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Best Hospital Jobs for College Students

Young minds are always looking for educational workplaces to prepare them for reality. Students who have the desire to work in the healthcare industry and pre-med students who wish to enhance their medical expertise prefer to take up hospital jobs along with their academic schedules. There are a number of options within medical institutions that do not require a vocational degree. These hospital-based occupations are ideal for students seeking to support their medical aspirations.

These jobs can also be eye-openers when it comes to pursuing specific fields in medicine. Students can directly interact with patients, healthcare assistants, experienced physicians and observe the workings of any hospital premises. Any student who wishes to monitor the progress of ICU patients can take up the job of a monitoring assistant. At the same time, others interested in the general administrative proceedings can take up the position of an orderly in any medical facility. An aspiring doctor can work closely with a dietary aide to prepare healthy meals for the patients, while a psychiatric aide will take care of the emotional needs of the patients. Students who are willing to dedicate their time towards serving humanity will look forward to working with stellar medical professionals.

The below-listed jobs with attractive salary bases are a benchmark for students pursuing medicine. These jobs come with huge responsibilities and are meant to be in high-stress environments.

1. Medical Billing

This job allows college students to learn the intricacies of medical bills, patient account coordination, financial management of a hospital system, and account keeping records of the healthcare industry. Medical bill issuers maintain excel sheets, digital paper documents, reimbursement details, billing period updates, and collect payments from patients. They are also responsible for managing medical claims with insurance companies.

They verify the claims process, check the eligibility of the insurance with available facilities that can be granted to the admitted patient, and avoid double-charging the outgoing patients by keeping a check on their outstanding payments. They also deal with patient queries regarding their hospital bills, rule out discrepancies with insurance agents, coordinate with the hospital accounts department and ensure that all the bills are paid on time.

Qualification: Associate Degree or Certification
Salary: $ 34,000 – $ 41,000

2. Personal Care Aid

Students willing to maintain a cordial relationship with the patients can opt for personal care aid, job title with any hospital, rehabilitation center, care homes, and in-home services. They can learn more about interpersonal relationships and become qualified care providers by practicing in-person referral, counseling, and patient service. A care provider acts as a personal assistant for patients with disabilities, seniors, victims of abuse or trauma, and terminally ill patients.

Their main responsibilities are cooking, cleaning, dressing up the patients, taking care of their daily chores, bathing, feeding, keeping a tab on their medical needs, monitoring their diet and nutrition, spending quality time, taking the patient out for leisure activities, reading and educating their family members about special needs.

Qualification: Certification/ On-job-training
Salary: $ 18,610 – $ 24,320

3. Emergency Medical Technician

Paramedics require nerves of steel, students who wish to save lives under high-pressure and traumatic situations can opt for this hospital job. They have to handle life-threatening scenarios all the time; sometimes, victims of accidents or medical scares may lose their life. An emergency medical technician must be prepared to handle such delicate situations with medical precision.

The primary duty of an EMT is to assure that the patient remains alive while transported from the scene of the accident to the hospital premises. A paramedic must also be apt in giving CPR, apply stitches/bandages, check vital signs, and be able to administer emergency medical treatments on the spot.

Qualification: Certification/ Attending live session/Classes
Salary: $ 34,785 – $ 44,389

4. Phlebotomist

The medical profession, which involves blood sampling for medical tests and procedures, is a Phlebotomist. Students who wish to train for this job need the expertise of 200 hours of training which includes 100 successful venipunctures and 25 skin punctures. They also need to pass the clinical trials implemented by the National Phlebotomy Association. The primary responsibility of the Phlebotome is to store blood samples from the patient for laboratory analysis. Through these samples, a patient will receive reports about their blood sugar level, diet deficiencies, hidden illnesses, and diagnosis for medical doses.

Along with blood collection, a Phlebotomist is also responsible for the safety of the blood samples during transportation to the lab, labeling the collected blood, and storing the blood samples in proper containers to avoid the risk of contamination. They are employed in healthcare facilities, clinical laboratories, blood donation centers, nursing homes, and private clinics.

Qualification: Certification with 200 hours of training
Salary: $ 15.33 hourly

5. Medical Assistant

As one of the largest jobs in health care, medical assistants are the backbone of the administrative services provided in any medical facility. The work of a medical assistant is to focus on the maintenance of medical records, bookkeeping and accurate filing of medical bills, updating patient records, and authorizing the re-supply of medication. They are likewise responsible for performing clinical tasks, recording vital signs of the incoming patients, assigning the rooms, performing lab tests when needed, and picking up specimens from the patients for trying out.

They also serve as personal care providers from time to time and help patients with their prescriptions and nutritional needs. Overall, they are qualified to carry out basic tasks when the medical nurse is not present or engaged in other tasks.

Qualification: High School Diploma/Certification
Salary: $ 30,142 – $ 35,297

6. Transporter

This job doesn’t require any medical qualification; the only prerequisite is to know the layout of the hospital. The primary responsibility is to assist patients in transitioning from one service or floor of the hospital to another. Patients are transported via a wheelchair, stretchers, and hospital beds for medical procedures such as radiography, computed tomography, MRI, operating room, or moving out of hospital while being discharged.

Students who have the ability to initiate interesting conversations, provide advice, display a friendly attitude, have listening skills, and maintain healthy relationships can apply for the position of the transporter.

Qualification: High School/ Graduate 
Salary: $ 12 – $ 15/ per hour

7. Dietary Aide

This is a multifunctional job that requires a diet assistant in medical conditions. A dietary aide is responsible for maintaining the nutritional demands of the patient. They also collaborate with many departments in the hospital and are not restricted to a specific section of the health care facility. Dietary assistants work with caregivers and physicians to record the dietary supplements to recover. They deliver the food to the wards, take stock of the inventory, maintain the nutritional level of the food items and follow hospital protocols.

They are also responsible for the sanitary conditions of provisions and the maintenance of food security standards. Students who want to work in hospitals on a routine basis and their academic aspirations are eligible for this position.

Qualification: Certification with training
Salary: $ 15,500 – $ 26,500

8. Psychiatric Aide

This position is aimed at empathizing who believe in listening to mental health survivors and psychologically disturbed patients. The responsibilities of a psychiatric aide are primarily to help patients who are experiencing emotional and mental distress. They have to be good guidance counselors, aide the psychiatric staff in restraining violent patients, disinfecting the rooms, maintaining case study records, serving food to the in-house patients, and assisting in recreational activities.

Students can apply to mental health agencies, correctional institutions, institutions for women and child welfare, and work with psychiatrists who have their practice.

Qualification: High School diploma/ GED
Salary: $ 22,000 – $ 40,000

9. Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA)

This job doesn’t require a particular certification; rather, the student will have to take CNA classes and pass a competency exam to become a certified nursing assistant. They have a wide-ranging prospectus on employment opportunities in assisted living centers, hospitals, retirement homes, and nursing homes. CNA always works under the direction of a registered nurse (RN) at any medical institution.

The primary duties of a CNA include checking the vital signs and recording the body temperature, becoming a bridge between the RN and the patients, recording the patient’s recovery pattern, feeding, cleaning the room, dressing wounds, and helping with therapeutic measures to ensure the safety and medical comfort of the patients.  

Qualification: Certification
Salary: $ 15/ per hour

10. Medical Scribe

An excellent opportunity for future physicians and undergraduates from the College of Medicine who wish to pursue a career in health care. This position is highly recommended by medical schools to gain practical experience about the professional expectations of a well-trained doctor. The primary responsibility of a medical scribe is to become the point of contact between the physician and patients. From the time an appointment is made, and the patient’s record is kept, the medical scribe also follows the visiting physician during hospital visits.

They track the patient’s recovery progress and observe the doctor during medical procedures. Thus, qualified education is provided in advance to any student who seeks to become a successful physician.

Qualification: Training at the Scribe Headquarters
Salary: $ 17.26/ per hour


With the above hospital jobs, students can gain expertise to perform emergency medical assistance before the actual assistance arrives. These important positions give an attractive boost to the resumé. Many students work in hospitals while attending medical school to gain knowledge of the health industry. The above-remunerated opportunities are an entry point for becoming qualified medical professionals.

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