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Best Insurance Pre-Licensing Courses

The insurance industry is one of the most popular career options today. Whether you want to be an insurance agent or work in some other role, proper training is mandatory to achieve success. To officially be an insurance agent, you have to be awarded an insurance license. And for that, you have to clear the licensing exam. Clearing the licensing exam is no easy task and you have to seek proper guidance and training to get through it and to kickstart your career. And not all insurance courses are the same. Some can be a real waste of time and money, so you have to be really careful in choosing one.

Insurances courses should be interactive and should include real-life scenarios to make you familiar with dealing with all sorts of clients. They should also provide you with additional resources like quizzes and mock tests. Completion of a well-tailored pre-license insurance course ensures that you easily clear the licensing exam. Here are the top 10 insurance courses you can do.

1. Bachelor of Science In Insurance and Risk Management (Offline)

Indiana State University offers a bachelor of science (BS) degree in insurance and risk management. The program provides students with the practical and theoretical knowledge needed for the leadership role. Upon completion, students have the skills, risk management and insurance information, ethics, technical ability, and confidence needed to succeed in the insurance and financial services industry. The study project covers a wide range of liberal studies and business courses, as well as a wide range of challenging courses focusing on all major aspects of insurance, disaster management, and financial planning. All of these courses are subject to insurance programs and disaster risk management programs nationwide and serve as the basis for technical and licensing positions. Students with a bachelor’s degree are eligible to take the course. The total cost of the course is 81,160 USD and the course contains 8 semesters. The course covers all the fundamentals you need to pass the licensing exam.

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2. Bachelor of Science in Business Administration, Risk Management and Insurance (Offline)

The Risk Management and Insurance major prepares you for activities related to identifying, assessing, mitigating, and financing risks facing businesses and individuals alike. The thorough curriculum provides industry-focused information, skills, and technological advancement to help you become a business leader and make decisions. Partner of risk and insurance companies in active business projects to obtain real-world information. Like all undergraduate majors at Barney School, you will also complete an internship before graduating. The internship will give you a lot of real-life experience in dealing with clients and applying what you’ve learnt. The duration of the course is 8 semesters and costs 161,960 USD. All students with a bachelors degree can apply for the course. A minimum GPA of 2.75/4 is also required.

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3. Bachelor of Science in Insurance – Business Information Systems (offline)

The Risk Management and Insurance major at Illinois State University is the Premier, a nationally recognized curriculum that prepares students for insurance and disaster management activities. The Business Information Systems sequence enables students to integrate general insurance and skills in computer programming, program analysis, and program design. The financial aspects of insurance include the collection and administration of premium dollars to pay claims quickly and efficiently and to operate the company profitably. Because the work is so extensive, it is necessary for each individual to identify potential buyers, evaluate potential buyers, pay claims, and manage company funds. Insurers may choose to advise businesses on how to deal with insurance risks effectively rather than working for insurance companies. Although insurance is a financial field, insurance companies need the support of data processing operations performed by computer scientists and researchers.  The duration of the course is 8 semesters and the cost is 107,592 USD. All students with a bachelor’s degree are eligible to apply.

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4. Bachelor of Science in Risk Management and Insurance, St John’s University (Offline)

Risk management and insurance are an integral part of any strategic management organization. It is a process that is used to deal with risks in their operations for the purpose of achieving continuous profits. Risk management and insurance specialists help identify, assess and manage major risks, including natural and man-made disasters. The globalization of economic business and the complexity of our global corporate environment creates a growing demand for highly skilled managers. The degree in Risk Management and Insurance / Business Administration aims to provide students with the tools for risk analysis, transfer, and funding that are critical to the functioning of private and public institutions, as well as to prepare for disaster risk management and insurance. The courses teach students to identify insurance products and explain risk management strategies in companies and show and make decisions about the operation of insurance and related financial services industry firms. The course costs 123,240 USD and lasts for 8 semesters. The only requirement is a bachelor’s degree.

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5. Interviewing Techniques for the Insurance Professional (online)

Interested in learning the secrets that insurance professionals use to make more effective conversations? These lessons from Illumeo Learning illuminate the interview process from start to finish and the major differences between the artistic and scientific communication methods. The course also teaches how even the location of an interview will affect the outcome. Facilitator Barry Zalma also discusses the various methods used by interviewees to obtain information, the impact the discussion site has on interview quality, interview preparation and much more. The course is fully taught online, so you can finish it at your own pace without any pressure. If you sign up, you will get full live access to 1.5 hours of the requested video, 2 articles and 2 downloadable resources. You will also receive a completion certificate when you reach the finish line.  The course costs 75 USD and also gives a 30-day money-back guarantee in case you feel the course is not right for you.

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6. Fundamentals of Insurance (online)

This course is designed for those who need a strong foundation in insurance. The information in this course is designed to prepare its participants to understand the concept and from the concept, you can build upon it a strong structure of this field. This course is part 1 of the fundamentals of insurance and to attend this course you do not need any previous experience; this course is the first step in the journey to learn the fundamentals of insurance. The syllabus helps you to Understand the fundamentals of insurance, risk awareness and risk assessment, meaning of the word risk, risk definitions, type of risk attitude, risk management and risk management functions, type of risk control, insurance, classification of risk, principals of insurance. The course is taught by Bassel Zeiden, who has 6 years of experience teaching insurance professionals. The course lasts for 4.5 hours and costs 30 USD.

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7. Ethics for the Insurance Professional (online)

The ethics for  Insurance professional course is embedded in the philosophical concept of ethics in the insurance industry. Students also learn how to avoid conflicts of interest and how to keep up with ethical behaviour. The student will learn about the various philosophical values ​​of morality and also explore the various ethical concepts that have developed over the past two or three months and how it applies for insurance. The course is perfect for beginners looking to make a mark on the insurance industry. The course features 1.5 hours of on-demand video, 2 articles and 2 downloadable resources. For 75 USD you get lifetime access to all this content. You also get a certificate of completion after successful completion of the course.

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8. An Overview of Insurance Fraud (online)

If you’ve ever wanted to learn more about how insurance fraud is perpetrated, this is the perfect course for you. It’s also from Illumeo learning and introduces students to the various types of insurance fraud, how it’s committed and how to investigate and defeat fraud attempts. Insurance fraud is a very common crime people try to pull off. So it is essential for every insurance professional to be able to detect them. This course teaches you all the most common insurance frauds and how to tackle them. It also covers all the legal actions you can take to beat insurance fraud. The course is fully taught online and you can complete it at your own pace. The price of the course is 75 USD and contains 9 lectures, 2 articles and 2 downloadable resources. The course also awards you a certificate of completion.

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9. Intro to Health Insurance Terminology and Patient Engagement (online)

Health insurance is one of the most important branches of the insurance industry. Health isn’t something that customers mess around with, so every agent working in the health insurance sector should be well versed in all the basics. This course is a compilation of all the basics of health insurance. It can be completed in 45 minutes and contains 5 downloadable resources to help you fully grasp the material. You’ll learn to Differentiate basic insurance jargon, such as HSA, HMO, PPO, or HDHP to select insurance options with increased confidence. The course simplifies all the aspects so as to make it easy for beginners to understand. The course costs 50 USD and gives lifetime access to all the content and also provides a certificate of completion.

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10. Bachelor of Business Administration in Risk Management and Insurance

Develop the technical expertise and strategic vision needed to manage, identify and manage risk with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) in Risk Management and Insurance at Temple University Fox School of Business. The program exposes students to issues of asset risk management, employee risk and international risk. Students also gain in-depth expertise in retirement planning, risk support, health and social services and business risk management. This 124-credit undergraduate degree will prepare students to explore and find solutions to risks that affect the foundation of large corporations and corporations in an international setting. By doing new studies and real-world experience, you will gain the skills needed to reduce risk through insurance and other risk transfer methods. You will also learn to respond to many uncertainties about local debt disclosure and employee benefit plans. Temple offers three tracks within Risk Management and Insurance BBA, depending on your desired subject. Employee Benefits, Health Care Risks, Local Debt and Company Risk. The course costs 150,432 USD and lasts for 8 semesters.

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