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Best Kristin Hannah Books

A renowned name in the world of modern Fiction, Kristin Hannah is the author of a number of impressive works of fiction that readers have thoroughly enjoyed reading. An award-winning American author, Kristen has received many awards for her notable works The Nightingale, Winter Garden, The Four Winds, Firefly Lane and The Great Alone.

Kristen Hannah’s books are the perfect choice for lovers of fiction and particularly modern fiction. The author’s unique style of weaving her imagination into stories that feel real to life is truly remarkable. Explore the wonderful characters portrayed by the author and get lost in the engaging plots of her celebrated novels.

1. The Nightingale

The Nightingale is Kristen’s one of the most celebrated novels that revolve around the setting of war and focus on the lives of two sisters who were in separation for a long time. A sudden declaration of war on France by the Germans leaves everything in the city topsy-turvy. Vianne one of the sister on focus is worried when her husband Antoine had to leave for war. Vianne knows war changes people since she has seen her father’s nature change drastically and is afraid Antoine will never be the same even if he returns. People around the city of Paris are in a hustle, and among the crowd are Vianne’s father and her sister Isabelle coming to stay with her after years. Isabelle gets lost in the crowd and the novel takes unexpected turns thereafter. A novel comprising of war, love, fear and death. The Nightingale has been referred to as heartbreakingly beautiful by reviewers.

2. The Four Winds

The Four Winds revolves around the setting of Great Depression, the “Dust Bowl” era that has arisen due to a dangerous drought destroying the Great Plains that were once fertile. The protagonist of the novel Elsa Martinelli is a mother of two, and must choose between fighting for her land or escaping to California to begin anew.

A captivating and heart-breaking tale of a family, and particularly of a mother,Elsa who wakes up to find her husband had fled, not thinking twice about her and her two children Loreda and Ant. Elsa must take a step for a better future, and leave behind that once used to be a perfect home. Will Elsa be able to fight all odds alone and build a new future to save her children and herself from this dying era? The novel follows many captivating and heart touching events that will touch the readers emotionally and mentally.

3. Firefly Lane

Firefly Lane is the story of an uncompromising friendship between Kate and Tully, that sets a great example for young adults that friendships can be long-lasting and supportive. The narrative begins in the summer of 1974, marking the beginning of a long-lasting friendship. The two friends have been a constant support to each other throughout their lives. Tully has a disturbed life since she has moved to Firefly Lane to take care of her drug addict mother and skip school activities, whereas Kate is more a happy child. But as the years pass by, things change when Tully goes on to pursue her dream to become a Journalist, and certain events lead to a bitter relationship between the two friends. After 30 long years, Tully finally has a chance to restore her friendship with Kate. Will she be able to fill up the gap with her present fame and position? Or that friendship will end forever? The novel follows a series of interesting events that creates tension among readers and keeps them engaged in it.

4. Fly Away

A continuation of the sequel to the novel Firefly Lane, this novel is more emotional, heart-breaking and equally intriguing. Fly Away will take readers to the further lives of Tully and Kate, which leads them towards their end. Tully’s coming to terms with Kate’s death and failing to keep the promise to look after her children since Tully herself falls sick, she took care of by her drug-addict mother who had abandoned her throughout her life. Cloud now Dorothy must reveal her past deeds to her daughter Tully and overcome her fear.

Marah the sixteen years old young woman upon loosing her mother Kate is confused whom to reach to. She falls in love with a mysterious young man who becomes her solace, but is dangerous and shadowy. All the events that follow after the death of Kate are emotional, and somehow connects the three women all together, Tully, Dorothy and Marah who must support each other.

5. The Great Alone

The Great Alone is a coming-of-age novel focusing on the character of a thirteen-year-old girl named Leni Allbright, and her father after returning from Vietnam being at war, all changed and turned abusive, decides to move with his family to Alaska.

Leni hopes a new place will take away all the torments from her family and would mark a new beginning. But Leni’s hopes are all in when when Alaska proves to be a temporary respite, when the winter creeps in and Leni and her mother realize they are all alone and abandoned, they must spend sleepless nights to stay alive. A great heart-touching story that revolves around love, motherhood, abuse and survival. This unique tale must leave an everlasting impression on the reader.

6. Home Front

A novel that explores the different dimensions of marriage, mostly a troubled modern marriage, Home Front revolves around the lives of Michael and Jolene whose married life is falling apart. A sudden and unexpected deployment makes Jolene leave Michael with their two children, and she must fight for the country as a soldier in the front line. Jolene goes to perform her duties whereas Michael is stricken by tragedy, he must fight his own fears that haunt him like demons. He must do everything to keep his family from tearing apart. A brilliant story of love, marriage, war, heroism, honour and eventually hope, that prevails throughout the plot.

Home Front paints the picture of realistic modern families struggling to keep their relationships alive amidst the rat race. A truly impressive novel by Kristen that must be read by all.

7. Winter Garden

Winter Garden is one of Kristen’s recent popular novel that has been widely celebrated for maintaining the author’s authenticity and unique style. Another fascinating story portraying a powerful woman, and her story of love, loss, struggles and sacrifice. The heart-warming love story is set in Russia during the World War II, where Anya Whitsonon her deathbed at present, unveils a shocking story of her love and loss to her two daughters Meredith and Nina. Astory that spans more than sixty years, and portrays the harsh reality of war, leave the daughters spellbound. A romantic tale and the war torn reality is enough to take the reader’s breath away. Winter Garden will forever remain within the hearts of the readers for its enticing tale and fairy tale like plot.

8. Night Road

Kristen Hannah’s Night Road is another heart-breaking and equally intriguing novel focusing on the character of Lexi Baill, who had been neglected by her drug addict mother and had spent the most of her life in foster care. When Lexi is finally adopted by her aunt, she finally sees some good days. She goes to good school and makes friends with her neighbour Mia Farraday, and falls in love with her twin Zach. Mia’s mother Jude is very welcoming to Lexi, but she is very protective towards her children and worries about them all the time.

An unexpected event in the novel changes the lives of Farradays and tears apart the life of Lexi once again. What happens is for readers to discover from the novel. Lexi’s inevitable life makes the novel an unforgettable story.

9. Between Sisters

A thoroughly entertaining novel, as the name suggests, Between Sisters explores the relationship between two sisters who have not been into contact for years, a wrong decision has made their relation bitter. Meghann Dontess made a terrible mistake in the name of love, in the past, at present she is divorced and works as a successful attorney. Meghann had lost the faith in intimacy and particularly love, but there comes a man unexpectedly into her life who changes everything. Meghann’s sister Claire has finally found the man of her life and prepares to meet her sister to invite her for the wedding. There has been a huge communication gap between the two sisters for long time, will they be able to bridge the gap and accept their realities? Or will they continue with their cold war? A light-hearted, humorous, emotional story of two sisters will thoroughly entertain the readers and let them enjoy the bittersweet relationship of these two sisters.

10. Magic Hour

The last book on our list by Hannah, Magic Hour deals with the story of child psychiatrist Dr. Julia Cates, and her treatment of a “wild child”. Julia was a successful child psychiatrist unless she is involved in a scandal and had to leave her job. However, things begin to change when Julia receives a call from her sister Ellie, treating the mute young girl whom she had named Alice, Julia gets a chance to unfold shocking truths from Alice’s pasts. She tries to discover the reason of her abuse and the events that made her dumb. Julia’s quest to discover Alice’s truth and treat her takes the reader into an unexpected tale that is heart-breaking and emotional. However one thing that prevails in the novel is a hope, and the power of human heart to heal from the darkest times.

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