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Best Nursing Colleges in California

Nurses have it tough with the number of casualties and deaths they witness daily. They hold another human being’s life in their hands. So it is evident that anyone would want to go to the college with the best nursing program that develops top surgeons and doctors of tomorrow.

And today, we are going to list down the best nursing colleges in California. The list we have compiled is based on the college’s alumni, graduation rate, faculty, infrastructure, and more to bring you top-notch colleges.

I hope you enjoy reading the rest of the article while also gathering some valuable information.

University of California-Los Angeles

Offering five nursing degrees at the bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral levels, UCLA’s School of Nursing reports that graduates achieve high pass rates on examinations. UCLA comes at ninth in nursing research, according to the National Institutes of Health. UCLA has a top-notch biomedical library, a Center for American Indian/Indigenous Research, a Center for Vulnerable Populations Research, and an Education Center for the Advancement of Gerontological Nursing Science.

Founded In: 1882
Tuition: $35,793
Acceptance Rate: 12%
GPA: 3.9
Rank: 1
Contact: +1 310-825-4321
Financial Aid: University Student Aid Program Funds (need-based)

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University of California-Irvine

UCI’s Sue & Bill Gross School of Nursing is regarded as one of the top nursing schools in California that offers a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN), a master of science in nursing (MSN), and a master’s-entry program in nursing for second-degree students (MEPN).

All administrators, researchers, teachers, and practitioners, are quite helpful to students. The programs offered at Irvine focus on research-based practice, leadership, and health advocacy. The MEPN is known to be one of the best-accelerated nursing programs that serve candidates with bachelor’s degrees in another discipline and reduces master’s degree graduation timelines. The University qualifies graduates with leadership, advocacy, and advanced practice roles.

Founded In: 1882
Tuition: $35,363
Acceptance Rate: 27%
GPA: 3.89
Rank: 2
Contact: +1 949-824-5011
Financial Aid: UCI Scholarship

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California State University-Fullerton

California State University focuses on training nurses to provide the utmost healthcare to diverse populations. CSUF’s School of Nursing core values is growth, compassion, interconnectedness, and excellence. CSUF offers 15 bachelor’s, master’s, and doctoral nursing programs to its students. Bachelors in Nursing (BSN) and an associate degree in nursing are entry-level programs. CSUF also offers Campus-based, distance, and jump-start options. The school’s nursing program features leadership, nurse educator, school nursing, women’s healthcare, and a credential option school nurse services credential option.

Founded In: 1957
Tuition: $28,043
Acceptance Rate: 53%
GPA: 3.68
Rank: 3
Contact: +1 657-278-2011
Financial Aid: DREAM Act Application

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California State University-Long Beach

The Long Beach division of California State University is dedicated to student-centred learning, diversity, and internationalism. CSULB’s School of Nursing offers a bachelor’s in nursing (BSN), master’s in nursing (MSN), and doctor of nursing practise (DNP) for students with different educational backgrounds. Graduates get to work as clinical nurse specialists, nursing practitioners, nurse educators, and public health nursing administrators.

The school’s master’s program offers graduates knowledge for careers in family nursing, pediatric nursing, and psychiatric nursing as advanced practice nurses or nurse practitioners. CSULB has a Nursing and Healthcare Systems Executive Management Program.

Tuition: $25,258
Acceptance Rate: 39%
GPA: 3.56
Rank: 4
Contact: +1 562-985-4111
Financial Aid: Summer Session Financial Aid

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San Diego State University

SDS U’s School of Nursing has been preparing students for careers in nursing care since 1957. The school’s programs emphasize professional practice, academic rigour, and mutually beneficial community partnerships.

SDSU offers bachelors in nursing (BSN) programs to incoming newcomers, transfer students, and registered nurses. Spending two weeks in another country, all BSN candidates participate in an international experience. SDSU also offers a master’s in nursing (MSN) program for students seeking leadership, teaching, or research careers. The MSN features two main options to concentrate your course on the elderly and nursing leadership in healthcare systems or advanced practice nursing of adults.

Founded In: 1897
Tuition: $30,522
Acceptance Rate: 34%
GPA: 3.6
Rank: 5
Contact: +1 619-594-5200
Financial Aid: SDSU Aztec Scholarships

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California State University-Chico

Chico State’s School of Nursing offers a bachelor’s in nursing (BSN) program for serving or aspiring registered nurses. Chico State’s BSN comprises 120 total credits. Interested applicants must complete the Test of Essential Academic Skills and demonstrate a cumulative 3.0 GPA or higher in four science and four foundation area prerequisite courses.

Founded In: 1887
Tuition: $25,994
Acceptance Rate: 72%
GPA: 3.41
Rank: 6
Contact: +1 530-898-4636
Financial Aid: Wildcat Scholarship

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California State University-San Bernardino

California State University-San Bernardino offers a bachelor of science in nursing (BSN), an RN-to-BSN program, and a master’s in nursing (MSN). Students can participate in work-study programs at nearby hospitals, community service opportunities, and CSUSB’s student nursing organization.

The school’s program prepares students for California’s RN licensure examination.  The hybrid MSN program offers online and in-person sessions. Students can then have careers as administrators, researchers, or nursing educators. Concentration choices include population health for clinical nurse leaders, advanced community health nursing, and nursing education.

Founded In: 1965
Tuition: $24,860
Acceptance Rate: 69%
GPA: 2.50
Rank: 7
Contact: +1 909-537-5000
Financial Aid: DREAM Act application

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California State University-Fresno

Fresno’s College of Health and Human Services School of Nursing offers a bachelor’s in nursing (BSN), master’s in nursing (MSN), school nursing credential and doctor of nursing practice (DNP). Students participate in clinical placements at nearby facilities, including San Joaquin Gardens, Valley Children’s Hospital, and Community Hospitals of Central California. Applicants need a 3.0 minimum GPA and a minimum score of 75% on the Test of Essential Academic Skills. Fresno State prepares graduates for careers as primary care/nurse practitioners in the healthcare industry. The DNP program at Fresno State cultivates competency in nursing teaching and leadership.

Founded In: 1882
Tuition: $27,716
Acceptance Rate: 58%
GPA: 2.50
Rank: 8
Contact: +1 559-278-4240
Financial Aid: Fresno State Scholarship

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San Jose State University

SJSU offers both undergraduate and graduates nursing programs for aspiring nurses. The school’s bachelors in nursing (BSN) program prepares students for registered nurse (RN) licensure. BSN students at SJSU acquire knowledge and skills in gerontology, mental health, paediatrics, and community health nursing. The school also offers pathways for licensed vocational nurses and RNs seeking bachelor’s degrees. SJSU’s master in nursing program (MSN) features both the family nurse practitioner track and nurse educator.

Founded In: 1857
Tuition: $30,065
Acceptance Rate: 64%
GPA: 3.52
Rank: 9
Contact: +1 408-924-1000
Financial Aid: SJSU campus scholarships

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University of San Francisco

University of San Francisco’s School of Nursing and Health Professions offers both undergraduate and graduate nursing programs. USF offers a bachelor’s in nursing (BSN), master’s in nursing (MSN), and doctor of nursing practise (DNP) as well.

USF offers a hands-on program that emphasizes clinical skills development. USF’s MSN program is for registered nurses who are looking for salary advancement in other fields. The DNP program installs leadership into students for careers as a family nurse practitioner or a psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner.

Founded In: 1855
Tuition: $71,092
Acceptance Rate: 64%
GPA: 3.54
Rank: 10
Contact: +1 415-422-5555
Financial Aid: USF Grants and Scholarships

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