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Best Journalism Schools in the World

News at all times is exciting and informative as it keeps us up to date with time. It has the ability to empower those who are being informed. Journalism makes it a significant category of the domain where it influences a person’s decision about life, society, neighborhood, and government. There are a lot of advantages in becoming a journalist, as you get the freedom to work from any desirable location, gets the chance to meet people from different walks of life, has the independence to express your views and ideas, and above all there would be an elevation in character. There are universities and institutes worldwide that provide various courses on journalism and communication. They help to improve the various phases that are significant while continuing with the job. The importance of passing on the relevant information at the right time gives it established worth. Here is the list of various universities and colleges that provide the prescribed course. After reading through the requirements, you can choose the one apt.

1. Northwestern University – Medill School of Journalism

Northwestern is a privileged classified university positioned in Evanston, Illinois, in Chicago. It is a mid-sized institution with graduate and undergraduate programs. There are several programs which are considered very popular here, out of which journalism and communication also top the list. To get into, one should be really lucky and academically strong, as they take only the cream of the lot. Most of the alumni members are well placed and have a great career after their education.  The campus feels to be secure and safe and has a societal atmosphere. The dining facilities are excellent and have a variety of sports events that can be attended.

Northwestern University is considered the best and most esteemed place for pursuing graduation in journalism. The place puts forth the adequate skills and values to help be updated with the recent techniques and technologies to compete with the fast, digitalized, and spirited world. The university is also one of the best-reputed universities coming under the top 10 category. The journalism degree from the place is as MS in Journalism and is put across to provide skills and training adequate to hasten a career in journalism and media. The university is leading fresh minds through various experiences in multimedia and integrated marketing communications. This further helps to thrive in exciting, innovative areas and also brings about positive changes to it.  

Founded In: 1851
Acceptance Rate: 9%
SAT: 1440-1550
GPA: 4.13
Tuition: $26196
Contact: (312) 503-8649
Rank: 1
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2. University of South California – USC Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism

The University of South California is rated high and is situated in Los Angeles, California. The admission rate is high, making it a big institution. There is always a high level of competition for getting admitted to it. Several majors form the best when learned from here, and Communications also fall in the prime category.  The students have a feeling of security and safety inside the campus. The social ambiance is also welcoming, with high-rated dining facilities. They give importance to sports as varsity sports form a significant part of the life on the campus. The Annenberg School for Communication and Journalism is the department that provides journalism education in the university. The curriculum is set up such that the students are encouraged to have positive thinking towards the future and to have a deep insight about technology, to use it with a critical mindset, and to utilize it in the tuning up of compelling journalism. The teaching method involves the complete expertise from faculty in the video, audio, text, and digital journalism. This helps improve their reporting and writing expertise across multiple platforms. A fresh Media Centre experience is joined along with the curriculum to make the students be able to hold off the editing, production, and digital storytelling skills to create journalism across a range of media. Students become well versed in creating digital portfolios and personal websites, attributing the best work to their learning backdrop.

Founded In: 1880
Acceptance Rate: 11.4%
SAT: 1360-1530
GPA: 4.13
Tuition: $37521
Contact: 213-740-4321
Rank: 2
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3. University of Pennsylvania – Journalism – Annenberg School for Communication

Penn, as the university is best known, is an influential private university positioned in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. It enrolls a high rate of students for under graduation and is highly competitive too. Several majors are at their top here, but communication and journalism are some of the best. The graduation percentage is also very high, and they are all assured with jobs that make them even more fortunate. The course, as the name indicates, is indeed a special one, as creative writing helps in coming up with ideas in writing and literature. It also nurtures the students’ advancement to craft. Various workshops are also available in fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, screenwriting, playwriting, or journalism. All these, in turn, make the writing skills stronger and give them the confidence to come up with their innovative work. The students are also made to experience and develop skills in reporting, editing, interviewing, investigative journalism, media scholarship, and writing for various platforms.

Founded In: 1740
Acceptance Rate: 7.7%
SAT: 1450-1560
GPA: 3.9
Tuition: $24771
Contact: (215) 898-5000
Rank: 3
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4. University of North Carolina Asheville- Mass Communication School

The campus where the university is positioned is super peaceful, welcoming, and serene as it is situated on a mountain. It is very well maintained, clean, and filled with positivity from senior students and teachers. The University of North Carolina Asheville is known for its dedication to improvement and novelty, attained through a sense of openness to change and a keenness to complete things differently. The place is an excellent one for solicitous, deliberate transformation through academic programs and experiential learning. The athletics division and engagement in community activities show off the amends from the others. It is a public liberal arts university committed to teaching and learning, focusing on critical thinking, apparent communication, undergraduate research, collaboration, and open inquiry. The size of the classes is small, making them more effective and imparting individual attention. They create leaders and innovators who can face the world’s challenges confidently. The graduates from the university have found a sound position in various metropolitan newspapers and Hollywood production offices. The training in theory and practical activities make sure that the graduates get equipped well to turn out to be journalists, communication professionals, film producers, social media strategists, photographers, and scholars. On the whole, the graduates study about what it takes to prosper in the current energetic and vibrant media industries.

Founded In: 1927
Acceptance Rate: 84%
SAT: 1090-1270
GPA: 3.37
Tuition: $13,388
Contact: 650-723-2300
Rank: 4
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5. Stanford University- The Graduate Program in Journalism

The very high-class private university situated in Stanford, California, in the San Francisco Bay Area, is a medium-sized institution with a moderate level of undergraduate enrollment. Getting into Stanford is undoubtedly an exceptionally viable task as the acceptance rate is less. There are popular majors in which the graduation program in Journalism is also a significant one. The percentage of graduating students is also high, and they are known to be following lucrative careers. The graduating program in journalism puts forth a distinctive chance for the students to outshine in their talents in the area of future authors and journalists.

Founded In: 1885
Acceptance Rate: 4%
SAT: 1440-1570
GPA: 3.96
Tuition: $16,779
Contact: (312) 503-8649
Rank: 5
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6. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill- UNC Hussman School of Journalism and Media

The University of North Carolina is located at a serene backdrop in Chapel Hill, North Carolina, in the Raleigh Area. It is rated high and is a public university. The enrollment rate is very high as the tempo at which undergraduates are admitted to the university is exceptionally far above the ground. The competition to get admitted to the university is up the range, so the acceptance percentage is also low. The well-known majors that are generally preferred by students include many different subjects, out of which Communications is one of the most preferred choices. The percentage of students graduating is more than 90%, and those passing out flourish with striking career options. The communications graduation is one of a kind of a course where the students are introduced to assorted facets of the domain ranging from the ideal world of news media to the influential worlds of advertising, public relations, and social media. Skills and knowledge are also being reinforced with respect to the media and communication commerce alongside their individual development in thriving in the society of media and communication. They have a well-accepted athletic division too.

Founded In: 1789
Acceptance Rate: 23%
SAT: 1310-1500
GPA: 4.39
Tuition: $10,085
Contact: 919-962-2211
Rank: 6
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7. University of Texas – School of Journalism and Media

The University of Texas, situated in Austin, Texas, is one of the best quality and extensively rated public universities. The enrollment rate is at its peak as it can accommodate more than thirty thousand undergraduates.  The competition for admission is also notable so that the rate of acceptance is at its medium level. It has a range of high-quality graduate programs to offer. Three very distinctive degrees are also the highlights of the university.  A Ph.D. degree, a Master’s Research and Theory degree, and a Journalism Pro-track Master’s degree are the three. Majors in several important subjects are included in the list of the university. The graduating rate is not very high, but still, the students who pass out acquire proper and decent vocations. The professors seem to be very serious in their jobs and dedicated to doing. Students generally contend the way they are getting the desired lessons. The place itself is a beautiful location and has copious resources. They even provide career advice and guidance, cognitive therapy, and accommodation facility at the university. Student organizations are also plenty in number.

Founded In: 1883
Acceptance Rate: 32%
SAT: 1230-1480
GPA: 3.68
Tuition: $15,502
Contact: 512-471-1845
Rank: 7
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8. Wake Forest University- Journalism Program 

The elite university situated in Winston-Salem, North Carolina, in the Greensboro Area is Wake Forest University. The institution is a mid-sized one with a large intake of undergraduate students. Admissions are competitive, so the acceptance rate is low. Majors are provided in various subjects, out of which communication B.A. is a significant one. The number of students who graduate is comparatively higher and the career prospects taken up by the graduates are also attractive. The department of communications is a well admired major at the university. Communication majors may focus on Communication Science; Health, Environment and Risk Communication; Integrated Communication Strategies, Media Studies; and Public Advocacy. The Department of Communication tenders its majors the prospect to ponder in exceptional areas of study.

Founded In: 1834
Acceptance Rate: 30%
SAT: 1270-1410
GPA: 3.9
Tuition: $24,800
Contact: 336.758.5000
Rank: 8
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9. The University of Georgia – Film, Television, and Digital Media (MFA)

Georgia is a high-class university with high ratings and is situated in Athens. The university comes with complete resources and channels to develop their individuality and enthusiasm. There are accurate surroundings for a student to evolve into the progressive stage of life with the tailgates, the athletics, the traditions, and the activities. Beyond that, the positioning at Downtown Athens is a unique position to various communities. The current course on film, television, and digital media is an innovative one. It makes the students ready in dealing with contemporary production practices, specifically in producing, writing, directing, and management, in addition to the promising digital media fields. Students will produce substance across numerous platforms and find creative and management positions surrounded by the altering media landscape of film, television, and digital media. The enrollment rate is high as it is a large institution. Admission to the place is highly competitive, so accepting the students is medium. Well-liked majors are considered at the university, which includes the MFA course too. The graduation rate is high due to the fine status of education being made available for the students. The students can have a highly safe and secure situation on the campus. The dormitory and dining facilities are incredibly excellent. Varsity sports also form a crucial part of life at the campus.

Founded In: 1785
Acceptance Rate: 45%
SAT: 1440-1550
GPA: 4.0
Tuition: $15,961
Contact: 706-542-3000
Rank: 9
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10. Washington and Lee University – Journalism and Communications

The university seeks students from all around the world who are academically brilliant, interested, and occupied. The training given for students makes them the best and can make changes in people around them. The education process is reasonable with the financial aids and merit-based scholarship programs. The students studying there have got positive experiences from the professors and are approved of the effort being put in during the classes. The availability of required classes is more accessible, and the workload is manageable. The specific course on journalism and communication is provided through a professional eye. The students are made to think critically, converse evidently, and entirely be acquainted with the role of news, public relations, and other forms of media in a complimentary society. The faculty is extensively academic and professionally forward and helps attain higher altitudes by the students. The students also are made to face the world with a broadened mind with habits of honor, careful analysis, reasoned communication, and excellent writing in a progressively more assorted and pluralistic culture.

Founded In: 1749
Acceptance Rate: 19%
SAT: 1360-1500
GPA: 3.96
Tuition: $23,301
Contact: (540) 458-8400
Rank: 10
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