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Best NGINX Courses

If we are talking about NGINX, it cannot be succumbed only to web development. NGINX offers a wide range of services. It is one of the main reasons why all the websites today have decent high-performance scalability. You will be surprised to know that companies like Airbnb, Box, Dropbox, Netflix, Tumblr, and even use NGINX for scalability and performance reasons. It was initially founded by Igor System, a Russian engineer in the year 2002. Since then it has emerged in this internet world.

In this article, I have mentioned 10 courses that are top-rated which helps you to become a pro with NGINX. It is better than Apache because NGINX is a high‑performance, highly scalable, highly available web server, reverse proxy server, and a top-class web accelerator.

1. Create a VM with Vagrant – Free NGINX Course (LinkedIn Learning)

LinkedIn Learning is one of the most top educational platforms on the internet. The highlight of this course is the performance architecture with the open-source, industry-standard web server. It is a 2 Hour self-paced program that has more than 15000 students.

You can pick this course for free since the platform offers a one-month free trial. This is completely a basic course that will teach you how to install and configure NGINX on a Linux machine. This course is highly recommended if you just want to know what this concept is all about.

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2. NGINX and PHP Fundamentals (Pluralsight)

The Pluralsight NGINX and PHP Fundamentals is a top-rated course that helps you get a wider perspective on the two biggest platforms on the web- Nginx and PHP. Nginx is the fastest-growing HTTP server on the internet.

With this comprehensive course, you will learn how to build websites in PHP that interact with the user, and integrate with cloud services like Windows Azure and Amazon AWS. They also give a cost comparison to both the servers for us to choose the best one. It is completely based on a practical approach.

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3. Nginx Tutorials and Courses by

These Nginx Tutorials and Courses offered by are considered to be the most voted course by the programming online community. The highlight of picking a course from is that they have a vibrant community with whom you can discuss and interact with the Nginx.

Some of the courses are affiliated with Udemy instructors but they even provide their exclusive content. Choose this platform to get a step-by-step approach and learn how to install & configure an Nginx web server from scratch.

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4. NGINX Training by NGINX, Inc

This course is personally recommended since the course is offered by the official Nginx website itself. The instructor-led course is a one on one course that will help you learn the course with private group training. If you are a lazy person who does not like comprehensive courses, this is the course for you.

You will also gain the f5 training portfolio along with the Nginx training. All courses include labs with pre‑configured training environments. The NGINX Core is an 8hour course that will help you implement NGINX as a web server, load balancer, and reverse proxy. The course is available at 1000 dollars and if you want to opt for on-demand classes, the cost is just 800dollars.

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5.NGINX Fundamentals: High-Performance Servers from Scratch by Udemy

The NGINX Fundamentals: High-Performance Servers from Scratch is exclusively offered by the Udemy platform. It is the best-selling course on the NGINX platform. It is a 4hour on-demand course that is completely based on a practical approach.

The course covers the fundamentals of NGINX server and then teaches how to connect it to a PHP backend and configure some of NGINX’s best features, such as Gzipping and GeoIP. However, this comprehensive course does not cover hosting/networking concepts.

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6. The Perfect Nginx Server – Ubuntu Edition by Udemy

Updated recently in April 2021, this course is that designed for beginners who want to set up Multiple Blazingly Fast WordPress Sites Using Nginx and Ubuntu 20.04.

The 10hour course gives a deep understanding of the Setup, from scratch, a secured, hardened, and optimized Virtual Private Server. Nicknamed as Linux Guru, Andrew Eaton is a top-class instructor of Udemy who has a great reputation for his extraordinary classes.

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7. The Perfect NGINX Server – CentOS Edition by Udemy

The Perfect NGINX Server – CentOS Edition is an absolute beginner course that gives you a step-by-step approach in their 10hour video content. By Using NGINX, you will learn to host and serve multiple WordPress sites on a single CentOS-based server.

The course is divided into 21 sections with 101 lectures. The CentOS-based NGINX server is fully covered in this comprehensive program. It also covers everything from initial server configuration to installing NGINX, MariaDB, and php7.4.

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8. Nginx 2021- Beginner to Advanced on Udemy

The course is instructed by Zeal Vora, a premium certified instructor on Udemy. With more than 16+ courses and 192,000+ students, he is one of the leading instructors in the field of Cloud Security as well as web development.

This 12-hour on-demand is specially designed for beginners who want to master NGINX. Mastering Nginx requires a solid base foundation into the HTTP Protocol. So this course starts right from HTTP basics. The course is covered completely on practical elements.

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9. NGINX Core by Cloud Academy

Cloud Academy is a top-rated12-hour online educational platform exclusively for programmers. This course is strictly for intermediate students who already have a basic understanding pon the NGINX subject.

The program involves just 50m on-demand classes. You will learn how to install NGINX on various operating systems and with different options. The course’s author is Andrew laekin. Andrew is an AWS-certified professional who is passionate about helping others learn how to use and gain benefits from AWS serverslogies.

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10. NGINX Course by EDUCBA

Offered by EDUCBA, this NGINX training course includes 3 courses and more than one project. The project is completely based on practical aspects. They cover a lot of concepts on Apache as well as NGINX for you to get an understanding of WebLogic application servers.

Once you have a roundabout exposure to the basic material on these modules, you would jump onto NGINX web server management and the perks of virtual hosting. Upon completion of the course, you can immediately start building high-performance servers that are secure and enable you to improve or have a better understanding of the existing host solutions prevailing in the industry. This course is highly recommended.

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