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Best Karate Schools

Karate has been considered one of the most exemplary self-defense programs that can help people learn a handy skill that can save their lives at some point in life. There are tons of karate schools in the US that open and frequently close as it is challenging to run. Particular established legitimate karate schools in the US will help you become a first-class karate student.

But how to find the best school out of this crowd? Don’t worry, I have got you covered. In this article, I have enlisted the top 10 karate schools that will help you master karate. Moreover, it is not only considered to be a self-defense class anymore; there are several benefits out of these classes. You can enhance spiritual growth through karate. Further, they also cover state security and are also considered to be a sporting competition. So what are we waiting for? Let us dive right in!

1. Harris Holt Martial Arts Academy

Located in Tennessee, Harris Holt Martial Arts Academy is a first-class academy that provides great coaching for karate. It is also considered to be the best school for all the martial arts classes. It is also considered the top school in Clarksville, where it is complicated to get into this school.

This school is not only for adults, right from 4-year-old kids, but they also enroll in this top-rated school. The karate instructors take students to camps to teach them the values of life. The instructors are top-rated in the karate industry with advanced experience.

Founded In: 2011
Location: Dunbar Cave Rd, Clarksville
Rank: #1
Contact: +1 931-542-1151
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2. Freestyle Martial Arts Academy

Freestyle Martial Arts Academy is a fantastic place to learn karate. If you are from Galloway or even Camden, New Jersey, they have institutions in both areas. They provide top-class karate coaching right from three-year-old kids to adults of any age.

The chief instructor of this school is top-rated as he has around 25 years of experience in this field, providing massive coaching for passionate students. A lot of students come to this class for spiritual growth and having control over their minds too.

Founded In: 2004
Location: Absecon, NJ
Rank: #2
Contact: +1 609-705-4300
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3. Asheville Sun Soo Martial Arts

If you want to learn karate from the native Koreans who excel in karate, then Asheville Sun Soo Martial Arts are the right choice for you. Located in North Carolina, this is a first-class martial arts school. The reason why it’s named Sun Soo is that it means pure spirit.

The main aim of the school is not to make them top-rated karate students. They want students to have a tuned mind, a soft heart, and a strong body where they can deal with any repercussions in their life. The instructors are international-level top-rated karate teachers.

Founded In: 2011
Location: Asheville, NC
Rank: #3
Contact: +1 828-505-4309
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4. Lightning Kicks Martial Art

Lightning Kicks Martial Art is an exceptional karate school which is located in Michigan. The school’s main objective is not only to excel in karate but also to create a personality with discipline, self-confidence, good health for all their students right from 4 years of age.

They not only teach karate but also fancy martial arts classes like hapkido, Kalamazoo, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, which is not everywhere they teach this. All the instructors in this school are top-rated and have exceptional experience in providing great training for students.

Founded In: 2001
Location: Centre Ave, Portage, MI
Rank: #4
Contact: +1 269-383-2610
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5. Bronx Martial Arts Academy

Located in NY, Bronx Martial Arts Academy is an excellent school if you are looking for a first-class karate class that is more affordable for the students. If you are going to the classes for self-defense, weight loss, or spiritual growth, they curate the training accordingly.

This school is famous because of their ‘Tiny Tigers Programme’ were kids ranging from 4 to 6 where they will learn all the karate techniques through expert training. They also teach Shotokan Karate which is very rare to find classes in the US.

Founded In: 2002
Location: Allerton Ave, Bronx, NY
Rank: #5
Contact: +1 718-325-2622
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6. USA Tae Kwon Do Academy Inc

USA Tae Kwon Do Academy Inc is a first-class school located in Georgia that provides exemplary classes for every age group. The reason why this school is famous is that most female karate enthusiasts prefer this first-class karate school.

All these years, they have built an unmatched reputation for having a systematic syllabus that will help them follow a procedural educational experience. The school also provides free classes for beginners as a free trial to consider the classes before joining.

Founded In: 1978
Location: Lawrenceville, GA
Rank: #6
Contact: +1 770-339-3177
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7. National School of Martial Arts

In and around Texas, I would highly recommend the National School of Martial Arts in San Antonio. The highlight of studying here is that they will let students learn karate and various techniques from popular martial art classes like Taekwondo, Koryo Gumdo, and Mixed Martial Arts.

Right from 3 years old to 66 years, students can join this top-rated school. Each student will be given a tailor-made program according to their goals and capacity. It is a great school to consider for a long-term benefit as the school is also a member of the Amateur Athletics Union of the USA.

Founded In: 1998
Location: Chase Hill Blvd, San Antonio, TX
Rank: #7
Contact: +1 210-558-9644
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8. Sunnyvale Martial Arts Academy

Based. in California, Sunnyvale Martial Arts Academy is a first-class school that offers top-rated martial arts classes that will help them daily. The school focuses on giving spiritual growth as well as self-defense techniques to the students.

The school’s objective is personality development, mental enhancement, and spiritual gratification. It is a massive institution with around 10000 sq feet space, and it also consists of first-class instructors who are renowned in this karate industry.

Founded In: 1988
Location: Sunnyvale, CA
Rank: #8
Contact: +1 408-773-8095
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9. USA Martial Arts Fitness Academy

Located in New York, USA, Martial Arts Fitness Academy is a school with excellent instructors. Even Though it is a large institution, the school focuses on giving the students their undivided attention to promoting first-class karate services.

The academy offers excellent workout exercises and imparts both professional and personal touch in its training module. The school makes sure the students will get a mentor-mentee relationship with their instructors so that they can excel in karate.

Founded In: 2007
Location: Bronx, NY
Rank: #9
Contact: +1 718-285-9200
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10. School of Martial Arts

School of Martial Arts, located in Berkley, Michigan, provides excellent infrastructure for karate coaching. This Michigan-based school has been amongst the top martial arts schools in the country with 5-star ratings. So this school is highly recommended.

Further, The main objective of the school has been self-defense and professional martial arts coupled with character education. They always make sure students will get the maximum benefit out of these classes. The school offers flexible schedules to fit your daily life routines.

Founded In: 2010
Location: Woodward Ave, Berkley, MI
Rank: #10
Contact: +1 248-542-5630
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