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Best Homeschool Programs for High school

With yet another variant having struck our nation,  there is no doubt that schools are not going to be open anytime soon. This has caused a huge rise in demand for homeschooling programs since students are going for part-time jobs and need a flexible yet effective schooling program. But a good thing about the previous lockdowns is, parents have realised the benefits arising out of homeschooling. In fact, According to a recent survey, 41 percent of families say they are more likely to put their children in homeschool programs after lockdowns end.

So if you are looking for a homeschooling program that will benefit you, then you have come to the right place. In this article, I have handpicked the top 10 homeschooling programs that will help you provide the best curriculum for academics. All the following programs are adaptable to different teaching styles. So what are we waiting for? Let us get started.


If you are looking for a more customizable K12 program, then I would highly recommend taking k12. The curriculum provided by the school is fully based on the basic public school method. All the teachers who take the classes are state-certified teachers who have great credibility.

K12’s online homeschool options include tuition-free, virtual public schools for students in grades K-12. It also comes with different options like summer school, standalone courses, which will help them specialize in particular programs. They provide access to their first-class E-Library too.

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2. Connections Academy

The main concern for every homeschooling student is the lack of social skills derived due to studying at home. But Connections Academy provides great opportunities for students to take part in online clubs and peer activities to develop meaningful friendships.

It is a tuition-free online public school that has a decent graduation rate than other top-class homeschooling programs. It is the most affordable program you will ever find. Even textbooks and other instructional materials are provided free of charge.

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3. Khan Academy

If you are looking for a first-class platform where you will find Ap enrolment programs and STEM coaching, then Khan Academy is the best choice for you. The classes will be taken through video lessons, quizzes, and tests to keep the classes more engaging.

If you like coding and want to improve your knowledge on that, Khan Academy provides world-class options for you. They even provide free SAT preparation materials for their students. The content provided by the school is highly advanced and is recommended.

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4. edX

edX is a world-class educational platform if you’re looking for a homeschooling curriculum that is highly advanced and taught by individuals from ivy league schools. If you are looking for the best college-prep high school, then EdX is the best option.

Most of the courses are hosted by top universities like Harvard and MIT. The highlight is you can even transfer your credits when you go to college after picking up the desired program. Some programs are self-paced, and some are instructed by qualified professors.’

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5. CK-12 Foundation

Let’s admit it; it is not easy to sit through the whole day at home and have the concentration to study through homeschooling programs. So considering all these aspects, CK-12 Foundation has designed the curriculum in a way that will intrigue all its students to study.

The platform uses games and interactive learning techniques to keep the juices going. Simulations and the Play, Learn, Interact, Explore (PLIX) series integrate graphics and games into lessons about STEM concepts.

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6. CTC Math

If you are looking for a top-class math-infused curriculum, I would highly recommend CTC Math. It is a world-class educational platform that specializes in providing online video tutorials that take a multi-sensory approach to learning.

The programs are taught by internationally recognized teachers like Pat Murray, who is a great mathematician. The platform also provides detailed progress reports to have an understanding of your daily progress.

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7. Code Wizards HQ

If you are looking for an online educational platform that will help you get great coding skills, then Code Wizards HQ. The reason why this platform is very popular and recommended for students is that they have a whopping 93% success rate.

Whether you want to excel in  Python, Java, HTML/CSS, or even JavaScript, this platform is the right place for you to start your career here. They provide a flexible homeschooling schedule that will help you with completing your other chores.

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8. The American Heritage Education Foundation (AHEF)

The American Heritage Education Foundation (AHEF) is a first-class non-profit organization that provides homeschooling training for passionate students. They have been in the market for 25 years, so the credibility of completing your school on this platform is high.

Not only will you get basic educational classes but also K-12 lesson plans, historical readings, and other educational resources on America’s founding documents, history, and philosophy which will intrigue your interest in history and other subjects.

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9. Sycamore Academy

If you are looking for a school that will provide a world-class curriculum that will be provided through live classes and not recorded lectures, then I would highly recommend you to go for Sycamore Academy. Even if you want to go for a school that offers self-paced programs, this platform offers.

It is also noteworthy that Sycamore Academy is a winner of the Best Middle School & High School Homeschool Curriculum & Resources of 2021. This program is highly recommended.

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10. Homeschool American

If you’re looking for a homeschool that offers a first-class updated curriculum that will put more emphasis on history, then you have come to the right place. Moreover, The course includes a professionally printed color workbook full of diverse activities designed by an experienced educator to engage learners. The classes are offered by first-class instructors who have high experience in their field.

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