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Best Jobs for College Dropouts

Planning to search for a higher-paying, more satisfying career? You’re not alone, if so. A fairly popular New Year’s resolution, year after year, is having a better job — particularly lately when so many Americans are concerned with boosting their income. Many wrongly assume that before they can start earning a respectable wage, they need to spend years in school or have a large amount of job experience under their belt; this is actually a misconception. In reality, there are a variety of lucrative jobs out there that don’t even require a college degree.

You may also have a successful future as a college dropout, while graduation from college provides you with many work openings. Knowing your job opportunities will help you decide whether you should remain enrolled or leave college entirely. If you’re ready to hit your earning potential this year, the following 10 jobs will help you get there.

Waste Disposal Personnel

These professionals collect, handle and dispose of waste materials; they might work in recycling centres, provide remediation services, provide septic pumping or perform other services related to waste removal. The average pay for waste disposal workers is $25 per hour, even though the only prerequisite for the job is usually a high school diploma.


Turn your ardour for wine tasting into a fruitful career. A sommelier may work in a restaurant, assisting clients to choose out a bottle of wine to complement their meal. Or, she or he may prepare the restaurant’s wine cellar and assist create food and wine pairings. Generally, a college degree is not required to become a sommelier; However, by taking an official sommelier course, such as one of the exams offered by the Court of Master Sommeliers, you can increase your chances of landing a job. The median annual salary for a sommelier is $ 53,733 and typically ranges from $ 41,308 to $ 66,139.

Female sommelier

Bingo Manager

If you have a high school diploma or the equivalent of five years of experience, you could land a lucrative job as a bingo manager; yes, bingo manager. reports that the median annual salary for this profession is $59,935, but some salaries are as high as $96,019. A bingo manager does more than just yell “B-7!” during a game of bingo. This person oversees the daily activities of the bingo department, making sure jackpots and payouts are approved and the appropriate forms are completed.

Handsome male client signing document on a meeting with real estate agent.

Lodging Manager

A lodging manager helps ensure the smooth operation of a hotel, motel, or other lodging institution and that the visitors have a nice time. Usually, duties include checking rooms for cleanliness, setting room prices, answering questions from visitors, monitoring members of staff, and more. A high school diploma or similar is usually the minimum qualification required for the work, according to the BLS. The median annual salary for this career was $47,680, and the mean annual salary was $57,230.

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Massage Therapist

Embark on a new career direction that encourages health and makes consumers in their own skin feel healthier. To control their client’s muscles and soft tissues, massage therapists use touch. They help to ease pain, cure bruises, increase circulation and offer relief in general. In a spa or clinic, a massage therapist operates, assessing clients and working to manipulate their bodies to heal bruises and stressed body regions. Requirements for being a massage therapist differ by state, although it is typically a prerequisite to participate in a postsecondary massage therapy program providing around 500 hours of classroom instruction and practice.


Insurance Agent

A service specialist responsible for marketing products to potential clients and retaining current customers is an insurance agent. As an insurance agent, you would need to be informed of the company’s multiple types of plans to help clients find the right choice for their needs. They oversee their consumer portfolio, administer product renewals, ensure that insurance plans fulfil their customers’ needs, evaluate the current policies of a customer, and clarify to potential and prospective customers various policies. A high school diploma is a minimum qualification required to become an insurance agent. Insurance agents earn a minimum annual income of $47,860, however, estimates show the overall annual pay is an incredible $63,730.

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Equipment Operator

Operators of equipment, such as pile-drivers, operate heavy machinery to construct houses, bridges, and highways. Many employees are expected to get a diploma or equivalent from high school, and many are educated on the job. The mean and median annual earnings for this occupation were $48,020 and $43,510, respectively, according to the BLS.

Portrait of a young worker in a hard hat at a large metalworking plant

Claims Adjuster

The claims adjuster analyses the case after a client submits a claim to an insurance provider to assess whether the company can cover the claim and decides the actual amount of money to be paid. In order to assist with an investigation, they talk with witnesses, study police records and obtain information from multiple outlets. The required qualification to become an entry-level claims adjuster is usually a high school diploma or similar. The average annual wage is $63,500, and for this occupation, the median annual wage is marginally more than $62,220.

Insurance agent writing document on clipboard examining car after accident, insurance concept

Real Estate Broker

You will be certified to run your own real estate company as a real estate broker, helping buyers buy, sell, purchase and rent residential and commercial properties. To get them the best possible deal, brokers will serve the buyer or seller. The minimum qualification needed to become a real estate broker is a high school diploma or similar, but you’ll need to consult with your state for unique licensing requirements. According to the BLS, a real estate broker’s median income is $40,990 per year. The mean annual salary, meanwhile, is $55,530.

Real estate agent meeting with clients

Telecom Technician

An installer and repairer of telecommunications equipment set up and manages computers with internet connectivity, a telephone connection, or others holding a signal for contact. As required, they also perform upgrades. They detect any device failures by diagnostic tests and order new parts and components before making repairs. A type of postsecondary education, such as a certificate or diploma from a local community college, is usually required to be qualified for jobs in the industry. But, on-the-job training is still provided by most employers.

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