Best Online Colleges for General Studies 2018-19

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Best Online Colleges for General Studies 2018-19

Want to earn a degree in general studies but you can’t enroll as a full-time college student? An online college makes you feel happy to get a degree without going to college. Through our list “Best Online Colleges for General Studies 2018-19”, we can help you to find the best option to get your degree in your career field.

A college degree in general studies is the best way to advance your career and increase your earning potential, but family, work, and where you live can make the school feel out of reach. An online general studies bachelor’s degree is one of the most flexible degree options available for the students who prefer not to choose a specific major.

In the list, we have mentioned top-ranked colleges and universities which offer distance and on-campus educational degree programs and courses in your desired field. Discover our complete list and choose the best one for your education. Good luck!!

University of South Florida

The South Florida Bulls football team represents the University of South Florida. The University of South Florida offers a general studies degree online to help undergrads finish degrees that they start. The degree at this university is a customized, interdisciplinary degree that allows you to choose an academic program that fits your educational and professional goals. The University of South Florida built this program with working adults in mind, and it’s asynchronous format allows students to take courses at their own pace.

Founded In: 1956
Ranking: 1st
Tuition Approximately: $21,410
Contact Information: 813-974-4051
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Harvard University

The Harvard University is a private Ivy League research university in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Harvard built its extension program to give working adults and nontraditional students the opportunity to earn a Harvard degree. General studies courses at this university, help students to understand the deep relationship of scholarly work to some of the most important aspects of life beyond college. The program combines a liberal arts education with a focused study in one of 20 specialty areas, including business, English, journalism, philosophy, biology, and legal studies. Students pass three online classes for entrance into the program. The university accepts up to 64 transfer credits from approved schools. With the exception of an expository writing course, students can customize their degree entirely.

Founded In: 1636
Ranking: 2nd
Tuition Approximately: $67,580
Contact Information: 617-495-2563
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Brigham Young University-Idaho

The Brigham Young University–Idaho is a private university located in Rexburg, Idaho. At this university, General Studies is designed to help students improve their study skills, time management, retention, note taking techniques, textbook study methods, test-taking strategies, and critical thinking skills. Brigham Young University provides its students with a learning environment where they can embrace their faith while receiving a quality education. General Studies includes a college success course designed to help students make a smooth transition from high school to Brigham Young University–Idaho.

Founded In: 1888
Ranking: 3rd
Tuition Approximately: $3,920
Contact Information: (208) 496-1411
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Texas Tech University

The Texas Tech University is a public research university in Lubbock, Texas. Texas Tech University general studies degree online is an interdisciplinary program in which students may design a program to meet their career aspirations or for graduate studies. As an interdisciplinary degree, it is not based on a specific major or minor. A well-designed Bachelor of General Studies degree from this university can help a student prepare to pursue a particular intellectual interest, a professional ambition, or graduate study.

Founded In: 1923
Ranking: 4th
Tuition Approximately:  $6,000
Contact Information: 806.742.2011
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Liberty University

The Liberty University is a private, non-profit Christian research university located in Lynchburg, Virginia, United States. General Education classes through the College of General Studies at Liberty University will help to shape and mold the student’s values, knowledge, and skills. These classes give the student a broad experience right at the start of college. The 120-hour online general studies degree allows students to apply previous academic and work experiences to complete a baccalaureate degree.

Founded In: 1971
Ranking: 5th
Tuition Approximately:  $390 per hour
Contact Information (800) 424-9595
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Regis University

The Regis University is a private, co-educational Roman Catholic, Jesuit university in Denver, Colorado. A Jesuit university in Denver, Regis is one of the best online schools for general studies in the country. The college’s 120-credit program gives students marketable skills that they take into the workplace or into the graduate-level study. Regis’ bachelor of liberal arts does not require distance learners to concentrate or minor in a particular area, students may, however, elect a concentration. Regis University’s Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Arts degree offers a strong, foundational educational experience that integrates knowledge of classic Liberal Arts, emphasizing and strengthening leadership in everyday living.

Founded In: 1877
Ranking: 6th
Tuition Approximately: $49,216
Contact Information: 80221-1099
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California State University-Northridge

The California State University, Northridge is a public university in the Northridge neighborhood of Los Angeles, California, United States, in the San Fernando Valley. The vision of General Education at Cal State Northridge is designed to ensure that all the university students have a broad background in disciplines at the university level in order to appreciate the breadth of human knowledge and the responsibilities of concerned and engaged citizens of the world. Cal State Northridge offers a 60-credit degree-completion program intended for students already in possession of 60 or more credits toward a bachelor’s.

Founded In: 1958
Ranking: 7th
Tuition Approximately: 6,569
Contact Information: (818) 677-2969
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California State University-Long Beach

The California State University, Long Beach is the third largest campus of the 23-school California State University system and one of the largest universities in the state of California by enrollment, its student body numbering 37,776 for the past fall 2017 semester. California State Long Beach offers an online general studies bachelor’s in a hybrid format. The university established its bachelor of arts in liberal arts to meet the needs of working professionals already in possession of undergraduate credits.

Founded In: 1949
Ranking: 8th
Tuition Approximately: $5,472
Contact Information: 562.985.4111
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The University of Illinois at Springfield

The University of Illinois Springfield is a public university based in Springfield, Illinois, United States. The University of Illinois at Springfield hosts an online general education degree steeped in writing. It provides students with a broad knowledge of the wider world as well as in-depth study in a specific area of interest. The University of Illinois Springfield offers all classes asynchronously and assigns advisors who guide participants in the design of a course sequence.

Founded In: 1969
Ranking: 9th
Tuition Approximately: $9,405
Contact Information: 217-206-6600
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The University of Nebraska at Omaha

The University of Nebraska Omaha is a public research university located in Omaha, Nebraska, United States. The online bachelor of general studies at the University of Nebraska Omaha accommodates the needs of busy adults, including transfers and military personnel. These include skills such as the ability to think clearly about complex problems, the ability to analyze a problem to develop workable and creative solutions, and a strong sense of ethics and integrity.  This online general studies degree from this university offers students 50 areas of study from which to choose to satisfy career goals, graduate school interests, or personal aspirations.

Founded In: 1908
Ranking: 10th
Tuition Approximately: $6,592
Contact Information: 402.554.280
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