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Best Mechanical Engineering Graduate Schools

Engineering is one of the most popular disciplines ever chosen by students while pursuing their higher studies. It is a discipline that has a lot of classifications and offers students a vast scope of career development. Through engineering, the world is seeing technological advancements every day, and this advancement will continue to better the lives of humans as long as humans and engineering exist.

Mechanical Engineering is among the most opted field of study, followed by electrical, chemical, aerospace, and so on. Mechanical engineering is diverse and is ideal for students who love or would love to work with machines. Thousands of students across America choose Mechanical engineering as their majors and succeed in their careers because there are numerous top-class educational opportunities in the country. If you, too are someone, seeking admission to the degree of Mechanical engineering, but are confused about which college or university will be the best one for you, then here is the list of top-10 Mechanical engineering graduating schools that can make your dreams come true.

1. Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Ranked as number 1 in the “QS Top Universities List,” the Massachusetts Institute of Technology is undoubtedly the best choice for pursuing a degree in Mechanical Engineering. The MIT Department of Mechanical Engineering is where students explore numerous possibilities and go beyond their limits. Not only does MIT offers top-notch educational opportunities along with well-equipped labs for practice, but also, classes here are led by world-class educators, who provide the best education and training, as well as full support throughout your curriculum.

With hands-on classroom experience and an environment that encourages students to innovate and explore the field of mechanical engineering, MIT lets students master engineering skills, designs, and research. MIT offers undergraduate, graduate, and post-graduate degrees in various concentrations of Mechanical Engineering.

Founded in: 1861
Tuition: $17,000 (after aid)
Rank: 1st
ACT and SAT: 1525 on the SAT or 105 on the ACT
GPA: 4.17
Acceptance Rate: 7%
Contact: +1 617-253-1000
Financial Aid: For detailed information please visit here.

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2. Stanford University

Ranked always amongst the list of top-10 universities in the United States, Stanford University’s School of Engineering is where students explore the field of Mechanical engineering dynamically. Ideal for both undergraduate and graduate students, Stanford’s ME degrees are a blend of applied mechanics, biomechanical engineering, computer simulations, design, and energy science and technology. From research to design, Stanford offers a multidisciplinary approach to learning and exploring mechanics and encourages students to prepare for scientific research and opt for other higher degrees.

The undergraduate program in Mechanical Engineering is to provide students with a balance of intellectual and practical experiences, where they explore the fields of biomechanical engineering, computational engineering, design, energy, materials, and multiscale engineering alongside mechatronics, computational simulation, solid and fluid dynamics, microelectromechanical systems and so on.  The Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME) also provides financial assistance in the form of Fellowships and research assistantships. Stanford’s School of Engineering truly has no comparison.

Founded in: 1885
Tuition: $56,169
Rank: 2nd
ACT and SAT: 1550 SAT or a 35 ACT
GPA: 3.96
Acceptance Rate: 5.2%
Contact: 650-723-2300
Financial Aid: For detailed information please visit here.

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3. Georgia Institute of Technology

The mechanical engineering program at Georgia Tech is the largest and one of the most highly rated ME programs in the country so, when you enroll here, you receive top-class education and state-of-the-art facilities. Students here pursue B.S, M.S, and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering and develop skills through learning and practicing.

GIT has been consistently ranking amongst the top-5 universities of the country, and its ME program combines engineering fundamentals with hands-on design opportunities. Once you enroll in GIT, you will get numerous opportunities to hone creativity and multidisciplinary skills usually required in mechanical engineers.

Founded in: 1885
Tuition: $12,852 (local) and $33,964 (domestic)
Rank: 3rd
ACT and SAT: SAT score between 1300-1510 or an average ACT score of 29-34
GPA: 4.07
Acceptance Rate: 21%
Contact: 404-894-4150
Financial Aid: G. Wayne Clough Tech Promise Program, Gold Scholars Program, Godbold Scholarship, and others.

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4. California Institute of Technology

California Institute of Technology is a renowned institution both nationally and internationally. Students at Cal Tech. Begin with an undergraduate degree in Mechanical Engineering to develop an in-depth knowledge of the field, and then pursue higher education. The ABET-accredited undergraduate program prepares students for graduate school and professional practice and inspires them to undertake careers that provide an opportunity to address the pressing technological needs of society. Cal Tech. also offers graduate programs in Applied Mechanics and Mechanical Engineering and lets students explore the field of their choice dynamically. The Mechanical Engineering program has currently ranked number four in the nation by the US News and World Report.

Founded in: 1891
Tuition: $57,000
Rank: 4th
ACT and SAT: 1570 SAT or a 36 ACT
GPA: 4.19
Acceptance Rate: 7%
Contact: +1 626-395-6811
Financial Aid: N/A

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5. Harvard University

One of the oldest universities in the country, Harvard is not only in the top-10 rankings in the United States but also has good world rankings. At the Graduate School of Arts and Science, the Materials Science & Mechanical Engineering program lets students explore the fields of engineering and applied sciences and ranges from fundamental work in solid and fluid mechanics to diverse studies in materials, mechanical systems, and biomechanics. This program focuses on Fluid Mechanics, Robotics and Control, Materials, Soft Matter, Solid Mechanics, and Surface and Interface Science. This multidisciplinary program prepares students for not only the professional world but also opens doors to many research opportunities.

Founded in: 1636
Tuition: $54,000
Rank: 5th
ACT and SAT: ACT- 33 or SAT- between 1460 to 1510
GPA: 4.18
Acceptance Rate: 5%
Contact: 617-495-1551
Financial Aid: For detailed information please visit here.

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6. University of California- Berkeley

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of California, Berkeley is recognized across the nation and is also very popular among international students. The department offers the Master of Engineering (M.Eng), the Master of Science (M.S.), and the Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.), and each of these programs focus on molding students into professional leaders who understand the technical, environmental, economic, and social issues involved in Mechanical Engineering.

Students from all backgrounds come to UC Berkeley to learn and grow in an environment that encourages students to go beyond their limits and succeed in the fields of their choice.

Founded in: 1868
Tuition: $14,312 (local), and $44,066 (domestic)
Rank: 6th
ACT and SAT: ACT- between 29-35 and SAT- between 1330-1530
GPA: 3.86
Acceptance Rate: 17.5%
Contact: +1 510-642-6000
Financial Aid: For detailed information please visit here.

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7. Johns Hopkins University

The Department of Mechanical Engineering at Johns Hopkins undergraduates with an exceptionally strong education through instruction by world-class faculty and access to cutting-edge research. Students here can pursue a combined BS/MS degree in Mechanical Engineering, a master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering, and a Ph.D. program. The Mechanical Engineering program of Johns Hopkins has been ranked number 3 by U.S. News & World Report.

The department offers its undergraduate degrees in two forms, the Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering and the Bachelor of Science in Engineering Mechanics, and the master’s program is available in online, offline, and hybrid mode. Johns Hopkins is a leader when it comes to mechanical engineering so, acquiring your degree from here has its perks.

Founded in: 1876
Tuition: $54,000
Rank: 7th
ACT and SAT: SAT score between 1460-1560 or an average ACT score of 33-35
GPA: 3.92
Acceptance Rate: 11%
Contact: +1 410-516-8000
Financial Aid: Clark Scholarship, Hodson Gilliam Success Scholarship, Baltimore Scholars, and for detailed information please visit here.

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8. Purdue University

Purdue University’s Department of Mechanical Engineering is renowned for letting its students conduct research in robotics, automotive, manufacturing, rocket and jet propulsion, and so on. There are programs available for both undergraduates and graduates, but the one that has received more recognition is the online Masters in Mechanical Engineering program for working professionals, ranked number 1 in the country by US News and World Report.

The department involves students in a wide range of activities, including researching, designing, developing, manufacturing, managing, and controlling engineering systems and their components, and in this way, students develop a multidisciplinary approach to the field of mechanical engineering and open doors to a wide range of career opportunities.

Founded in: 1869
Tuition: Local- $9,992, and Domestic- $28,794
Rank: 8th
ACT and SAT: SAT score between 1190-1440 or an average ACT score of 25-32
GPA: 3.0
Acceptance Rate: 67%
Contact: +1 765-494-4600
Financial Aid: For detailed information please visit here.

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9. University of Michigan- Ann Arbor

The Department of Mechanical Engineering offers both undergraduate and graduate programs to students across the world and provides them with world-class education and facilities. The University of Michigan has ranked amongst the list of top-10 universities in the United States and takes pride in its academic excellence and the rate of student success. The mechanical engineering programs here are a perfect combination of world-class expertise, resources, and facilities that help students learn and grow and become future leaders.

Students here opt for combined BSE/MSE degrees, master’s, or Ph.D. degrees. Find more about the mechanical engineering department here.

Founded in: 1817
Tuition: $15,948 (local) and $52,266 (domestic)
Rank: 9th
ACT and SAT: SAT score between 1340-1530 or an average ACT score of 31-34
GPA: 3.88
Acceptance Rate: 26%
Contact: 734-763-6600 +1 734-764-2694 (department of Mechanical Engineering)
Financial Aid: For detailed information please visit here.

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10. University of Texas at Austin

The last one on this list, the Walker Department of Mechanical Engineers at the University of Texas, is known for its exceptional graduate programs. The mechanical engineering graduate program is designed to educate and advance students to become leaders in engineering and take it to the next level. Students who choose the Mechanical Engineering program at the University of Texas to have the option to specialize in areas including Acoustics, Biomechanical Engineering, Manufacturing and Design, Dynamic Systems and Control, Materials Engineering, Nuclear & Radiation Engineering, and Thermal / Fluids Systems. The Walker Department of Mechanical Engineering also offers various training opportunities in interdisciplinary research areas. Find out more here.

Founded in: 1883
Tuition: $11,448 (local) and $40,032 (domestic)
Rank: 10th
ACT and SAT: 1470 SAT or a 33 ACT or above
GPA: 3.83
Acceptance Rate: 32%
Contact: +1 512-471-0796
Financial Aid: For detailed information please visit here.

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