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Best Nutrition Courses in the World

Nutrition is the study of the interrelationship between the nutrients in the food and the human body. The maintenance of health and well being is mainly influenced by proper nutrition. A nutritionist can professionally and scientifically advise the correct diet plan for any needed individual to ensure the healthy state.  They do it by analyzing the diet that is already followed and suggests the required change in diet and plan if needed.    

Eating properly is the major factor supporting development and improvement keeping away from serious diseases and general wellness for the whole of a life time. The science of nutrition is the study of how a food affects the health of a person. Nutritionists and dietitians are those who work closely with community by regulating the eating habits of people and advising better diet practices for a prolonged living.

Nutritionist is a renowned profession which needs adequate training and certification. The person aspiring to pursue the course has to major in biology or chemistry. The course is considerably tough, so only those who are highly interested in science and related subjects need to opt for the course. The reach of the program on nutrition is wider than any other course, as it regards to the wellbeing of the society. With in-depth knowledge and practice one can make an attractive career in the sector. The chances spread around various areas such as medical, sports, science, research, professional industries of production, and so on.

The job of a nutritionist or a dietician is always in demand and has greater significance in today’s scenario, where everyone are even more concerned with the health related matters and prefer to remain so.  A nutritionist can always hope for maintaining elevated values in protection, hygiene, and managing the quality of the growing multiplicity of food products by the expansion of novel food items, and techniques for processing and distribution. They have a detailed understanding about the physical, chemical and biological constituents of the food, so that preparing and planning of diet would be easier. A nutritionist can seek a career in the following disciplines;

  • Scientist in food product development
  •   Public health nutritionist
  • Specialist in regulatory affairs
  • Nutritional therapist
  • Specialist in food labeling
  • Food safety auditor
  • Consultant in corporate wellness

Being a nutritionist is a responsible career, as they themselves seek a balanced standard of living with regularized eating habits. They can influence others, help them in planning their diet, and maintain an evenhanded body weight, free from illness, and an improved immune system, there by elevating their energy to trim down the chances of chronic diseases.     

The educational requirement of a nutritionist is preferably a graduation in the subject, or related fields. Masters in Nutrition is also recommended. The salary of a nutritionist who is registered to be practitioners, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) of the U.S. Department of Labor, is $62,330.

1. Public Health Nutrition M.Sc. by Coventry University

The master’s degree from an award winning university that too in Public Health helps to attain a state of leading a whole society to a healthy future with enhanced responsibility of the health of humans around. They tend to develop methods to create a state of wellness and to make the community aware of the need.  The institute has organized a specific curriculum which is educating with reference to the industry they are dealing with and utilizes the necessary tools such as a vast and modernized library facility and experienced faculty to ensure the success of the learners. The course fee comes up to £10,400.

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2. BS Dietetics by Arizona State University

Dietitians are health experts who interpret the knowledge and sense of nutrition and food to the commoners. The course leads a learner to cross the initial steps towards a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist. By enrolling and digging into the matter the aspirants reach a step closer to being a professional. Along with the nutrition subjects, classes on management, varied science subjects and communication are also taken into consideration.   The opportunities of acquiring a job can be in a variety of sectors like consultation, education, food and nutrition industry, marketing and sales, schools, hospitals, public health agencies and health care centers. The median salary for a nutritionist can come up to $63,090, and that of a Registered Dietitian can be $30,110. Similarly the income may vary depending on the job profile and the industry.

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3. Nutrition And Dietetics, B.S. by Saint Louis University

The course in the university is unique in the sense, after completion, one can become a Registered Dietitian (RD) or go for being a chef. The course provides an insight on the applications and practical aspects about food in order to uphold wellness and the helps in the prevention of diseases and reduce the chance of disability. They are trained with strong basics and skills to develop better health practices for the society to improve the health and life expectancy of the people. They can be of help to individual as well as group of people to adopt an enhanced lifestyle to keep them away from infirmity and be satisfactory in the daily nutrition requirements. The university has introduced programs like open house, welcome picnics, holiday parties and research presentations which help the students to be closer and friendlier with the colleagues, teachers and the atmosphere. The course opens wide chances of opportunities in rest homes, food service, community and public health settings, research areas, education, and so forth. 

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4. Nutrition And Food Science by Curtin College At Curtin University

The course is an integrated study about food and nutrition facts based on biochemistry and physiology of the food and human body. The program equips the learner to provide advice, and lead them to a well set healthy way to life. The careers that can be pursued;

  • Nutritionist
  • Food scientist
  • Dietitian

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5. Nutrition B.SC by University of Nottingham

The course stresses on how the body processes nutrients and the effect of these on the health of the individual. It also emphasizes on the ill effects on bad eating habits which can lead to serious issues such as heart disorders, cancer and obesity. The course is accredited by the Association for Nutrition. The recent research on the universal hurdles of nutrition is analyzed and combines with nutritional aspects of biochemistry, physiology and its practical application. The learner gets to know the importance of the relationship between the food opted for and the way of eating it. More complex topics on human nutrition and nutrient-gene interaction are also considered in the course.

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6. Master Of Nutrition And Dietetics by University of Sydney

The program which is accredited by the Dietitians Association of Australia (DAA) is a highly promising course with vivid opportunities to become a registered practitioner or a nutrition researcher. The course can be completed within a span of 2 years, taking into consideration the topics such as human biochemistry and physiology, role played by various nutrients and their effect on the body. The university is flourished with expert faculty and researchers who are well-versed in the subject. The method of teaching is purely based on the research activities carried out the field. The course develops the learner professionally and academically making them well fit either for a career or for continuing education in the discipline.

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7. Nutrition Science by Monash University

The program goes into detail regarding the nutrition followed in a whole of a lifetime, the society and food, and the impact of food on health and ways to control diseases. The course also comprehensively touches the areas such as intake of food, nutrition of the public, sports nutrition, and science of exercising, composition of body, hunger and state of sufficiency. Theoretical and practical expertise on industrial kitchen, sleep lab and body composition suite along with the regulatory affairs of food labeling are also the highlights of the program.

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8. Bachelor of Exercise and Nutrition Sciences by the University of Queensland

The course takes a unified effort to deliver the basics of nutrition accompanied with strong understanding of the human bodily activities, and the effect of exercise on them. The learners will be equipped to help the needy in planning their diet, exercise scheduling and ultimately keeping them astray from serious ailments. The course of study gives the opportunity to; learn from health educators and experts from the sector, customize the program according to the interest of the learner, gain real-time experience in exercise performance testing, learn the impacts of food on the performance during sports and above all the science and nutrition.

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9. Nutrition And Food Service Management by Centennial College

The course is programmed for a duration of two years, which is highly recognized around the globe with laurels in the field of Student Satisfaction, Quality of Learning Experience, and many more and is famous for enhancing the learners to become outstanding in the health care industry. The program coordinates the administrative level of the food service with health care sector to improve health of the society. Major topics in the area are;

  • Nutrition
  • Food service
  • Safety and Sanitation
  • Accounting
  • Human resource, Financial management
  • Menu Planning
  • Menu Designing
  • Medical Nutrition Therapy

The Canadian Society of Nutrition Management (CSNM) has accredited the program, and the completion will make the learner compatible to work in any area of work.

The course ensures the following;

  • Understanding of the properties of food
  • Able to create menus, dietary and nutritional needs based on client’s interest
  • Complying with regulations and policies, safety and sanitation, quality assurance and client satisfaction
  • Ability to work in a team with professional ethics and conduct

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10. Master Of Nutrition And Dietetics by University of Canberra

The course puts forward the tools and techniques required for the maintenance of the health and nutrition of the aging population of the community. The course makes use of the pre-existing knowledge about nutrition and makes the learner to come up with a research project based on the topic with complete support from the subject experts, specialists and industrialists of the arena. Based on the research topic, placements will be made in hospitals and community centers for a unique frontline experience with professionals. The course along with internship that is provided by the university gives them a control over the path of their career.

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11. Bachelor of Nutrition Science by University of Wollongong

The course provides a strong foundation on nutritional science, food chemistry, nutritional epidemiology, public health nutrition and physiology, metabolism, biochemistry and research in nutrition. The study is to focus the application to the society. This is enabled by working with industries and organizations in order to create improved standards and policies of nutrition, by taking up research and also cooperating with health communities. The detailed study of enzymatic reactions on nutrients in food is also taught. The career options can be at hospitals, research and food services.

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