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Best Law Schools in NJ

Every year, thousands of students across the United States choose law as their profession. Considered as a noble profession, studying and getting to work in the field of law is both respectable and rewarding. The best part about this field is that you get to know the laws and other legal rules of your country and get a chance to help, to serve its people. The journey from a student to becoming a lawyer is indeed long and requires overcoming a few steps before beginning with practice, but the most important thing amidst this journey is the degrees that you acquire and how successfully you enter law schools of your choice.

When it comes to top-ranked law schools, New Jersey is truly the best option. Home to law schools and universities like Rutgers, Seton, Montclair, Fairleigh, and so many others that offer various law and other legal degrees, New Jersey is just the right place to begin your preparation for becoming a future lawyer. Find out more about the top-10 law schools in New Jersey from the list below.

1. Rutgers School of Law

Rutgers School of Law is the first choice if you are seeking the best law school in New Jersey. Rutgers has its campuses in two locations, including Camden and Newark, and offers top-class education along with top-notch classroom experience. You can opt for JD or other Certificate programs of your choice to complete your legal education. Rutgers also offers programs for students who are interested in the law as well as another field.

Rutgers’ award-winning Legal Clinics are national models. Hence, the school takes pride in boasting 16 clinics across its two campuses in Newark and Camden, where student casework for actual clients is principally supervised by full-time Rutgers Law faculty. Rutgers also has exquisite libraries on both of its campuses and also offers many placement opportunities. To be honest, Rutgers is the best place where you can receive quality education along with real-world experiences.

Founded In: 1908
Tuition: $22,746 (local), $34,000 (domestic and international)
Rank: 1st
SAT: 1070–1280
ACT– 21-29
GPA: 3.36
Acceptance Rate: 27%
Contact: +1 856-225-6375
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2. Seton Hall University School of Law

Situated in Newark, Seton University School of Law is renowned for its advanced law programs that have turned thousands of students into successful professionals. From Juris Doctor (JD) degree to part-time programs, online and advanced programs, at Seton, you have the freedom to explore your legal studies in your own way. Some special programs are also conducted by the university that helps students in honing their legal skills and gaining more professional knowledge.

For those who cannot afford to study in Seton, the university offers financial assistance to the most deserving students who have good LSAT scores and a well-maintained GPA. Seton is also the best choice for those who do not want to attend colleges on a regular basis and rather wish to opt for online or part-time programs.

Founded In: 1951
Tuition: $46,000
Rank: 2nd
ACT and SAT: N/A
GPA: 3.4
Acceptance Rate: 48.6%
Contact:+1 973-642-8500
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3. The College of New Jersey

The College of New Jersey and the Prelaw Advisory Committee together are committed to providing students with the best possible preparation for the law school admissions process, for law school itself, and for the practice of law.TCNJ is renowned for its standard prelaw curriculum and is one of its kind.

Before you enter a law school, there are a few vital steps that you need to pass, and TCNJ lets you prepare for your ideal law school in the best possible way. TCNJ proudly boasts that students who have majored in law or subjects related to the law have successfully entered some of the best law schools across the nation; hence, there cannot be a better way to prepare for the best than this.

Founded in:1855
Tuition: $16,000 (local) and $28,000 (domestic)
Rank: 3rd
ACT: 25-30
SAT: 1160-1360
GPA: 3.66
Acceptance Rate: 51%
Contact: 609.771.2360
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4. Fairleigh Dickinson University

At Fairleigh Dickinson University, you come across a lot of law-related degrees to choose from. From a minor in Legal Studies, minor in government Law, Prelaw minor, to BA in Government and Politics/ Criminal Justice or an MA in Criminal Justice, you can opt for whichever course to explore the field of law in your own way.

Fairleigh Dickinson University has its campuses in Teaneck and Madison in New Jersey, as well as Canada and England; hence, it attracts students from around 63 countries. Within this culturally diverse environment, students are prepared to succeed as professionals.

Founded In: 1942
Tuition: $42,240
ACT and SAT: SAT- 1083, ACT- 23
GPA: 3.32
Acceptance Rate: 89%
Contact:+1 201-692-2000
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5. Thomas Edison State University

The School of Law at Thomas Edison State University is a leader in legal degrees. Students here can pursue an undergraduate degree in law, focusing on areas of Business Law that further prepare them for higher degrees. In the Business Law course, students are introduced to the concepts and applications of laws that affect the business enterprises and also focus on the identification of the sources of law, including the courts, administrative agency rules and regulations, executive orders, and judicial decisions.

Some of the key areas covered in the LAW-201 Business Law course are, the law of contract, sales, and agency, business crimes, dealing with liabilities arising from criminal acts, and so much more. Thomas Edison is ideal for those students who have literally no knowledge of the field of law, who are just about to begin their higher education.

Founded In: 1972
Tuition: $7,000 (local) and $9,000 (domestic)
Rank: 5th
ACT and SAT: N/A
GPA: 2.0 or above
Acceptance Rate: 100%
Contact: (609) 777-5680
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6. Montclair State University

Recognized both nationally and internationally, Montclair State University’s Department of Political Science and Law offers the best state-of-the-art political and legal program that is ideal for beginning a career as a lawyer. Students here begin with an undergraduate degree, where the department offers three majors and four minors to choose from, and later go on to pursue the MA in Law and Governance to develop a comprehensive understanding of the law and other legal policies of the country. At Montclair, you get a chance to pursue major, minor, or postgraduate degrees that help in gaining valuable skills and prepare you for the demands of law school or a law-related field.

Founded In: 1908
Tuition: $13,000 local and $21,000 domestic
Rank: 6th
ACT: 18 or higher
SAT: 990
GPA: 3.26
Acceptance Rate: 83%
Contact:+1 973-655-4000
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7. Kean University

For those of you, who dream of becoming criminal justice lawyers, Kean University is the best choice. With a list of degrees ranging from bachelor’s to master’s, the School of Criminal Justice and Public Administration lets you explore the criminal justice system, causes, and effects of crime, as well as the analytical, investigatory, and technology-based policy responses to it.

While pursuing your bachelor’s or master’s in Criminal Justice at Kean, you will look at the criminal justice system from the perspectives of the correctional, court, and juvenile justice systems, while you explore the application of the law and policing methods, and get ready for a wide array of careers or post-baccalaureate study after graduation. The BA in Criminal Justice can be continued with an MA in Criminal Justice.

Founded In: 1855
Tuition: $12,000 local and $19,600
Rank: 7th
ACT: 17-23
SAT: between 920-1100
GPA: 3.0
Acceptance Rate: 78%
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8. Stockton University

Stockton University’s School of Social and Behavioral Sciences is renowned for its Criminal Justice (CRIM) program, which provides students with an understanding of the criminal justice system from the perspective of the social sciences. This is actually a great opportunity for students who wish to major in Criminal Justice and wish to become criminal lawyers in the future.

Although Stockton is known to offer numerous undergraduate and graduate degrees, it is a great choice for students who wish to explore different theories of crime and criminality and their applicability to criminal justice issues. Learn more about the program here.

Founded In: 1969
Tuition: $14,329 local and $21,673 for domestic
Rank: 8th
ACT and SAT: N/A
GPA: 2.0
Acceptance Rate: 77%
Contact: 609-652-4261
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9. Rowan University

The College of Humanities & Social Sciences at Rowan University has been a popular choice among law aspiring students. The undergraduate Law and Justice Studies program provides an interdisciplinary approach to the study of crime, the function of criminal law, and the criminal justice system, and encourages students to land up their careers in the areas of law enforcement and security services, court services, corrections, and human services. Through rigorous study and practice, students prepare for entering higher degrees such as MA in Criminal Justice Program.

The Department of Law and Justice Studies is the largest department in the College of Humanities and Social Sciences at Rowan University and has approximately 500 majors; hence, it is undoubtedly an excellent choice to pursue law. And the most special thing about this university is that aspiring students can also pursue a Combined Advanced Degree Program (CADP – formerly 4 + 1 Program), which allows students to earn a Bachelor of Arts in Law and Justice Studies and a Master of Arts in Criminal Justice in FIVE years!

Founded In: 1923
Tuition: $12,939 for local and $21,971 domestic
Rank: 9th
ACT: 21-28
SAT: 1040-1270
Acceptance Rate: 78%
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10. Monmouth University

At Monmouth University, you can opt for minor and major degrees of your choice or pursue a prelaw program. Monmouth provides you with the right tools on your path to becoming a legal professional and prepares you for the legal profession of your choice in the best possible way. From honing your research and writing skills to developing an in-depth understanding of the law, Monmouth is a leader when it comes to preparing undergraduates for a legal career.

Founded In: 1933
Tuition: $40,680
Rank: 10th
ACT: 21 – 27
SAT: 1050 – 1240
Acceptance Rate: 79%
Contact:+1 732-571-3400
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