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Best Monitoring and Evaluation Courses

Monitoring and Evaluation (M&E) is the systematic process of analyzing data, collecting and analyzing information to improve and guide management decisions. Monitoring and Evaluation is an integral part of every project or program design because it helps to improve performance and brings a better output. This careful process of M&E helps to avoid any drawbacks with its accurate navigation and also prevents future disruption.

If you too are interested in the process of Monitoring and Evaluation and want to build your career in it, then our list consists of the best courses online courses that can help you with achieving your goals: 

1. Monitoring and Evaluation by Udemy

The first course on our list Udemy is a mini-course with a duration of only 43 minutes, but don’t judge the course of its duration for it has been top-rated by students and has proven to be very helpful to them. In this short course, you will learn many essential things including the process of Monitoring and Evaluation, the concepts involved, an overview of the area of work, or how the work is performed by professionals, in a way, understand the whole process. You will also learn about data collection, their classification into qualitative and quantitative, the key tools for collecting them, and lastly, critically review your results. This short course features information that can easily compete with the long ones.

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2. Results-Based Project Management: Monitoring and Evaluation by edX

A course by the University of the Witwatersrand Johannesburg in edX is all you need to learn to use a research-based approach to design, manage, monitor, and evaluate project-based public sector programs. It will take approximately 8 weeks to complete the course and is free to attend, but you need to pay an amount of $200 to obtain a professional certificate. 

Learn about the theory of “Result Chain”, use performance indicators to measure your progress, evaluate the results of the project achievement, and much more. The certified instructors of WITS University will provide you a learning experience like no other and make you a master of M&E. 

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3. Advanced Monitoring and Evaluation by Udemy

Another course on our list by Udemy is an advanced level course on Monitoring and Evaluation, that will make you a zero to a master of it. 

This course has a total length of 4 hours and 40 minutes and includes 69 informative lectures. This course will establish a comprehensive understanding of Monitoring and Evaluation focusing on all its vital areas. You will learn the function of the Results Chain and will be introduced to the M&E framework. Also, this course will cover monitoring and evaluation methods, the use of tools, and the purpose of sampling. This course will also put major emphasis on research and data analysis that are the significant process of M&E.

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4. Monitoring & Evaluation Fundamentals by Measure Evaluation

Measure Evaluation is one of the best online platforms to opt for Monitoring and Evaluation courses. This 2-hour self-instructional course will lead you to an understanding of M&E’s fundamentals in the context of population, health, and nutrition programs. You will learn program management and evaluation at your own pace and guide, and develop skills by yourself. This course by Measure Evaluation provides students with the opportunity to grow at their capabilities with the help of proper guiding materials provided. 

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5. Planning for Monitoring and Evaluation by Philanthropy University

This Monitoring and Evaluation course on our list by Philanthropy University is free of cost and accessible for all and is ideal for those who have budget issues. 

With the help of this course, you will be able to monitor and evaluate your projects like a professional. By beginning with the basics of evaluating to analyzing the results, this course will help you to plan, create and design your projects. The course assignments will hone your skills, and after the successful completion of this course, you will be eligible to receive a Certificate of Achievement from the Haas School of Business at the University of California, Berkeley (Berkeley Haas). Enroll in this course if you want to work for roles of M&E Manager, Project Manager, and other relevant positions.

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6. M&E Fundamentals Online Course by USAID

Take this Monitoring and Evaluation Fundamentals course from the reputed government organization US AID, and earn a valuable certification. This course like others on our list will begin with basics and help students understand why it is important in a project or program. After the successful completion of this course, you will be able to monitor and evaluate like professionals, identify the purpose, scope, and components of an M& E plan, use a framework for planning and identify types of data sources. If you want to become a professional with the best guidance from a reputed organization, then this course is your ideal fit. 

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7. Monitoring and Evaluation Certification Programme (Online) from International Training Center

International Training Center can be your life-changing platform. The Monitoring And Evaluation Certification program is the best fit for students who want to work for Public Sectors and M&E Managers. This program will improvise your technical and practical skills that will result in an improvement in programme and project performance. From learning about tools and methods to working on your project and trying your skills, this certificate program is all you need to step into the professional world. 

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8. Monitoring and Evaluation Practices by Disaster (Free)

Another free course on our list is provided by will help you gain skills in Monitoring and Evaluation practices. Disaster ready has proven to provide the most effective humanitarian training resources on topics such as monitoring and evaluation that has helped thousands of learners to achieve their goals. Some of the other popular M&E courses include Introduction to Monitoring and Evaluation, Evaluation Process in Emergency Situations, and Monitoring and Evaluation in Emergencies. More than 600 free humanitarian learning courses make Disasterready the best online platform for M&E. 

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9. Online Courses in Project Monitoring and Evaluation by American University Washington

Number 9 on our list is an online M&E course provided by the renowned American University of Washington that is designed to help students master practical skills of project monitoring. The expert faculties of the university will help you explore the rapidly evolving methods and technologies that make M&E better every day. 

After completing this online program, students who wish to expand their knowledge further can also opt for the Master of Science program in Monitoring and Evaluation to become even better professionals with a comprehensive understanding of their field of work and study. 

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10. Monitoring and Evaluation – Online Course from Galilee International Management Institute

The last course on our list by Galilee International Management Institute can be the best decision to pursue a Monitoring and Evaluation course. Here, in this course, you will not only understand the processes involved in M&E, its key methods, and techniques but also learn about the functions of data collection, processing and operation. This course will cover everything you need to know about monitoring and evaluating a project and efficiently analyzing its results. This online program can be the right beginning of your professional career. 

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These online Monitoring and Evaluation courses on our list have been provided keeping in mind the requirements of students and professionals who want to develop skills in the process, and want to work in reputed positions including Project Managers, Monitoring and Evaluation Managers, M&E Researchers, and many other relevant positions in multidisciplinary fields. Choose your desired course from the best courses provided on our list and pave your path to success. 

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