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Best OAT Prep Courses

OAT stands for Optometry Admission Test, a very significant test for students who want to become Optometrists. A good OAT score is what makes students eligible for Optometry courses and ensures their admission. A high score in the OAT builds a good reputation and develops high chances of getting admission to the best colleges hassle-free. 

OAT is administered by the Association of Schools and Colleges of Optometry (ASCO) and specially conducted to help educational institutions easily classify which candidate would be best suitable for the course and have a better future in Optometry. The subject areas covered on the test include Survey of Natural Science (Chemistry and Biology), Physics, Reading Comprehension and Quantitative Reasoning. If you, too, are planning your future in Optometry and want to qualify in OAT with a high score, then here are the best online OAT prep courses that will be of great help to you:

1. OAT Test Prep Course by Kaplan

Kaplan is the best online platform for OAT prep, where you can choose between courses and practices. But here, we are going to focus on the courses designed by Kaplan with an aim to provide complete guidance on OAT and subjects included in it. 

The OAT prep courses include 120+ hours of instructions and practices, computer-based practice tests, quizzes, question banks, workshops and much more. These courses by Kaplan are extremely helpful and cover everything that can lead to a high score in OAT. Choose your best fit among various courses and successfully qualify with high scores. 

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2. OAT Prep Free Practice by Kaplan

OAT prep free practices by Kaplan can be of great help other than its courses. The practices are free because Kaplan believes “YOU CAN’T PUT A PRICE ON SUCCESS.” 

These free practices are consciously designed like original Optometric Admission Tests to give you the best experience. These, exactly like the original practices, will help you recognise your strengths and weaknesses and the areas you need to put more emphasis on. These practices will not only give you general ideas of the patterns and topics covered in OAT but also prepare you for the best. So, appreciate this great initiative by Kaplan and utilize its free practices to make OAT easier.

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3. OAT Test Prep by Varsity Tutors

Varsity Tutors is the best online platform where you can find the top-rated OAT prep tutors who provide online and also in-person guidance based on the preference of students. You can get in touch with the best tutors in your country by just sitting at your home and prepare for OAT with no worries. Tutors at Varsity are highly qualified professionals who have earned their degrees from the best universities in the U.S. A tutor of your choice would guide you in the best way to clear your OAT while acquiring high scores, with the help of assessments and daily challenges that would instil confidence.

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4. The Online OAT Practice Test by Gold Standard

From books, guides to online practice tests, The Gold Standard is renowned for its commitment to the world of education and its career guidance to students. Gold Standard covers everything you need to become the highest scorer in OAT. Avail of these online free practices and discover your strengths and weaknesses; with these practices, you get a chance to improve in every subject and gain confidence. 

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5. OAT Test Preparation (ASCO) by ExamEdge

ExamEdge has been a reliable source for students and great support for their academic success. ExamEdge also covers practices for ASCO OAT, focusing mainly on two subjects- Mathematics and Physics. With 30 different exams and 1,200 questions, these practices are carefully designed to help students successfully pass the OAT. 

You can begin with a free online practice test and then purchase the whole sets to gain complete knowledge in mathematics and physics associated with OAT. 

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6. The OAT Prep Course by Princeton Review

The Princeton Review is one of the best online platforms to find informative and helpful courses to easily qualify for OAT and good scores. Courses at Princeton are well designed, efficient, self-paced, targeted and strategic to help students in the best possible way. 

Every course on this website are rich in quality content and largely focus on the requirements of students that help in improving their courses according to the demand every time. To engage with expert teachers and share a wonderful experience that will not only help you get higher scores but also give you an exceptional test experience. 

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7. OAT Practice Test by Test Prep Review (Mometrix)

Test Prep Review has proven to be a useful platform to help prepare for OAT. Test Prep is a resource of Mometrix and has extremely helpful guides to help students pass the test hassle-free. Be it the guides, video tutorials or test practices, everything offered by Mometrix is going to help you prepare and successfully pass the examination.

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8. Free OAT Test Prep Courses Online by Coursesity

The last one on our list is Coursesity, an useful online platform where you will find the various free course of OAT prep collected from various online platforms, including YouTube, Udemy, EdX, Skillshare and much more. Such as the best free prep courses featured on the website are from YouTube that is easily available and accessible for all. These free courses could be of great help to you will you are not willing to purchase the paid ones. These courses featured in Coursesity will prove equally helpful to you for scoring well in OAT. 

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