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Best NJ Defensive Driving Course Online

The word defensive driving can be rather confusing, as there is constant confusion regarding the actual need for it. The requirement for such a course is to protect the self, the passengers, and the vehicle from sudden hit or road mishap occurring due to the mistake from the side of the driver. In order to surpass the errors in driving, one must be well aware of the idea behind defensive driving. The course gives an insight into the techniques and methods to prevent a collision.

Safety is not only the major motive behind taking the self-defensive course. There are others too;

  • The driving record is kept clean by removing two points from it, so that the driver can be away from punishments and thereby improve the insurance rates.
  • A preferable discount of 5-10% for auto insurance policyholder in New Jersey can be availed for those who have completed the defensive driving course.
  • The most important one being, the transformation into an excellent driver

There are several reasons for everybody to take the course, as it might be insurance reduction for some, whereas reduction of penalty for others, any which way the course is better to be taken by all who are ready go behind the wheels.

The ease of doing and completing the course in New Jersey is one of the major attractions for the course. And once it is done, the learner might have become a better and cautious driver. 

The following points are considered in the course;

  • Attitude and emotions of the driver
  • Safety of the passers-by, be it a pedestrian or a cyclist
  • Distractions
  • Use of alcohol and its effect by law
  • Unexpected weather conditions
  • Road accidents and emergencies
  • Traffic signals
  • Collision prevention
  • Driver’s license in New Jersey

There are online courses too, as they have become the need of the time;

1. Safe Motorist’s New Jersey Online Defensive Driving Course

The course is completely online and can be completed in 6 hours. It is officially accepted by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission (MVC). This course ensures reduction of insurance and also lets alone the point penalties and thereby save the money on auto insurance. It also reduces 2 points from the driving record and helps in around 10% savings in the insurance premiums for about 3 years.  Moreover, once after the course, the driver will turn out to be more responsible on the road.

Since the classes are online, they can be taken from wherever location possible, the only thing is the requirement of an internet facility. There no problem in stopping for a break, and still can start from where it has been stopped. There are no age restrictions for the course, so it is feasible for anyone who needs to improve their driving. The certificate is generated automatically after the course and is delivered free of cost. The candidate can take up to three trials to pass the 20- question final exam.

There are four modules to be completed, and the learner should be able to manage 80%in every module;

  • Traffic crash issues
  • Human factors
  • Man, machine and environment
  • Traffic laws in New Jersey

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2. New Jersey Defensive Driving Course

The course is organized by an ex-official at the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. The course is provided online and works extremely well with those who are in need.  The course providers have been identified as the best in business with excellent instructors and full-time support facilities. The company was awarded the Silver Plaque for its contributions behind the wheel.

The course is approved by the New Jersey MVC, and it helps to remove 2 points from the driving record, ensures an insurance discount of 5% for three years, and a comfortable way of learning.  

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3. Defensive Driving Course New Jersey (NJ)

The course in defensive driving is 100% online and can be completed at the ease of your location. The duration can be decided upon by the learner according to the availability; the course can be assessed at any time and is sure to improve the experience in driving.

The course is approved by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, can have a reduced 10% of auto insurance, a 2 point reduction in the driving record, and a constant supporting team. The certificate will be made available instantly once after the successful completion.

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4. New Jersey Defensive Driving Course

The course is an easy to access, supportive one approved by the New Jersey MVC, which is a convenient one as it is delivered online. The course removes 2 points from the driving record and ensures a significant insurance discount. The exam can also be completed online, and the completion process is absolutely free. The fee charged comes around $19.95.

The class is divided into 8 lessons and is administered in an interesting pattern using animations and videos lessons, all based on how to drive effectively and defensively and also to know about the traffic rules and regulations. The final exam has to be completed successfully to generate a certificate of completion. The course is comparatively simpler and the company provides exemplary support at every stage, and it comes at a manageable course fee.

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5. Defensive Driving Course

The course is absolutely online, available without age limitations, provided by the Safety Council of America, eligible for insurance reduction for 3 years, and approved by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission. The course fee is around $12. The program provides materials to study that will be made available on the computer, and which are available at any time of the day. Once the course is completed successfully, the certificate is generated automatically.

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6. New Jersey Defensive Driving Course

The course by ‘drive safe today’, is approved by the New Jersey MVC, and ensures the reduction of 2 points from the driving record, and can earn around 10% discount in the car insurance fee.  The course fee rounds about $19.95. The course is online with study materials made available through textual, video, and audio modes. The course providers are of local constraints and can complete the course in 6 hours’ time. They are available 24 hours a day for the whole of the week. The examination too can be handled online and the certificate can be freely downloaded after completion.

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7. New Jersey Defensive Driving

The course is approved by the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission, and eligible to get a 10% discount in the auto insurance and a reduction of 2 points in the driving record.  The course also helps the learner to become more used to the rules and laws to followed and remembered when on the road. It also stresses the techniques of defensive driving and how to ensure safety.

The course fee is $4900 for the defensive driving training. They also provide special training for the elderly above 50 years of age, and can avail all the benefits of reduction in points from the driving record, and also a discount n the automobile insurance, the similar to others with the certificate. The course fee is $1995.

The provider being the American Safety Council, their kind of teaching would be outstanding in every aspect of the course.  It helps to make life far easier and safer.

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8. Defensive Driving Course

The course is the shortest of all the self-defensive courses available. It is approved by the New Jersey MVC, with an allowance in 2 point reduction in the driving record, a completely online course, and delivered with a tint of wit and humor. The courses are sent in the form of videos that are interesting, educating, and enjoyable. It can help in the reduction of 10% from the auto insurance premium and the ease of taking the course makes it more acceptable. It can be logged in and out at any time based on convenience. The duration period is 6 hours.

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9. New Jersey Defensive Driving Course NTSI

The course is a state-approved one, which is easier to complete and delivered online. The study materials are highly appealing and it touches the skills to drive safely and the updated rules and regulations to be followed on the road and highways.

Since the course is completely online, it doesn’t take off the time from the busy schedules and can be taken at ease and comfort of any preferable location.

The course ensures a discount on auto insurance, reduction of points on the driving record, and satisfies an order from the court. The course fee is about $24.95.

 The course fulfills certain other attributes of driving too;

  • Understand the correct attitude towards driving
  • The ideas to prevent hit
  • Concepts of a defensive driving
  • Clear recognition of the learner’s present way of driving and identification of the areas which need alteration for the betterment.
  • Realization of the effects of rash behavior on the road and the ways to overcome it.

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10. NJ Online Driving Course – Drivers Club

The course provided by the ‘drivers club, is accepted by almost all insurance carriers and ensures the reduction of points from the driving record. Certificate after course completion is made available in 30 minutes. It has been voted as the best defensive driving school as has approval from the New Jersey Motor Vehicle Commission. It helps to reduce the discount on insurance up to 5-10%.

The number of lessons included is 10 chapters and provided as an online course for 24 hours a day all throughout the week. It is estimated to be a 6-hour course, with a fee of $19.95.

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