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Best Online Courses for Algorithms and Data Structures

Even though the world grapples with the economic fallout of the COVID-19 pandemic, The demand for programmers has always been at an all-time high. The usage of technology has increased and has made a lot of space for innovation which in turn has increased the need for skilled programmers. The million-dollar assistance for every programmer is data structures and algorithms. Most programmers prefer library functions, but in today’s world, without data structures and algorithms it is impossible to learn the logic & analytics of these functions. Moreover, it helps to write better code.

In a nutshell, the subject helps to take inputs, process them, and provide an output. Studying data structures and algorithms is indispensable for a programmer today. The world and the internet are full of textual information on programming. The environment has become very competitive, and you just can’t afford to miss these critical concepts.

Starting a computer science course at college or university drains out a lot of years, money, and energy but taking an educational online course on data structures and algorithms is affordable and efficient. Considering the cost of the course, ratings, and the flexibility of the course, the following are the top algorithm courses offered online.

1. Algorithms Part I by Coursera

Offered by Princeton University, It is the most comprehensive intermediate course for programmers which is completely free. Princeton University is one of the top ivy league colleges located in New Jersey, United States.

The course includes scientific performance analysis, java implementations, and Basic Data structures. There are more than a million students enrolled in this course. It is a highly rated course with 4.9 stars. The course takes approx. 54hours to complete. The course has a sequel, Algorithms part II. Both the courses are highly recommended.

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2. Python Data Structures by Coursera

The Python Data structures is a mixed-level course with a complete focus on Algorithms and data structures. This is a free course which prolongs six weeks.

The course teaches lists, dictionaries, and tuples. They claim $50 for certification. The course is offered by one of the top colleges located in Ann Arbor. The University of Michigan is the 3rd best public school national university. Moreover, the course focuses on core data structures of the Python programming language. The course takes 19hours to complete and it is available in 10 languages subtitles.

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3. Data Structures and Algorithms Specialization by Coursera

The course offered by UC San Diego is unique to the other courses since it includes practical computing problems to be solved. It is a free course where the algorithms are learned through programming techniques. The tests in this course are practical and not multiple-choice questions.

The course requires a basic level understanding of C++, Java, Python, Javascript, Haskell, Kotlin, Ruby, Rust, or Scala. If the course is taken in a 6hours/week duration, the course can be completed in 8months.

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4. The Coding Interview Bootcamp: Algorithms + Data Structures by Udemy

With String reversals, Palindromes, Integer reversals, and Array chunking concepts included, the coding interview Bootcamp is a beginner course on algorithms and data structures.

At $18, this course is offered with many diagrammatic and algorithm questions which are structured for beginners. The course has around 34 sections and 136 lectures. It also includes sensible strategies for tackling systems design problems. This course is highly recommended.

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5. Data Structures Fundamentals by EdX

The Data Structures Fundamentals is offered by Edx and instructed by San Diego, California. This course is not for beginners since it involves complicated chapters like how to use Dynamic arrays, How to use hashing and its applications, and to keep a binary search tree balanced.

The course is free but the certification costs $99. The duration of the course is highly flexible and it is a self-paced program. The course focuses on how these data structures are implemented in different programming languages. the course focus on practicing how to implement them in our programming assignments.

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6. Data Structures Concepts & Singly Linked List Implementation by Udemy

With around 35,000 students, The coding interview Bootcamp is one of the top courses offered in data structuring and algorithms. The course is instructed by Chaand Sheikh, who is a renowned best-selling instructor on programming teaches more than 1,50,000+ students.

It is specifically tailored for beginner programmers. The course has 6sections and 33 lectures. Totally, the course is 1hour 38mins long. The course also places focus on Singly Linked List Implementation. The duration of the course is just 6 weeks.

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7. Data Structures and Algorithms by Harvard University

Offered by the top Ivy League college, the Data Structures and Algorithms is a top-rated, highly credible self-paced course. The cost of the course is 2,840 dollars. If you don’t mind about the cost of the course this is the right course for you.

The course is instructed by advanced faculties from the Harvard University. The credit scores earned from this course are directly embedded in the Harvard credits. The course will cover Algorithm design methods, graph algorithms, approximation algorithms, and randomized algorithms.

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8. Data Structures and Algorithms in Python by Jovian

The Data Structures and Algorithms in Python is offered by one of the top data structures online educational platform: It is completely tailored for beginners.

The course offers Watch hands-on coding-focused video tutorials so that you get a better understanding of the fundamentals of the particular subject. The course is instructed by Aakash NS. He is the co-founder and CEO of Jovian. This course is highly recommended.

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9. Algorithms and Data Structures by Metropolitan University

This course is personally recommended since you get a lot of benefits from picking this course. It is offered by the Metropolitan State University and the credulity of the certificate is high because of the Uni’s reputation. Moreover, after completing this course you will get 4 undergraduate credits.

The course covers vital topics like trees, graphs, basic analysis of algorithmic complexity, fundamental questions of computability, and introduction to the algorithmic basis of intelligent systems. You will also learn to write programs using recursion at an intermediate/advanced level.

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10. Data Structures and Algorithms by Keene State College

Located in New Hampshire, Keene State College is a top-class college that is considered to be the top college in the United Kingdom. They have been offering online courses this fall and it has been highly rated by numerous websites.

The Data Structures and Algorithms course offered by Keene State College is a beginner course to learn the nuances of this subject. After learning the basics, you will learn algorithm development and analysis, array lists, linked lists, stacks, queues, trees, hashing, graphs, and sorting algorithms.

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