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Best League of Legends Courses

League of Legends is one of the most popular Esports played by students of high school, college, and universities. These multiplayer strategy games have led numerous students to achieve an exciting gaming career and even scholarships that are offered by educational institutions and universities.

What if you could carry on your gaming career while excelling in your academics, wouldn’t it have been great? If you too are a student who is interested in learning how to play League of Legends like a Professional Gamer and compete with teams in National and International Championships, then you have come to the right place.

Take a look at these best online courses available at the most affordable rates that will turn you into a skilled player in much less time. Here are the best League of Legends courses and learning platforms for you!

1. The Complete Guide to League of Legends by Udemy

The Complete Guide to League of Legends is the most-rated course on Udemy ideal for players at all stages. If you have been playing League of Legends for quite some time, and cannot improve, then this comprehensive guide is going to do the job. Full of guides and useful tips to boost your rank and improve your playing skill, this course will become your ultimate coach guiding you to success, and helping you reach the leader boards. This course is ideal for beginners, Intermediates who want to improve, and Experts who want to expand their knowledge even more.

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2. LOL Courses by Gameleap

Gameleap is an amazing platform for acquiring professional skills in League of Legends. With about 10 General Courses, this online platform can turn you into a skilled player in the most unique way. Now all your worries regarding your performance are going to come to an end when you opt for these courses.

Courses in Gameleap are classified under different names and categories focusing on the major and the most complicated areas of the game. Such as there are courses that cover “Macro Essentials”, “Jungler Essentials”, “Middle Lane Essentials” and so on. After completing the General Courses, you can also opt for the Champion courses to reach that pro-level of game.

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3. League of Legends General Guide by Udemy

A General Guide by Udemy that is absolutely free of cost, this course is specially designed for Beginners and Intermediate players who are looking for some pro tips and basic instructions. Since this course is free, you have nothing to lose, rather gain much in return, so no matter what stage you are in, this General Guide will help you in many ways.

In this course with a duration of 1 hour and 5 mins, you will come to an understanding of how the League of Legends map works, you will get to choose between  5 different roles, and know how to play on 3 different lanes. You will have much knowledge of using the items in the right way.

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4. League of Legends Course – Reprogram Your Brain To Succeed by Udemy

An important paid course by Udemy that will teach you to play League of Legends like the professionals, Reprogram Your Brain To Succeed is a course especially for those who want to improve their skills. In this course, you will be discovering the secrets of High-Elo players, start climbing the ladder of the leader board, and eventually increasing your rank. You will learn to avoid mistakes and will be able to solve the mystery of climbing to the leader board.

This course will tease your brain, and help in unlocking the potential required to become a skilled player. You will learn to fix fundamental problems and gain a deeper insight into becoming a top player. This course is for all those who have been playing League of Legends, and want to improve.

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5. League of Legends Coaching by Gamer Sensei

Gamer Sensei is undoubtedly the best online platform where you can home your League of Legends skills. If you want to improve your skills and scores, and want to play like the leading players, then Gamer Sensei is there to help you out.

The website features online lessons that are led by Professional Coaches, who guide you throughout your journey from beginner to expert player. Gamer Sensei has gained much of its fame worldwide because it always aims to deliver personalized, high-quality coaching to help gamers achieve their goals, and succeed in their careers. If you want to climb the ladder, from a poor scorer to a top player, then Gamer Sensei is going to be your ideal coach throughout your journey of improvement.

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6. LOL Courses from

Another remarkable platform that will help in honing your skills, has a plethora of courses that cover almost all the areas of League of Legends. The courses here range from Top Lane Starter course, Jungle Starter, to Laning and Special Guides. This website literally has every guide you are looking for to excel as a player and compete with the most skilled ones.

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7. League of Legends Master Courses by ProGuides

Proguides is another most popular name among League of Legends players, that features Master Courses to turn you into a pro-level player who is hard to compete with. The courses in Pro guides are designed in the most unique way and are led by professionals who are top players themselves. Each of these courses focuses on one major area of the game and is led by Professional Coaches who are best at it.

The pro guide is an ultimate destination for all Esports players, and especially those who want to become the most skilled League of Legends players. When you get trained by professionals who were once novice or poor scorers like you, what can be better than this? With utmost support throughout your course, you will become an expert player in no time with the right guidance of Pro guides experts.

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8. Learn League of Legends by GamerzClass

The last one on this list, Gamerzclass is another online platform that is run by the most skilled and professional League of Legends players, who will guide you to become a tough competitor. You can either watch the Masterclasses of Pro Players or get trained by them by opting for packages that are classified as Monthly and Yearly. Each of these courses is very affordable, and designed in a way to meet all your requirements, and improve your skills.

The moment you choose one course, you get access to more than 300 unique lessons for all roles in League. No matter what stage of learning and playing you are in, these courses are for all players who want to become successful. With more than 100 hours of guides, nothing can stop you from becoming the skilled player you have always wanted to be.

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This was the list for best online courses available for both free and paid, that will make you a master of League of Legends in no time. As we all know that League of Legends is the toughest of all Esports games, and require much patience and skills to master it. Now your dreams of playing with the most competitive teams in the National and International Championships are soon going to come true when you are able to become a skilled player.

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