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Best Online Courses for Quantum Mechanics

Quantum Mechanics is a field of physics that deals with the physical properties of atoms and subatomic particles. Quantum Physics has been a very intriguing field whether in areas of study or the successful “Sci-fi movies” that have left us all enthralled. But it’s just not bound by the areas of studies and movies, it is much more than that, our lives, or rather the whole universe is a part of quantum mechanics, we just need to recognize them.

If your interest and enthusiasm lie with Quantum Mechanics, then here are the best online courses available on various popular platforms that can help you expand your knowledge:

1. Exploring Quantum Physics by University of Maryland- Coursera

You can explore the field of Quantum Mechanics in the top-rated course offered by the prestigious University of Maryland in Coursera. The aim of the course is to introduce students to the concepts of quantum mechanics and its fundamental areas. This is an intermediate-level course, so you need to have prior (basic) knowledge about the field, it is only then you can fully utilize the instructions and information provided by the course.

The course will take approximately 34 hours to complete, and its enrollment is free of cost, you will also be provided with a certificate on the successful completion of the course. After completing this course, you will have a sound knowledge about quantum mechanics and its functional areas, and perhaps plan your career to it.

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2. Quantum Mechanics by University of Colorado Boulder- Coursera

Another highly ranked course on Quantum Mechanics in Coursera is offered by the renowned university of the United States, the University of Colorado Boulder. This is an advanced, professional-level course appropriate for Mechanical and Aerospace Engineers who want to enhance their knowledge and skills about Quantum Mechanics, which will help them grow as professionals.

It will take approximately 6 hours to complete the course, and after that, you will receive a certificate that will not only enhance your knowledge but also add more value to your resume.

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3. QC101 Quantum Computing & Quantum Physics for Beginners- Udemy

This is a popular and highly ranked course available in Udemy that will introduce you to the basics of Quantum Physics. Alongside, you will learn about Quantum Computing from the core, and its functional areas, however, it is not a completely beginner-friendly course, you need to have a little knowledge about Quantum Computing and Physics. This course can prove to be very helpful for software professionals and technical managers who want to get their hands on Quantum computing.

The duration of the course is 3.5 hours, and a certificate is provided after successful completion, the basic requirements for applying to the course is12th grade level high-school Math and Physics.

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4. Quantum Physics from Beginner to Expert (Quantum mechanics) by Udemy

If you want everything about Quantum Mechanics summed up in a single course, then there is the perfect course awaiting to be applied by you in Udemy. The Quantum Physics from Beginner to Expert is a course for all to begin from the core and proceed with the course to reach an advanced level and gain expertise.

The course will introduce you to basics focusing on experiments that motivated quantum mechanics as well as the theoretical concepts behind it, and then it will progress towards an advanced level focusing on quantum computing and relativistic quantum mechanics. The course progresses in steps until it has provided expert knowledge on the field. It will take around 9 hours to complete the course, and a certificate will be provided after completion, you need to pay a small amount of $35 to pursue the course.

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5. Quantum Mechanics of Molecular Structures by University of Tokyo- edX

Number 5 on our list is another course in edX that is offered by the prestigious University of Tokyo. The course will focus on molecular structures and enhance your knowledge of quantum mechanics. This is an intermediate-level course, so you need to have a basic understanding of the field of Quantum Mechanics and its functional areas. 

The course will introduce you to the geometrical structures of molecules that encompass us and are scattered across the universe. You will be introduced to the two primary methods used to determine the geometrical structure of molecules that is molecular spectroscopy and gas electron diffraction. This course is ideal to acquire an in-depth knowledge of Quantum Mechanics and will help to expand your ideas. The duration of the course is 6 weeks, and you can earn a certificate by paying $50.

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6. Quantum Mechanics: A First Course by MIT (edX)

The last course on our list from edX is an advanced level course offered by the most reputed Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Though the course is advanced, it will begin with a basic introduction to quantum mechanics and then proceed with de Broglie waves, the wavefunction, and its probability interpretation. With the progress of the course, you will be introduced to other important sections and concepts including the Schrodinger equation, Levinson’s theorem, and many more. The duration of the course is 18 weeks and is free of cost, but you need to make a payment of $ 159 to earn a certificate. To utilize and understand the course, you need to know Calculus and differential equations in Mathematics and mechanics, electromagnetism, and waves in Physics.

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7. Quantum Physics I (MIT Open Courseware)

An amazing opportunity to learn from the experts, Quantum Physics I is an open course provided by the top-class Massachusetts Institute of Technology, which is a section of an Undergraduate Program in Quantum Physics. This is the best place for you to begin your understanding of Quantum mechanics, as it features every basic concept related to the field.

Throughout the course, you will be receiving useful lecture videos, lecture notes, assignments that you need to work on (no solutions are provided), and examinations that will be conducted to check your progress. If you want to begin your journey with Quantum mechanics and learn from the experts, then this is an ideal course for you to expand your knowledge.

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8. Quantum Physics: an overview of a Weird World (Basics) (Udemy)

The last popular course on our list is provided by Udemy that is an intriguing course to satiate all your curiosity. This basic-level course will introduce you to basic concepts of Quantum Physics and you will find A-Z information about the field so that you don’t have to search for other things elsewhere. You will learn about theories and concepts involved in Quantum physics in the most simplified way. This course is ideal for anyone with a curiosity about the field of Quantum Physics or students who want to pursue their career in the desired field. The duration of the course is 16 hours, and you can purchase the course which is available now at an attractive discount. You would also earn a certificate after the successful completion of the course, and if you are willing to expand your knowledge further, you can proceed with the continuation of this course which is available by the name- Quantum Physics: an overview of a weird world (Supplemental), that you can easily find on suggestion area.

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