses and injuries with the help of first-aid kits. This course is ideal for Medical Students, Emergency Response Teams, Healthcare Professionals, Nurses, and anyone who is interested to learn CPR, AED & First-aid to help save lives.

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7. Online First Aid, CPR & AED Training by

Another absolutely free online course on our list is that offers free online first aid, CPR, and AED courses with no hidden fees. Many website courses are free, but they eventually charge for certificates towards the end, however, this is not the case for this website, here everything from beginning to the end is totally free of cost.

There are a total of 7 online first aid, CPR & AED courses available on the website that you can choose among according to your preferences. All you have to do is register and create an account for free, and enjoy learning your desired areas.

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8. High Performance CPR Course by Coursera

The High-Performance CPR course by Coursera is presented by the prestigious University of Colorado Boulder, which will take students on a wonderful learning experience, where they will learn in detail the functions and process of CPR.

This course will help develop skills in students so that they can recognize the symptoms of shock or a cardiac arrest, and help them overcome it with the support of CPR and AED. Along with these, this course will also provide a comprehensive understanding of the areas of Toxicology, and the symptoms associated with the most common environmental emergencies including hypothermia, hyperthermia, lightning strike, and drowning. The best part is, you can enroll in this course for free and gain a wide perspective of emergency services along with becoming an expert in CPR.

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9. Online CPR Courses by Simple CPR

Simple CPR is one of the best online platforms to gain your CPR Certificate at the most affordable rates. Simple CPR has helped a plethora of students obtain their certificates easily ( Over 1 Million Certified Since 2004), also they are accepted nationally and internationally.

The online courses are based on latest AHA Guidelines, and students can take free retakes unless they pass the examination successfully and obtain their certificates. There are a total of 7 online CPR courses that you can choose from, and complete your specialization. The course is open to anyone who is interested in learning CPR, working in Emergency centers, or simply help save lives.

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10. High Performance CPR, Emergencies and First Aid for Lay Responders by

The last one on our list is a course by where you would learn how to perform High-Performance CPR and other First-aid emergency services. This is another free course on our list that will cover the importance and purpose of CPR, help you with understanding CPR, introduce with the complexity of emergencies and legality, performing CPR for Lay Responders, work with First-aid, and much more.

With the guidance of this comprehensive course, you will not only be able to perform CPR and provide First-aid to injured patients but also will be able to understand various groups of cardiac arrest and quickly recognize its symptoms, identify the situations where you need to use AED, treat injuries including bone fractures and joint dislocations and much more. This course by is all you need to earn your certificate and make your dreams come true.

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