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Best Harlan Coben Books

A well-known American writer of breathtaking and puzzling mystifying novels; Harlan Coben was born in New Jersey and grew up in Livingston. He did his schooling at Livingston High School and college education from Amherst College. Later he joined Psi Upsilon, where he was closely associated with writer, Dan Brown. Later during his college days, he identified himself as a person with a keen interest in writing. He did not wait for the right time, and his first book was published at the age of 26.  

Edgar Award, Shamus Award, an Anthony Award, three of the very much prestigious glory were owned by Harlan Coben, a magnificent achievement that is not an easy one to achieve.

About 75 million books are in print all over the globe with his books being published in 45 languages. To get invited to write fiction on the opinion and editorial page for the New York Times is surely a rare accomplishment, and his writings have been found a place in other publications like Parade Magazine, and Bloomberg Views.

An assorted number of credits had been bestowed on him in the form of Vermeil Medal of Honor in Paris, El Premio del Novela Negra RBA in Spain, Grand Prix de Lectrices in France, and CWA/ITV3 Bestseller Dagger in England.

1. Win

The book had been the New York Times bestseller and tells the story about a secret case, and the details come into the hands of a person who tries to take the law into his hands.

About 20 years back, the next heiress to the family estate, Patricia Lockwood was kidnapped and locked up in an enclosure closed completely for months on end. She somehow managed to escape the captive, but the kidnappers as well as the stolen swag also disappeared.

Whereas on the Upper Westside, a solitary man living alone in his house was found to be murdered, along with two things being taken; a Vermeer painting which was a stolen one, and a leather suitcase with WHL3 initialed on it. Both the case scenario now points in the same direction.


2. Six Years

The work of art with utmost revolutionized suspense discovers the deepness and infatuation of love lost long ago and the secret and lies at its heart. The story is surely a mysterious tale about the love of Jake Fisher for his long-lost love, Natalie. He had been living in peril from the time when they both ended their relationship, and Natalie started life with Todd.

Years after Jake pursuing a career as a college professor, suffering from his loss, and living with it, accidentally comes across with the death announcement of Todd, he decides to be a part of the memorial service. But to his ultimate shock, he discovers that Todd’s grieving widow was not Natalie. He also investigates that the lady seen as Todd’s wife had been married to him for twenty years. This incident turns him completely upturned giving him glimpses of the memories he shared with Natalie, and the last 6 years that he wasted thinking about Natalie every second of his life.   

Succeeding is Jake’s efforts to resolve the reality about Natalie, by trying to get connected with the old friends of both of them. But in vain, he could only end up understanding that those friends were not to be found out, or they don’t remember Jake. Natalie has been missing for years and his efforts to find her puts his life at stake. Slowly he understands that all these were planned happenings for turning his own life into misery.

The book is something that cannot be kept at peace once one starts reading, which very much skillfully surveys the intensity of long-lost love and the mysteries and deception that love can conceal.

Six Years

3. No Second Chance 

The story is an astounding tale of a famous and successful surgeon who meets with an unexpected incident, where he loses his wife to death and his only daughter gets vanished. The book is a thriller, stuffed with suspense covered in complete a psychological tint. The storyline is entirely different where expectation and fright bumping together in the most startling ways.

The story begins when Marc Seidman opens his eyes to realize that he is hospitalized in an intensive care unit, with a heavy patch of bandages all over his head. He slowly tries to recollect what happened 12 days ago, when he was leading a fortunate life as a surgeon, with a beautiful settling married happily to his charming wife and a bay he loved with all his heart.  Slowly he comes to his senses that his wife is no more and his baby, Tara has gone missing.

As his thinking process continues, he receives a liberating note; which was a warning against informing the authorities which would turn out to be a tragedy. Marc is confused about what to do and whom to trust, but the prime focus being, saving Tara. The story takes a twist when the FBI authorities start to narrow down the speculations ultimately pointing at Marc himself. He finds himself sinking deeper and deeper into the surrounding violence and the noxious secrets about his dead wife, and his own past clutching onto him. Above all, he sticks on to his solid decision to save his daughter, Tara, by any means.

No Second Chance

4. The Boy from the Woods 

The basic storyline is about a man with a secretive history trying to find out a girl who vanishes one fine day. The man named Wilde had been living a nomadic life as an untamed human in the forest, unknowing about his past. After being discovered by the police and since the search for his parents did not find any light, he was sent to a foster home. Even though he grew up into an adult, he still has no idea of how he lived and from where he came from. Parallel to this scenario, a girl named Naomi Pine goes missing but is not taken seriously by anyone including her father.

A criminal barrister named Hester started trying to know what happened to Naomi who is informed by her grandson, the case of bullying that Naomi had to face at school. Hester requests help from Wilde, with whom she shares a sad link.  She asks him to try finding Naomi using his special abilities. In order to find out the missing girl, he will have to return to his old community, which is a mysterious place that holds a mystery that is capable of wiping out millions of living beings, and that Wilde has to unravel before anything mishap occurs.  

The Boy from the Woods

5. Caught 

The story surrounds by the missing of a 17-year-old girl; Haley McWaid with high aspirations and hope in many a way in school and is getting ready to move to college. The girl is found out to be missing by her mother one morning, which takes-aback her parents and the entire community. Months after disappearing, they all assume the worst.

A TV reporter; Wendy Tynes who is on an important task to stop the people who are behind people for sexual abuses is brought in front of the camera. She has brought into notice a lot of them for improper behavior in public. During one of her showcases, she tends to encounter Dan Mercer, an ally to teens in trouble. But this story goes out of her hands, beyond expectation.

The novel examines various hidden plots or scheming which lead to dangerous happenings in a variety of ways, where the reporter can find herself in a situation such that she can’t trust anybody, including her instincts.


6. Home

The super exciting thriller novel tells the story of two young boys being kidnapped, and out of which the only one comes back ten years later.

The story revolves around the kidnapping story of two boys from well-off families and puts forward a rather high amount of money for them in return. But nothing happened, and as the case did not proceed further, the boys were neither found, nor any communication did the families receive. But one fine day, Myron Bolitar and Win, who were amigos, claimed to have seen one of the missing boys who have now grown into his teens. Several questions regarding the missing arise, like when was he taken, and most importantly, does he know about his missing friend? The novel is an excellent entertainer as it takes into account the values of friendship and family and moreover, the significance of home.


7. The Innocent

The novel is an exhilarating thriller about Matt, who accidentally lands into trouble, ultimately ending up in prison. But once after his sentence, as he decides to begin from the scratch with his pregnant wife, his dreams are crushed as he becomes the center of attention of an investigation of serial murders. Matt and his family are compelled to move outside the law to overcome the situation. He realizes that how a small mistake of inoffensively trying to stop a fight ends up in murder.  Nine years after, he is sort after by the doings of his past, through revenge using his pregnant wife, Olivia.

The Innocent

8. Fool Me Once

The novel presents an exciting and compelling thriller that persuades the reader to continue till the end, without even stopping once. The emotions create indescribable anguish and mental weakness.

The story is about Maya, a prior ops pilot, when returns home after the war, happens to watch an improbable image shot by her childminder, where she could see her baby playing with her husband Joe, who was very badly killed two earlier to that day. The story reveals whether Maya can believe her eyes, and to find out the truth she should come to good terms with her own fathomless mysteries and deception of her past.

Fool Me Once

9. The Stranger

The New York Times bestselling novel is about how well said a lie can take you to perfect life but has also the same intensity to blow up to destroy everything in the way.

The life of Adam Price was very well settled and successful with a charming wife Corinne and two adorable sons, a rather big dwelling, an ideal career, and the picture-perfect life. Everything went on smoothly until he meets with a stranger in different places with an even more suspicious attitude. It might be at a bar, or in the parking area, or at the grocery place. Nobody knows who he is, or why he is behind Adam. One day he delivers a message in Adam’s ears and disappears, leaving him completely devastated.  He tries to make everything like before but is completely shaken by the mistrust from Corinne’s side. Later he discovers that there is something even darker than his wife’s distrust that the secret scheme that he has fallen into is surely going to ruin his life forever.

The Stranger

10. Missing You

The novel handles today’s one of the major issues of handling the social media profiles by every human. It’s a thriller that is based on the untruth that relates two people together over the online platform.

An NYPD detective, Kat Donovan tries to get attentive to one of the profiles she happened to see on an online dating webpage. She keenly notices one of the photos, which suddenly makes her feel like bursting out of emotions. It was somebody whom she had felt very strong feelings for but kept hidden due to various reasons. The picture was that of Jeff, her ex-fiancé. He had tried to hurt her heart 18 years back. But as she moves into detail of the picture, she becomes suspicious and followed by fright, which leads to the opening up of the awful dark realities where devils pounce and destroy the susceptible.  

Missing You by Coben

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