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Best Online Bookkeeping Courses UK

One of the most important parts of applying the knowledge obtained in the commerce sector of education is Bookkeeping. In simple words, bookkeeping is the record of all the financial transactions of an organization or a business. Throughout the years, the art of bookkeeping has been evolving. A person who handles all things regarding bookkeeping is called the bookkeeper. In the olden days, the bookkeeper used to have a huge ledger in which all the records were neatly and systematically written down and preserved. This kind of became a risk as paper could be easily destroyed intentionally or unintentionally.

Thus, it used to be a tedious task to preserve the ledger. In modern times, bookkeeping has shifted to digital mediums. Storage is done in the cloud which is then secured with a password. This way keeps the data safe and preserved. However, some organizations still believe in the old-school methods of bookkeeping and still practice those. Bookkeeping gives a financial statement that consists of the income statement, the balance sheet, the cash flow statement, and the statement of changes in equity. Here are a few of the benefits of bookkeeping:

  • Detailed Recording
  • Always Compliant with the Law
  • It is easier to plan
  • Instant reporting
  • Better relations with banks and investors
  • Better tax Prediction
  • Faster business response time

There is a great demand for bookkeepers in the bookkeeping sector in the UK as every year there are a greater number of businesses and ventures growing with rapid growth in the IT and telecommunications sector as well. This is precisely why people opt to practice bookkeeping courses in the UK. Most of them go for the online courses that are offered by various UK-based resources which provide you with a globally recognized certificate. But bookkeeping is a career for the ones who are really interested in the concept. For the ones who are undecided about their future, they might find this course probably more challenging than others. A lot of online courses are pursued by people in recent times as the pandemic leaves people no choice other than to study from their respective homes.

Here are a few online courses and UK based certifications for bookkeeping aspirants:

1. AAT Bookkeeping Level 1 and 2 (Open Study College)

Open study college is an A-level distance learning college in the United Kingdom providing quality education courses for students in various fields. The AAT bookkeeping level 1 and 2 course offered by the college is a unique course for the people who are willing to work in the finance department or have a startup of their own. The course duration is up to 18 months and about 150 hours. The certificate will be awarded after the completion of the course. Tutor-marked tasks need to be completed by an individual before moving on to the next module. The full study material of 18 months will be provided to the person with tutor assistance whenever required. The cost of the course is £799.

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2. Bookkeeping and Payroll Training (KBM Training and Recruitment)

KBM Training and recruitment is the UK’s leading accountancy training provider. Practical aspects of accountancy with modern industrial practices are taught to the learners. A number of accounting software make it really easy for people to understand. Bookkeeper, Assistant Accountant, Credit controller are a few jobs for which people are trained here. The Bookkeeping and Payroll Training program is for people who are new to the accounting sector and are just beginning their careers in this field. The course lasts for 80 hours part-time where there are live classes that are carried out. You get a certificate of completion once you are done with the course. This course costs you £199 but few websites like reed get you the course with a 50% discount for £99.

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3. Bookkeeping: Book keeping – course (CPD Courses)

CPD stands for Continuing professional development which provides distance learning courses for people. There are a lot of training-based courses made available to learners. The bookkeeping course is a complete diploma that is offered to a person which is online and completely self-paced. The total duration is of 450 hours. Once you are done with the course you are endorsed by the Quality Licence Scheme. A bunch of career paths that open up in front of you is Accountant, Accounting Supervisor, Private Accountant, Tax Accountant, etc. This course diploma trains you about aspects in both the private and the public sector. The course initially is for £760 but discounts are available.

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4. Bookkeeping and Financial Accounting (Janets)

Janets is a UK-based online learning platform that provides affordable business-related courses. Few of these courses are self-paced and flexible so that one can complete them on their own terms. This course will allow you to enhance your resume as it is the best course for the lifelong skills to be attained by someone practicing accounting. Upon completion, one gets a free PDF certificate. In the exam conducted at the end of the course, one must attain above 60% marks to pass. It opens up an opportunity to find an ideal job in the finance sector. The total duration of the course is 5 hours roughly while this course costs a total of £319.

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5. Basic Bookkeeping (Janets)

Another one of the courses Janets provides is the basics of bookkeeping course. This is an extremely short course that only lasts for 26 minutes but has its value beyond the money you are paying for it. It is always said that if the basics and the foundation of something are clear to you, the rest of the journey becomes much simpler. And this course does exactly the same thing. This short course familiarizes a person with the absolute basics and the pillars on which bookkeeping is practiced. Both information about manual and automated bookkeeping is taught here. A free e-certificate is given to you once you finish this course. Video lessons, as well as mock tests, makes it a very intriguing experience. The cost of the course is £319.

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6. Bookkeeping for Business Accounting (One Education)

One Education is the best place to attain knowledge and brush up on your professional skills. The majority of the subjects are covered by one education with multiple different courses to choose from. The bookkeeping for Business Accounting course helps you understand the concept of money flow and prepares you to be a valuable asset to a major company. Detailed modules with video lessons and all the study material will be provided to you. You get a PDF certificate for £9 and a hard copy for £15. The duration of the course lasts almost 2 hours. The cost of the course is £430 but there are a lot of amazing discounts to take advantage of.

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7. Bookkeeping and Office Skills (Simply Cert)

Simply cert provides the individual with a training course for business and industry related sector. Bookkeeping and Office Skills is a course for people who want to take their bookkeeping skills a step above the rest. It is important that in today’s digital world, one must be accustomed to using software for different purposes. And this program does exactly that. It takes the basics of bookkeeping and fuses them with technology that is used in the modern world. The duration of the course is around 35 hours and the certificate is awarded by Microsoft. You get 1-year access after you register to complete the course. The course costs £99.

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8. Bookkeeping course (The training room)

The training room is a platform that entirely believes in connecting people to the world of employment by preparing them to face the challenges. This is done by giving them courses that they can pursue at their pace with their interests aligned to it. The bookkeeping course trains you to become a bookkeeper so that you can work for a company of your choice. The course includes aspects of Level 2 Foundation Certificate, Level 3 Advanced Certificate, Cashflow management, and Budgeting. You have to refer to the website in order to know more about how to contact them and how to enroll.

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