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Best John Grisham Books

America’s best storyteller and number 1 bestselling author John Grisham gained recognition from his legal thrillers that were not unique in their content but also equally intriguing. His legal fictions turned out to be so appealing to readers that 9 of his novels were adapted into films and series.

Grisham is an attorney by profession, and it is the reason behind his writing of legal fictions related to crimes, deaths, investigations and the scenarios at court. For readers who have been admiring the works of Arthur Conan Doyle and Agatha Christie for years, Grisham has brought for them the best of modern fiction that are directly related to his experience. Here are the list of best books written by Grisham so far that are a must-read:

1. The Firm: A Novel

Published in 1991, The Firm has a very interesting plot revolving around the protagonist Mitch McDeere and his experiences after being employed at the Bendini, Lambert, and Locke, a mysterious law firm. The Firm was adapted as a film in 1993 after its major hit, and the role of Mitch was played by the best actor of all time Tom Cruise.

Mitch’s first day at work is all about attending funerals of his two colleagues who died in a bizarre scuba diving accident. But when Mitch notices the names of other deceased attorneys, he becomes suspicious of the number of deaths and contacts Eddie Lomax, a private investigator and a dear friend of his brother Ray for help. The events that unfold later on in the plot are mysterious and shocking. Will Mitch be able to solve the mystery and save himself? A mystery that is left for the readers to discover in the text.

2. The Pelican Brief

The Pelican Brief was published in the year 1992 and was also adapted as a film in the year 1993. This suspense thriller of Grisham revolves around the young lawyer Derby Shaw who finds her life in danger after taking up a serious murder case. The mysterious murder of two Supreme Court Justices makes Derby the next target of the murderer when she tries to unfold and unveil the truth. How will Derby protect herself and present the truth at court? Will she be able to catch the murderer? You will have to read the text to find these answers.

3. The Client

Another very popular legal thriller by Grisham, The Client, has an appealing plot revolving around a very young boy of 11named Mark and struggles to battle between mob and law for unconsciously getting involved in a crucial matter. On witnessing the suicide of a Lawyer and having information about a politician’s death, it makes him a target of the mafia boss. Mark then hires a lawyer to protect him from the dangerous mafia who wants to take away his life.

The Client has proven to be a huge hit among teenagers and adult readers for its intriguing plot, the struggle and fear of an 11-year-old, And the question, will he be able to save himself from the world of Mafia? The novel was adapted as a film in the year of 1994 and was a hit.

4. The Street Lawyer

An anonymous man who addresses him as “Mister” breaks into a popular law firm in Washington DC, forcibly holds the lawyers as hostages to extract information about an eviction that was going to take place, and in the process is shot down by the police. Michael Brok, a lawyer, was one among the hostages who becomes curious about the incident and investigates the mystery behind it. An engaging plot and incidents make this novel a must-read.

5. The Runaway Jury

Another captivating legal thriller by Grisham, The Runaway Jury revolves around the small town of Mississippi where a widow Celeste Wood, wants to sue a tobacco company that caused the premature death of her husband. The novel features Celeste and the big tobacco company Pynex; the main interest lies in the process of Jury selection and the consequences that follow. Will Celeste have enough cause to win the case? Or Pynex will find ways to let her down is a matter to discover in the novel.

6. A Time to Kill

A Time to Kill was Grisham’s first-ever published work. Though the plot was captivating, the novel failed to gain recognition instantly; however, after years, readers began to rediscover the text and praised it. The plot revolves around a sensitive case, two white men raping a young black girl and her father shooting them down openly for revenge. Even though the whole town knows Carl Lee Hailey has shot two white men, a daring lawyer Jake Brigance, who is also a family friend of Hailey’s, takes up the case on his hands hopelessly and tries to defend for him to seek justice for Carl. This novel by Grisham is undoubtedly one of his best.

7. The Testament

The Testament is the story of a billionaire Troy Phelan, who signs his controversial will moments before committing suicide and leaves all of his possessions for his illegitimate daughter, Rachel, who is a missionary and lives with the Ipaca Indians in Brazil. This decision by Troy leaves his ex-wives and their children in rage and try every way to fight their cause.

The main focus of the story is put on the journey of Nate O’ Riley, the lawyer, who goes on to find Rachel. Will Nate Find Rachel? Will she accept her inheritance leaving behind her simple life? The story has much more to reveal until the end.

8. Camino Island

A mystery novel features the heist of the five original manuscripts of F. Scott Fitzgerald from the Firestone Library at Princeton University that is insured for 25 million dollars. Mercer Mann is an aspiring novelist contacted by a mysterious woman informing him of the rare book dealer at Camino Islands in Florida, who might have some connections with the heist. The story then proceeds with Mann’s quest to find out the manuscripts and the people behind the master plan. Camino Islands by Grisham will keep readers glued to the text for its captivating plot.

9. The Whistler

Another popular legal thriller published in the year 2016, The Whistler the novel portrays real-life casino corruptions in the United States through the investigations of the two characters Lacy Stoltz and Hugo Hatch. Together they investigate a sinister operation, a plotted murder at the casino that leads to their discovery of judicial misbehaviour.

10. The Last Juror

The last notable novel by Grisham on our list, The Last Juror, is a crime thriller narrated by the protagonist Willie Tray who struggles to become a journalist. After having found a job at a local newspaper in Mississippi and shortly after getting promoted as an editor, Willie learns of the brutal rape of a widow Rhoda Kassellaw. Before her death, Rhoda accuses Danny Padgitt, who is reputed to belong to a bootlegging, criminal family. When Willie covers the news and the case is taken up to the court, he is accused by Danny’s attorney of sensationalizing the news.

Will Willie be able to become a successful journalist? And will Danny receive the punishment he deserves for the heinous crime he had committed? The novel has the answer to not only these questions but also records many shocking events.

We hope these 10 books by John Grisham will be a great pleasure for you to read. Also, watching the movies after reading the original novels will be an amazing experience of seeing the characters and incidents come to life.

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