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Best Nursing Schools in California for Undergraduate

With only 657 registered nurses for every 100,000 people, California has one of the worst patient-nurse ratios in the United States. It is devastating to know that the healthcare industry is in dire need of nurses. In affluent areas like the Bay area and Los Angeles, there’s something of a nursing glut, which may make it difficult for newly licensed RNs to gain a toehold. So if you are planning to study nursing for your profession in California, you are going to be treated as a God, and moreover, the pay is also excellent.

But how do find out the best nursing school? There are tons of nursing schools in California, but you have come to the right place to find out the right one. In this article, I have handpicked the best ten nursing schools which will give you excellent nursing coaching. Fun fact, California’s nursing unions are powerful, which makes the Californian nurses get the highest salaries in the whole nation in the nursing community. So Without further adieu, let us get down to business.

1. School of Nursing & Health Professions – University of San Francisco

One of the finest universities in San Francisco, a Jesuit institution of higher learning- the University of San Francisco is a fantastic place to do your nursing degree. The nearby St Mary hospital is considered to be the largest hospital in the state. Nurses from that hospital join this Uni to get their bachelor degree.

One of the highlights of studying at this university is they give a convenient approach towards learning. Nursing students must complete 1,40,00 hours of training in various institutions like trauma centres, acute care hospitals, ambulatory care clinics and other community healthcare agencies.

Founded In: 1899
Tuition:  $71,089 (before aid)
SAT Avg. : 1130
ACT Avg. : 28
Acceptance Rate: 64%
GPA:  3.64
Rank: #1
Contact: +1 415-422-5555
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2. School of Nursing – California State University, Long Beach

Ranked as the third-best public university in the west, California State University is a fantastic university with a lovely campus. A new 10,600-square-foot nursing building contains classrooms, teaching labs and a computer lab for nursing students.

The university is highly diversified and will provide you with a great campus life experience with less stress on education. The school’s faculty team are professionals in the healthcare industry and will take care of you immensely throughout your career.

Founded In: 1902
Tuition:  $25,258 (before aid)
SAT Avg.: 800
ACT Avg.: 17
Acceptance Rate: 39%
GPA:  3.1
Rank: #2
Contact: +1 562-985-4111
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3. School of Nursing – San Diego State University

The nursing campus of San Diego State University is considered one of the most profound and significant institutions for nursing all over California. They have excellent infrastructures and labs to teach the nursing students the right pathway for their careers.

The university is filled with amicable equipment with the current trend in the healthcare industry, such as Media Lab, a Nursing Fundamentals Skills Lab, a Health Assessment Lab and the Sharp Healthcare Human Patient Simulation Lab. This university is highly recommended.

Founded In: 1897
Tuition: $30,522 (before aid)
SAT Avg. : 1110
ACT Avg. :29
Acceptance Rate: 34%
GPA:  2.9
Rank: #3
Contact: +1 619-594-5200
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4. School of Nursing – Azusa Pacific University, Azusa

Azusa Pacific University is considered one of the finest Christian universities that offer a first-class nursing program. Right from 1899, the college has been providing grades with A education to Californian citizens and all the students across the globe.

It is also considered one of the most significant places to get into as they provide excellent job assistance and internship opportunities to students to get into the business. Students will learn from clinical assessment and practice bedside essentials such as wound care, injections, and starting IVs in practical labs.

Founded In: 1900
Tuition:  $56,826 (before aid)
SAT Avg. : 1051
ACT Avg. : 25
Acceptance Rate: 67 %
GPA:  3.0
Rank: #4
Contact: +1 626-969-3434
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5. School of Nursing – University of California, Los Angeles

University of California, Los Angeles should have been the first university on the list. Still, due to the acceptance rate and the affordability, I have suggested it in the third place. Nevertheless, It is one of the few nursing schools in California that consistently ranks among the top 20 nursing colleges in the country.

The nursing program students will be mandated to do an 8-week summer research program, which will help them get a broad perspective of the nursing market and get mentorship from industrial experts. The Louis and Doris Factor Health Sciences is a fantastic place to learn to nurse.

Founded In: 1882
Tuition: $35,793 (before aid)
SAT Avg. : 1290
ACT Avg. : 30
Acceptance Rate: 12%
GPA:  3.9
Rank: #5
Contact: +1 310-825-4321
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6. West Coast University

Located in North Hollywood, West Coast University is considered to be one of the finest universities that offer nursing science. If you like to complete your education within a short span of time, this is the right university for you. you can complete the program within 39 months.

It is also pertinent to note that. In 2018, this nursing school was named the best school for men in nursing by the American Association for Men in Nursing. So if you choose this university to do your nursing degree, there is huge credibility for your future.

Founded In: 1900
Tuition:  $6051,6 (before aid)
SAT Avg. : 1200
ACT Avg. : 26
Acceptance Rate: 83%
GPA:  3.2
Rank: # 6
Contact: +1 818-299-5500
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7. UCI Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing

The University of California puts more emphasis on nursing school as they have a separate school for that. They understand how much the California healthcare industry is in need of qualified nurses. The Sue & Bill School of Nursing is a fantastic plane with a lot of new advanced infrastructure.

Like any other university, this school also primarily focuses on providing a completely holistic approach to learning. They focus on hands-on experiences. Clinical rotations begin in the spring quarter of the junior year, and more than half of them take place at the UCI Medical Center.

Founded In: 1868
Tuition:  $39,376 (before aid)
SAT Avg. : 1330
ACT Avg. : 29
Acceptance Rate: 16%
GPA:  3.64
Rank: #7
Contact: +1 510-642-6000
Financial Aid: N/A

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8. School of Nursing – California State University, San Marcos

The San Marcos branch of California State University is yet another top-rated nursing school with fantastic faculties who have renowned experience in the healthcare industry. Cal State San Marcos began a two-year nursing program in 2006 as there is a huge shortage of nurses in the regions of North Country and many places in Los Angeles.

The nursing school also operates a satellite campus in nearby Temecula. So if you are at the riverside of the country you can always opt for this branch. They provide a rigorous curriculum that focuses on giving new trends for the students.

Founded In: 1989
Tuition:  $25,925 (before aid)
SAT Avg.: 960
ACT Avg.: 19
Acceptance Rate: 62 %
GPA:  2.9
Rank: #8
Contact: +1 760-750-4000
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9. National University, San Diego

National University located in San Diego is one of the finest places to do your nursing degree. The School of Health and Human Services campus is located in Kearny Mesa. They have a fantastic campus with beautiful scenery all around. So I would highly recommend this place.

A patient-centric approach towards learning the nuances of the nursing industry is first class in this university. The only disadvantage is the university lacks trained and experienced faculty members. Nevertheless, it is a fantastic university to do your nursing degree.

Founded In: 1971
Tuition: N/A
SAT Avg. : 1200
ACT Avg. : 21
Acceptance Rate: 89%
GPA:  3.2
Rank: #9
Contact: +1 800-628-8648
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10. College of Nursing – Samuel Merritt University, Oakland

The Samuel Merritt School of Nursing was one of the last nursing schools in California to switch from a three-year diploma program to a four-year baccalaureate program. Even Though it is a new school they have new technologically advanced labs for nursing.

Since the school is new, the credibility of the nursing degree in this university is a bit low. Nevertheless, Students perfect their clinical skills at the 5,500-square-foot Health Sciences Simulation Center which gives a complete hospital experience for the nurses.

Founded In: 1912
Tuition:  N/A
SAT Avg.: 900
ACT Avg.: 21
Acceptance Rate: 87%
GPA: 2.5
Rank: #10
Contact: +1 800-607-6377
Financial Aid: Below are some of the best funding programs,

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