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Best IT Online Schools

The best thing about information technology is the future is booming. Not only will you land a great job, but also you will be getting a hefty paycheck. Professionals in these positions earned a median annual wage of $88,240 as of 2020.  As the world increasingly relies on computerized systems, the need for qualified IT professionals permeates all aspects of business and commerce.

Moreover, this covid has made us realize how many online schools can be productive. Instead of spending a lot of money on offline school, doing the same online program will be very cost-efficient and help productivity. Further, The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) projects an 11% increase in computer and IT jobs nationwide from 2019 to 2029. In this article, I have enlisted the top 10 best Information Technology programs offered by the top schools. All these programs are offered exclusively online. So whether you want to get into a career doing computer programming, database administration, or cybersecurity, these following courses will help you with it.

1. Florida International University

Ranked right at first, Florida International University is a great university with an acceptance rate of 58 percent. The bachelor’s degree in Information Technology is a top-notch program offered completely online. The university is very diverse and has a great campus for students.

The 120-credit curriculum emphasizes hands-on skills development to prepare graduates for real, professional applications. The length of the program is four years, and the tuition is  346rs per credit. Moreover, the highlight of the program is it is accredited with the renowned SACSCOC.

Founded In: 1965
Tuition: $23,865 (before aid)
ACT Avg: 23
SAT Avg: 1110
Acceptance Rate: 58%
GPA: 3.3
Rank: #1 of Best IT Online Schools in US
Contact: +1 305-348-2000
Financial Aid: Below are some of the best funding programs
Teacher Education Assistance for College and Higher Education (TEACH) Grant – 4,000 $ – Educational Fund
NCAA Postgraduate Scholarship – $10,000- Need-based Fund

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2. Colorado State University-Global Campus

Located in Aurora, Colorado State University-Global Campus is a significant public institution considered one of the ivy leagues. It is an excellent research study with attractive opportunities for the students. Approximately 85% of CSU Global’s 12,600 students are over the age of 25.

The Information Technology Program offered by CSU is a first-class curriculum that will prepare you for the future of tech. A year after graduating, CSU Global IT program alumni report an average pay increase of nearly 15%. Top titles held by alumni include network engineer, help desk specialist, and systems administrator. So this program is highly recommended.

Founded In: 2007
Tuition: N/A
ACT Avg: 23
SAT Avg: 1070
Acceptance Rate: 99%
GPA: 3.2
Rank: #2 of Best IT Online Schools in the US
Contact: +1 800-920-6723
Financial Aid: Below are some of the best funding programs
Clifford and Siegfried Upton Scholarship- 1000$-Educational Fund
Leta Stetter Hollingworth Fellowship- Educational Fund

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3. DePaul University

DePaul University is one of the finest IT universities located in Illinois. It is the best Uni in Chicago with a great campus environment. DePaul University is a large institution that is entirely Christian. It is a bit challenging to get in with a 71 percent graduation rate.

DePaul’s online bachelor’s in information technology develops student skills in computing technologies and business concepts. Within six months of graduation, 93% of reporting computing school alumni were working, continuing their education, or not actively seeking employment. So this 192 credit program is highly recommended.

Founded In: 1898
Tuition: $ 41,202(before aid)
ACT Avg: 29
SAT Avg: 1300
Acceptance Rate: 68%
GPA: 3.75
Rank: #3 of Best IT Online Schools in US.
Contact: +1 312-362-8300
Financial Aid: Below are some of the best funding programs
Auger and Auger’s disabled scholar award-5,000 $- Educational Fund

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4. Liberty University

Liberty University is yet another private Christian university with over 85000 students studying on this extraordinaire campus. The tuition fee is a bit high since we have to pay 390 dollars per credit. The IT program has a total of 120 credits for its online program.

When it comes to IT, they have the best fields to specialize in and bag great opportunities whilst studying. The following nuances; application and database development, data networking and security, web and mobile programming, and game design, are very popular at Liberty University.

Founded In: 1971
Tuition: $40,977 (before aid)
ACT Avg: 21
SAT Avg: 1040
Acceptance Rate: 51%
GPA: 3.0
Rank: #4 of Best IT Online Schools in US.
Contact: +1 855-814-8615
Financial Aid: Below are some of the best funding programs
James Rhio O’Connor Memorial Scholarship Fund- 2,000 $- Educational Fund

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5. George Mason University

How can I miss George Mason University when the article is related to information technology? This University has excellent resources for research as well as education. The Uni is located in Fairfax, VA.  It is the largest research university located in Virginia.

The highlight of this IT undergrad online program is The 120-credit degree holds programmatic accreditation from the Computing Accreditation Commission of ABET. The length of the program is four years, and it can be completed entirely online through both asynchronous and synchronous methods.

Founded In: 1949
Tuition: $ 29,166(before aid)
ACT Avg: 24
SAT Avg: 1100
Acceptance Rate: 87%
GPA: 3.2
Rank: #5 of Best IT Online Schools in US.
Contact: +1 703-993-1000
Financial Aid: Below are some of the best funding programs
Augustana Academic Scholarships- 24,000$- Educational Fund

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6. New Mexico State University

New Mexico State University is one of the universities where it is challenging to get enrollment. The average graduation rate of the uni is just 69 percent. But, moreover, it is, hands down, one of the most diverse universities with over 14,300 students from 49 states and 89 foreign countries.

The highlights of the undergrad IT program offered by the New Mexico State University are Java programming, digital forensics and incident response, and ethical hacking. The industrial experts provide all these programs, and the faculties are very well qualified in these contemporary subjects.

Founded In: 1888
Tuition: $ 22,281(before aid)
ACT Avg: N/A
SAT Avg: 945
Acceptance Rate: 55%
GPA: 3.52
Rank: #6 of Best IT Online Schools in US.
Contact: +1 575-646-0111
Financial Aid: The school does not currently provide scholarships.

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7. Regis University

Regis University is a tiny institution with an excellent infrastructure for education. The graduation rate is 69 percent, and it is very challenging to get since only 2,500 students attend the Catholic institution each year. They also have a balanced 10:1 student-faculty ratio.

They not only offer programs that have succumbed to IT. It also comes with various activities such as participating in  Misericordia’s business professionals association, study abroad and study away programs, or a professional internship. Therefore, this Unit is highly recommended for IT enthusiasts.

Founded In: 1877
Tuition: $55,508 (before aid)
ACT Avg: 21
SAT Avg: 1030
Acceptance Rate: 71%
GPA: 2.9
Rank: #7 of Best IT Online Schools in US.
Contact: +1 800-388-2366
Financial Aid: The school does not provide scholarships currently.

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8. California Baptist University

California Baptist University is not yet another Cristian university. Located in Riverside, California, it offers the best IT programs in California. The highlight of the University is CBU operates a thriving online learning division with over 40 in-demand degrees.

Regarding e data structures, e-commerce systems development, and advanced business networking, the CBU offers the best undergrad programs that will eventually take four years to complete. It is a  124 credit program curriculum where it costs 613 dollars per credit.

Founded In: 1950
Tuition: $50,228 (before aid)
ACT Avg: 17
SAT Avg: 950
Acceptance Rate: 78%
GPA: 2.5
Rank: #1 of Best IT Online Schools in US.
Contact: +1 951-689-5771
Financial Aid: Below are some of the best funding programs
Admissions Academic Merit Scholarship- 20,000$(total) – Educational Fund
Pace Presidential Scholarship- 50,000$(total) – Merit Scholarship

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9. Loyola University Chicago

Loyola welcomes around 17,000 students to its downtown Chicago campus each year. Built on a Jesuit Catholic mission, they offer great accredited programs for all the students who get enrolled on the challenging enrollment. With hybrid as well as online courses, they have great opportunities made available for IT enthusiasts.

Since it is an online program, they have shifted everything to online mode through transparent and flexible online programs. The highlight of the online classes Is Loyola offers Library services, technical support, tutoring, and confidential email or phone appointments with the school’s chaplain.

Founded In: 1870
Tuition: $ 63,123 (before aid)
ACT Avg: 25
SAT Avg: 1130
Acceptance Rate: 67%
GPA: 3.5
Rank: #9 of Best IT Online Schools in US.
Contact: +1 773-274-3000
Financial Aid: The school does not provide scholarships currently.

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10. Misericordia University

Sisters of Mercy founded Misericordia in northeast Pennsylvania long back in 1924. They have a stellar reputation for offering a wide range of undergrad programs based on Misericordiauniversity. They have over 40 plus clubs and organizations to engage in apart from the undergrad curriculum.

The highlight of studying in this Unit is the average salary of the first-year student after graduation is 64000$ which is comparatively very high. Moreover, Misericordia provides paid field internships to qualified graduates who do not receive a job offer or gain admittance to graduate school within six months of graduation.

Founded In: 1924
Tuition: $ 51,030(before aid)
ACT Avg: 22
SAT Avg: 1040
Acceptance Rate: 86%
GPA: 3.0
Rank: #10 of Best IT Online Schools in US.
Contact: +1 570-674-6400
Financial Aid: Below are some of the best funding programs
Women’s Leadership Award and Program- 10,000 $- Educational Fund.

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