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Best Herbalist Schools

People have relied on powder nutrients, teas, tinctures, and skin lotions for thousands of years to cure anything from skin rashes to minor depression. Plant leaves, flowers, roots, and bark are used to make herbal supplements, often known as botanicals. A herbalist is a person who heals using plants. Although some professionals are also referred to as medical herbalists, these practitioners are not medical professionals. Herbalists seek to identify the source of sickness. Herbs will be chosen by practitioners according to symptoms of the patient or ailments that a patient describes during their appointment. They will also do a clinical examination, check specific regions of the body, and write a unique prescription for you. Patients can opt for a single herbal treatment or a mix of herbal supplements.

Herbalists do not have a standardized training or certification curriculum, which distinguishes them from doctors who have completed medical school. Some colleges provide graduate-level clinical herbal medicine programs, which encourage students to mix evidence-based research and traditional herbal therapy. Memberships and credentials are available from other organizations, such as the American Herbalist Guild (AHG). Before clinicians can qualify for the title of Registered Herbalist, the AHG needs 400 hours of training and clinical experience.

We have put together a list of the top 10 best colleges where you can do a herbalism course. You can choose your favorite college from among these.

1. Maryland University of International Health

Herbal supplement use among consumers is increasing, and students of the M.S. Clinical Herbalism program will be equipped to operate as clinicians with the knowledge and resources to deliver whole-person, relationship-centered healthcare. MUIH is home to the only locally certified M.S. Clinical Herbal Medicine program. Discover the therapeutic properties of plants from one of the country’s leading research universities for natural and integrative health. Students will learn how to integrate herbal medicine ideas, methods, and concepts into the formulation and implementation of therapeutic strategies and real-world solutions.

For incorporation into the modern healthcare system, students combine scientific facts with traditional and pragmatic herbal experiences. MUIH’s curriculum prepares students into becoming clinical herbalists and pioneers in the integration of herbal remedies into modern healthcare by equipping them with critical thinking skills, health information literacy, and herbal medicine knowledge. It offers students hands-on learning opportunities through an experiential learning curriculum. This 36-credit program can be completed in two years in either an online or hybrid style (6 trimesters).

Founded In: 1981
Tuition: $26,270
Location: Maryland
Ranking: 1
Contact: +1 410-888-9048
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2. New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine

New York State has granted the merged degrees of Bachelor of Professional Studies in Health Science / Master of Science in Acupuncture and Bachelor of Professional Studies in Health Science / Master of Science in Acupuncture with Chinese Herbal Medicine to New York College of Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Graduates of a Bachelor’s degree program are not deemed to have earned an ACAOM certified or pre-accredited degree, and they cannot use ACAOM certification or pre-accreditation for occupational licensure or other reasons. As a result, the Bachelor of Professional Studies is not offered as a stand-alone program by NYCTCM but rather as part of a merged degree. The American Council on Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (ACAOM) is recognized by the U.S. Department of Education as the specialist accreditation body for universities that prepare acupuncture and Oriental medicine practitioners.

Founded In: 1996
Tuition: $13,608
Location: Mineola
Ranking: 2
Contact: +1 516-739-1545
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3. Pacific College of Health and Science

You’ll blend perfectly in and flourish at Pacific College in a society of enthusiastic, highly qualified comprehensive and integrated medicine advocates like yourself. Pacific College (formerly Pacific College of Oriental Medicine, or PCOM), which has been deeply embedded in Chinese medicine since 1986 and is still the largest acupuncture college and Chinese medical college in the U.S., has grown substantially in recent years to offer other holistic care certificates and holistic health degrees at the Bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate levels.

Founded In: 1986
Tuition: $6880
Location: Chicago
Ranking: 3
Contact: +1 773-477-4822
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4. Southwest Institute of Healing Arts

Southwest Institute of Healing Arts is a globally certified, award-winning college dedicated to assisting our conscious society in becoming modern, holistic wellness techniques pioneers. We provide students and graduates with lifelong entrepreneurial assistance and incorporate corporate development courses into our diploma and degree programs, which are dedicated specifically to holistic entrepreneurship. The university provides a 745-hour career-oriented program that allows you to learn about all aspects of plant medicine from conception to sale. From an instinctive, spiritual, and energetic perspective, as well as a phytochemical science-focused perspective, any of their Western Herbalism programs will improve your relationship with the natural environment and plants.

In class, you’ll learn how to manufacture herbal medicinal cures while also understanding the theories behind them. Our Western Herbalism program, which focuses on native flora and ecological wildcrafting practices, is one of the most extensive in the United States. SWIHA is a member of the American Herbalists Guild, an organization of herbalists dedicated to promoting clinical healing potions as a sustainable profession based on ethics, competency, diversity, and practice freedom.

Founded In: 1992
Tuition: $13,410
Location: Arizona
Ranking: 4
Contact: +1 480-994-9244
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5. Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medical Arts

Daoist Traditions College of Chinese Medical Arts began with a sense of purpose shared by a group of skilled practitioners. They are constantly attempting to assist in the restoration of historic practices by providing their clinical skills and enthusiasm for Chinese medicine. This comprehensive education, according to the institution, can equip pupils for success. Daoist Traditions gets their name from the Dao and Chinese medicine’s strong association. This symbiotic relationship has existed since the dawn of Chinese society. Chinese medicine, like Daoism’s philosophical legacy, advises us to coexist peacefully with the phases and to use nature’s principles as a model for living a good life. Advocates must live the ideology they teach, according to them. As a result, students are urged to engage in regular development exercises like Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and meditation, as well as to contemplate their own growth and transformation.

Founded In: 1992
Tuition: $13,410
Location: Arizona
Ranking: 5
Contact: +1 828-225-3993
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6. Eastern School of Acupuncture and Traditional Medicine

The Chinese Herbal Certification program at Eastern School is designed to give our students freedom and academic sustainability. The herbal chair of the Council of Colleges (CCAOM), Dr. Thomas Kouo, DAOM, L.Ac., Dipl. O.M. has led a group to supervise the reconfiguration of the herbal medicine program to sustain the current NCCAOM exam benchmarks while also providing a strong groundwork for those moving forward towards Doctoral level education. Their one-day online and one-day on-campus course plan enables individuals to keep their flourishing and busy practices while still completing the weekly program requirements.

Students will learn to evaluate, analyze, and cure a Chinese herbal perspective by studying and examining clinical cases from the clinic as well as cases from their own practices. The outstanding herbal faculty offers their substantial knowledge and expertise to the lecture and clinic to assist students in learning the many options available in the practice of this classical antiquity. It’s hard to learn Chinese herbology, but it’s also a lot of fun! Begin your lifelong education with the Eastern School, and accompany the numerous clinicians and scholars of this medicine who are shaping the way we live now and into the future.

Founded In: 1997
Tuition: $16,395
Location: New Jersey
Ranking: 6
Contact: +1 973-746-8717
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7. University of Bridgeport

The MS-CH program will be primarily residential, with candidates spending 50% of their time in class and 100% of their time on clinical training on campus. The Asian/Chinese Herbology (ACH) courses will be delivered in a hybrid style, with 50% of the didactic program delivered online and 50% delivered during four weekends each semester, plus three weekends each summer, for a total of 11 weekends per year. Students will undergo their Asian/Chinese Herbology courses in a digital context.

Founded In: 1927
Tuition: $16,395
Location: Connecticut
Ranking: 7
Contact: +1 800-392-3582
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8. Bastyr University

Bastyr University, a leader in natural medicine, is a nonprofit, private university dedicated to educating leaders in natural health arts and sciences for the twenty-first century. Bastyr University offers graduate and undergraduate degrees in natural medicine that are based on science and incorporate mind, body, spirit, and nature. The university is also a pioneer in undertaking cutting-edge studies in complementary and alternative medicine and providing low-cost natural healthcare services to its surrounding areas.

Founded In: 1978
Tuition: $26,895
Location: Washington
Ranking: 8
Contact: +1 425-602-3000
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9. Arborvitae

ArborVitae offers a three-year program for anyone interested in learning and practicing traditional herbal therapy. The program begins with the above-mentioned foundational year. Students who have completed coursework in other programs are eligible to apply for a placement out of the first or second year. The clinical programs for the second and third years run from September to May, and each year includes an extra 367 hours of training.

Founded In: N/A
Tuition: N/A
Location: New York
Ranking: 9
Contact: +1 646-721-5998
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10. Berkeley Herbal Centre

In 1995, the Berkeley Herbal Center was founded in Berkeley, California. They’ve evolved into the top teaching and clinical center for Western herbal-based treatment approaches over the years. Through the study and practice of Traditional Western Herbalism, the Berkeley Herbal Center develops and renews a living knowledge of the healing capabilities of plants. By providing the most complete, holistic education in Western herbal medicine, they are dedicated to preparing healers for successful careers as practicing herbalists and herbal educators.

Founded In: 1995
Tuition: $5,407
Location: California
Ranking: 10
Contact: +1 510-930-8050
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