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Best Law Schools in the Midwest

We have published a list of the top 10 law schools in the United States, highlighting the best schools that train students for highly sought-after legal positions. Aside from job opportunities, though, geography might play a role in determining which school to study.

We pared down our list to shine a bright light on the center of the country because a number of the institutions on our list are situated in the Midwest – the University of Chicago even took the No. 2 spot – so we whittled down our list to throw a focus on the heart of the country. We’ve prepared a list of the best law schools in the Midwest, as determined by the US Census Bureau, based on our global law school ranking. Our process is based on data from the American Bar Association and concentrates on the percentage of students who acquire full-time, long-term, highly wanted jobs, such as positions at well-paying big law firms (those with more than 251 workers) and federal clerkships.

A profession in law is one of the most popular choices for people who desire to make an impact in the community. There are numerous areas of law to choose from, including immigration, copyrights, criminal defense, and many others. It is a profession in which the stakes of one’s work are extremely high. You could save someone from a life sentence in prison, obtain a favorable settlement for an aggrieved party, or fight a case that established legal precedent in an area you care about. But first, you must complete a law degree. If you live in or want to study in the American Midwest, we have created a list of the top and most affordable law schools in the region.

1. University of Toledo

Toledo Law recently lowered its tuition rates for both in-state and out-of-state students. The cheapest in-state tuition of any law school in Ohio, Michigan, or Indiana. “By virtue of the College’s automatic Michigan Resident Scholarship Guarantee and Indiana Resident Scholarship Guarantee,” Michigan and Indiana residents pay Ohio in-state tuition rates. The institution, which was established in 1906, has a student-to-teacher ratio of 10:1. At graduation, 22.9 per cent of its students are employed. Toledo Law is one of the best law schools in the country for practical training, public service, and women’s affairs. You’ll have accessibility to the dynamic cultural amenities of a big metropolis while still feeling like you’re in a small town. Read about our remarkable alumni network and its global influence in our Transcript alumni magazine. Continue your exploration with their Viewbook, a lively insight into life at the institution. Discover why more learners are opting for Toledo Law.

Founded: 1872
Tuition: $68,117
ACT Avg: 23
SAT Avg: 1130
Acceptance Rate: 96%
GPA: 3.45
Rank: 1
Contact: +1 800-586-5336
Financial Aid: N/A

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2. University of Nebraska-Lincoln

Nebraska Law students finish with some of the smallest law student loans in the country, “which implies they can concentrate their employment on how to effectively service their debt instead of on their hopes and goals as lawyers.” “There are many options for learners to participate in the senate, administrative agencies, prosecutors’ offices, and courts” because Lincoln is Nebraska’s state capital. Learners have the option to argue their cases in front of the Nebraska Supreme Court and Nebraska Court of Appeals.” 51.6 percent of graduates find work. The student-to-faculty ratio at Nebraska Law is 11:1.

Founded: 1869
Tuition: $25,786
ACT Avg: 25
SAT Avg: 1240
Acceptance Rate: 78
GPA: 3.59
Rank: 9
Contact: +1 402-472-7211
Financial Aid: For More Details Visit Here

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3. Wayne State University (Detroit, MI)

Wayne Law is the Midwest’s leading public-interest law school. Wayne Law stands out as a champion for justice dedicated to assisting the community through its civil rights, business, ecological, and global programs, as well as related clinics. After their first or second year, the Program for Global Legal Studies offers qualifying students many chances to study abroad. The school benefits from the fact that it is located in Detroit. “It’s a privilege for Wayne Law to be a part of Detroit’s revitalization.” Our students, faculty, and alumni participate in the city’s revival on a daily basis.” “We are an anchor in Midtown – where attorneys work and address the genuine difficulties of an urban setting – and our educators, faculty, and alumni contribute to the city’s revival on a daily basis.” The student-to-faculty ratio is 10:1, and their labor force participation rate after graduation is 27.6%.

Founded: 1868
Tuition: $ 13,517
ACT Avg: 24
SAT Avg: 1110
Acceptance Rate: 73%
GPA: 3.59
Rank: 8
Contact: +1 313-577-2424
Financial Aid: Heart of Detroit Tuition Pledge

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4. Washburn University (Topeka, KS)

Washburn’s position and reputation for teaching writing are two of the school’s most valuable assets. “Washburn gives its pupils with a platform for success, from its placement in the capital city—exposing you to loads of employment and externship possibilities its nationally regarded legal writing department,” writes a student. Colorado, Missouri, Nebraska, Oklahoma, and Texas are among the states that qualify for in-state tuition. It also provides dual degrees that combine a law degree with an MBA, a Master of Accountancy, or a Master of Social Work. Its graduation employment rate is 26.5 percent.

Founded: 1865
Tuition: $ 22,359
ACT Avg: 24
SAT Avg: 1010
Acceptance Rate: 93%
GPA: 3.4
Rank: 7
Contact: +1 785-670-1010
Financial Aid: Here the some of the programs of this University

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5. University of South Dakota

They prepare their students to practice law across the country as the leading law school in South Dakota. The USD Knudson School of Law is a national leader in judicial clerkships, ensuring that you not only emerge with a first-rate education but also equipped for a lifelong career in law. They make their JD degree inexpensive, which means you can acquire world-class training from a top flagship university for a fraction of the cost of tuition at other schools. “Alumni of the University of South Dakota School of Law constitute the majority of the membership of the South Dakota Bar and all five members of the South Dakota Supreme Court,” according to the school’s website. The school’s first-time bar passage percentages and employment numbers are outstanding. The graduation employment rate is 59.2 percent. It has a 12:1 student-to-faculty ratio.

Founded: 1862
Tuition: $18,000
ACT Avg: 20
SAT Avg: 1030
Acceptance Rate: 86%
GPA: 3.35
Rank: 6
Contact: +1 877-269-6837
Financial Aid: Here are some programs of this University

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6. University of Cincinnati

One of the country’s oldest law schools is the University of Cincinnati School of Law. There is a combination J.D./MBA degree option. Students are able to gain practical experience in law school-run centers and hospitals such as the Rosenthal Institute for Justice, where learners collaborate with the Ohio Innocence Project to locate wrongfully imprisoned prisoners across the state. UC Law was recently named a top-ranked school for vocational skills and firm hires by the National Law Journal and the National Jurist’s PreLaw Magazine. Its graduation employment rate is 36.2 percent. Immerse yourself in a group designed to educate and inspire leaders to pursue justice and advance the rule of law. Dive into one-of-a-kind experiences to defend those who have been unfairly convicted, fight for human rights and fundamental freedoms, challenge today’s economic inequities, and uplift residents of neglected areas.

Founded: 1819
Tuition: $23,000
ACT Avg: 28
SAT Avg: 1265
Acceptance Rate: 77%
GPA: 3.46
Rank: 5
Contact: +1 513-556-6000
Financial Aid: Here are some Programs of this University

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7. Ohio Northern University

Ohio Northern University was the first private international law school to lower its tuition in 2013. With a tuition decrease of 25%, they were selected one of only six private law schools in the US to be named to the 2014 “Best Value Law Schools” list. In Ohio, ONU ranks first in future employment and bar passage. Other law school clinics are not like ONU’s in-house legal clinic. “It runs as a real law practice.” Learners are allocated clients, and they are required to not only interact with them but also to represent them from the beginning of a case to the end of their clinic stay.” They have a 12:1 student-to-faculty ratio.

Founded: 1871
Tuition: $49,392
ACT Avg: 26
SAT Avg: 1200
Acceptance Rate: 70.1%
GPA: 3.7
Rank: 4
Contact: +1 419-772-2000
Financial Aid: Here are some Programs of this University

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8. University of Akron

Akron Law is a Best Value Law School according to National Jurist Magazine. Scholarships from the school are renewable for the duration of one’s legal education. Students will have the chance to try a genuine case in state trial and appellate court. Professional certifications in property rights, health care, and litigation are also available through the program. The student-to-faculty ratio at Akron Law is 11:1, and the employment rate at graduation is 28.9%.

Founded: 1870
Tuition: $27,452
ACT Avg: 23
SAT Avg: 1140
Acceptance Rate: 73%
GPA: 3.77
Rank: 3
Contact:+1 330-972-7111
Financial Aid: Akron Advantage Award-$3,000

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9. University of North Dakota

One of the smaller public law schools in the US is the University of North Dakota School of Law. There are 80 to 90 pupils in each class, with a total student population of 250. Academic Achievement is a program at the school that aims to assist students in achieving in their first year and beyond. Because of the state’s attorney shortage, getting a solid job after graduating is easier in North Dakota. “The state of North Dakota is experiencing a severe legal shortage… Lawyers who are ready to practice are desperately needed throughout [North Dakota].” Finally, an $11.4 million refurbishment is underway at the law school.

 Founded: 1883
Tuition: $23,604
ACT Avg: 25
SAT Avg: 1110
Acceptance Rate: 81%
GPA: 3.50
Rank: 2
Contact: +1 701-777-3000
Financial Aid: North Dakota Career & Technical Education Scholarship-$6,000

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10. Capital University

Advanced courses in growing areas of law are balanced with substantial experiential possibilities and training opportunities in Capital’s comprehensive framework. Professor Mark Strasser, a specialist in the subjects of constitutional law and family law who has produced more than 100 papers and journals, is one of Capital’s university professors who are widely renowned legal authorities in their professions. Capital’s central location in Columbus, Ohio, allows for plenty of networking, assistantships, and pro bono possibilities. The Ohio Statehouse and Capitol Square are just a few blocks away. Numerous courts, government agencies, public service and non-profit organizations, law firms, and corporate offices are all close to the Law School.

Founded: 1903
Tuition: $34,410
ACT Avg: N/A
SAT Avg: 1250
Acceptance Rate: 72.1%
Rank: 1
Contact: +1 614-236-6011
Financial Aid: N/A

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