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Best Med Schools in the Caribbean

Caribbean medical schools are famous for offering US students an opportunity to learn offshore medicine. Most Caribbean medical students, after completing a Caribbean medical school, expect to complete their residency in the States. Because of their relaxed entrance standards, it is no secret that Caribbean medical schools are desirable. An entry class at the best medical school in the Caribbean has an average GPA of around 3.3 or 3.4 for an undergraduate. Applicants with GPAs hovering around 3 are also popular for Caribbean medical schools to admit.

For decades, Caribbean medical schools have been offering US students the chance to earn a degree. The Caribbean currently has about 60 medical schools. In the 1960s, some of the first schools were first set up. In the following decades, more followed, presenting students with many choices for their education. You will go on to have a very good career in the United States if you complete your education at a Caribbean medical school. Like typical MD or DO graduates, you can apply for residency and take the United States Medical Licensing Examination.

The list given below will provide you with the best medical schools in the Caribbean. Students pursuing a career as a medical student need not look elsewhere. This list will help you with a brief overview of the schools offering various courses. All the best and happy searching!

American University of the Caribbean

The American University of the Caribbean, which is an ACCM accredited establishment, is one of the best choices. It has been formally accredited by the Colleges of Medicine Accreditation Board since 2011. The 40-year-old higher education institution provides courses and programs leading to officially recognized degrees in higher education, such as pre-degrees bachelor’s (i.e. certificates, diplomas, and associate or foundation degrees), doctoral degrees in many fields of medical research. It is also registered with WFME and NCFMEA, and both California and New York have the university’s approval. Those who graduate from this university in all 50 states of the United States may apply for licenses to practice medicine. This medical school provides international learning opportunities with a focus on engagement and social responsibility and a diverse learning environment.

Founded In: 1978
Location: Coral Gables, Florida
Ranking: 1
Contact: (305) 446-0600
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American University of Antigua

The American University of Antigua is considered by many to be the top medical school in the Caribbean and is regularly highly rated on the list of the best medical schools. It is accredited by CAAM-HP, meaning that students studying at this university are accredited in the United States to practice medicine. WFME and NCFMEA are also identified by the university. It is licensed in both California and New York, and graduates of the American University of Antigua are entitled in all 50 states to receive licenses to practice medicine. In a beautiful environment, students can enjoy studying medicine and will have access to state-of-the-art laboratories and a high-tech lab suite.

Founded In: 2004
Location: Coolidge, Antigua
Ranking: 2
Contact: 268-484-8900
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Medical University of the Americas

The Medical University of the Americas, accredited by the ACCM, is considered one of the Caribbean’s best medical schools. They have a US curriculum based on programs and only accept small classes to maximize the learning experience. The university is accredited and registered with the WFME and NCFMEA in both New York and California. In all 50 states, all who graduate can apply for medical practice licenses. The Medical University of the Americas has always been committed to making it as accessible as possible for medical education. The tuition and fees of MUA are the least of foreign medical schools that are comparably known.

Founded In: 1998
Location: Nevis West Indies
Ranking: 3
Contact: 869-469-9177
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Ross University

Ross University School of Medicine has an outstanding first-time transfer rate of 94 per cent, and graduates in 50 states are eligible for licenses to practice medicine. This university has CAAM-HP accreditation and is also accredited by California and New York. The university is situated in Bridgetown, Barbados so that students can combine the knowledge of Barbadian life with their high-level studies. In nine states in the United States, Ross University has connections with colleges and hospitals, so it is willing to provide clinical rotation positions.

Founded In: 1978
Location: Barbados
Ranking: 4
Contact: 754-707-5547
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Saba University

As a foreign alternative to US and Canadian medical schools, Saba University School of Medicine was established in 1992. More than 2500 students have received their medical degrees at Saba since its establishment. Saba University School of Medicine, accredited by NVAO, offers residency placements in Canada and the United States. They possess a USMLE Stage I first-time pass rate of 100 per cent and a modern curriculum. In all 50 states, those who complete their studies at this university will go on to practice medicine. It is registered with NCFMEA and WFME, and it is a medical school accredited by California and New York.

Founded In: 1992
Location: Caribbean Netherlands
Ranking: 5
Contact: 599-416-3456
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St. George’s University

Besides their medical degrees, St. George’s University has a wide variety of classes. Veterinary medicine, humanities, sciences, and graduate studies are included among these. They are, however, best known for their services for medical schools. This university, located in Grenada, opened its doors in 1976 when it was just a medical school. It has CAAM-Hp accreditation. It is registered with WFME and NCFMEA and is licensed by both California and New York. In 50 nations, graduates will go on to practice medicine.

Founded In: 1976
Location: Grenada
Ranking: 6
Contact: 800-899-6337
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St. Matthew’s University

St. Matthew’s University is a success-oriented university that offers quality education to its students, situated on the beautiful island of Grand Cayman. It has ACCM accreditation and is registered with WFME and NCFMEA. The university has also been approved by New York. This university is, sadly, not accredited by California.

Founded In: 1997
Location: Cayman Islands
Ranking: 7
Contact: 407-977-8100
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Trinity School of Medicine

In the amazing environment of St. Vincent and the Grenadines, Trinity School of Medicine provides the American medical school experience. The fully accredited program provides practical clinical training, followed by a transfer to clinical clerkships in the United States and the ability to sit the US board exams. This university has CAAM-HP accreditation and is registered with NCFMEA and WFME.

Founded In: 2008
Location: Ribishi, St. Vincent & Grenadines
Ranking: 8
Contact: 470-243-2768
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University Of Medicine and Health Sciences

The University of Medicine and Health Sciences is located on the island of St. Kitts and is committed to educating world-class physicians. Accredited by the ACCM, this university is registered with WFME and NCFMEA. The choice of being a residential student or living off-site is open. As there is a close student community, plenty of sports and recreation facilities, and a variety of clubs and organizations, students can enjoy campus life.

Founded In: 2007
Location: St. Kitts
Ranking: 9
Contact: +1 866-866-0380
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Xavier University

One of the few universities that are accredited by both CAAM-HP and ACCM is Xavier University. It is NCFMEA and WFME registered. They have a first-time passing rate of 96% USMLE and deliver clinical rotations in the United States. The university website says that since the university is located on the hot and beautiful island of Aruba, students will enjoy an atmosphere like no other for their studies. This university offers foreign pre-med programs and post-graduate programs in addition to the medical degrees on offer.

Founded In: 2004
Location: Oranjestad, Aruba Dutch Caribbean
Ranking: 10
Contact: 011-297-588-7766
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