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Best Non-Executive Director Courses

Who is a Non-executive director? Well, to put it in simple words; a non-executive director is a member of the board of directors of the company who doesn’t have to be responsible for the operations of the company. He just pitches in ideas and shares the profits and losses. However, it is not a piece of cake like how it sounds in the writing. Non-executive directors face the same legal responsibilities and liabilities as of the executive directors. Nevertheless, they are involved in the planning and framing of company policies.

To become a non-executive director of a company, one’s qualifications are not in question yet having a non-executive directorship certificate will increase your scope and future business opportunities. It is necessary to know the roles and responsibilities of a non-executive director before jumping into the ocean. Moreover, the network of external contacts provided by non-executive directors is valuable to companies. I have curated the top non-executive programs offered online by profound online platforms and universities. So what are we waiting for? Let us dive right in!

1. Non-Executive Director training by NEDonBoard

Non-Executive Director Training will elevate your impact in the boardroom and will help you safeguard your reputation in the years to come. The training program offered by NedonBoard will provide the right tools, guidance, and strategies to become a top non-executive member. The course offers 28 videos and over 6 hours of insightful content delivered by board members and experts in a NED role.

Access topical and relevant information from the NED community which will give you great expertise. If you are looking for an ideal professional development resource for self-starters seeking to remain one step ahead, this is the tailored course for you. This course is highly recommended. It is relatively economical.

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2. Non-Executive Directorship For Beginners

Offered in Udemy, Non-Executive Directorship for Beginners is a comprehensive course that will teach you to build a lucrative and rewarding portfolio career as a Non-Executive Director. The course is short and crisp with just 29lectures divided into 9 sections

It is a 4.5hour self-paced program curated by Adrian Knight, a top business entrepreneur and a renowned instructor from Udemy. The highlight of the course is it will help you prepare for the interviews by letting us know the inside track on how companies recruit Non-Executive Directors.

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3. NED Training and Certification by-Executive Directors’ Association

Offered by Non-Executive Directors’ Association, this course is offered online throughout the world. The next allotment of the course starts on 10sept of this year. The present course is offered by ICAEW in association with NEDA which increases the credibility of this course.

This course gives a wider perspective on the roles and responsibilities of a non-executive director and helps you explore aspects of corporate culture and director attributes. This course is highly recommended. Presently, this course is shifted to virtual classroom sessions. Hence apply now.

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3. FT Non-Executive Director Diploma by Credly

FT Non-Executive Director Diploma is a comprehensive Pearson SRF BTEC Level 7 Advanced Professional Diploma which teaches the skills required for being a top-notch non-executive director. The program is designed by Finance Times.

The highlight of the course is, it is not another course from Udemy or Coursera. The course is formally accredited and it is a postgraduate level qualification for aspiring non-executive directors. The cost of the course is 5,500 pounds excluding the VAT. The course is instructed by the industry’s top workshop directors and presenters.

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4. NED Certificate by CIPFA

The Chartered Institute of Public Finance and Accountancy is a top-notch platform offering a wide range of services across the globe. The standard member price for the course is 750 pounds, but if you become a member of the CIPFA, the cost of the course is just 500 pounds. There are several benefits after taking this course.

The courses focus on the principles of corporate governance the non-executive directors have to uphold. This course is for newly appointed NEDs, aspiring NEDs, and even board advisors.  The duration of the course will take 3 days to complete. There are separate two days of reading and preparation for the online assessment.

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5. Role of the Non-Executive Director by Institute of Directors (IOD)

The role of the non-executive director is a comprehensive course offered by the Institute Of Directors. The course is not just a lecture-based curriculum but is a practical strategy to build your network, raise your profile to secure an appointment, and add value in the boardroom.

The course is instructed by the NEDs and also learns about the latest interview tips from top industry head-hunters. The course is highly recommended for beginners as well as newly joined non-executive directors.

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6. Non-Executive Directors’ Programme by Chartered Governance Institute

The Chartered Governance Institute is one of the finest institutes located in the UK and Ireland. This course has allowed all the people across the globe to learn about the nuances of the non-executive director’s role and responsibilities.

This is a practical program that covers all the modern-day non-executive roles. The next batch starts in October 2021and it is highly recommended. The greatest benefit of picking this course is it offers 6 months complimentary professional subscription to The Chartered Governance Institute UK & Ireland as well as 6 hours credit towards your Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

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7. International Directors programme by INSEAD

The International Directors Programme is now offered in a blended format, giving you the flexibility to learn virtually from anywhere in the world. In this comprehensive course, you will not only learn about the roles of non-executive directors but also an overall understanding of the board effectiveness and dynamics; board decision-making and oversight; and director effectiveness and development.

But this particular course is not for beginner-level students. The course requires a prior experience of at least one year of experience sitting on a board to receive the accredited INSEAD Certificate in Corporate Governance.

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8. Non-executive Program Board Direction

At just $999, you will receive a one-on-one comprehensive training program with the industry specialist, David. The course will guarantee a board appointment for you. David Schwarz is Australia’s leading board recruitment expert.

The course will give you exactly what the board expects and not curriculums and modules which you can study with a single google search. The highlight of the course is it comes with a guaranteed board appointment.

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