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Best Graphing Calculators for College

Graphing Calculators are such a savior when it comes to complex mathematical equations. With all the basic features of a calculator, graphing calculators include a display screen where you can plot graphs and find the solution to the most difficult equations. These calculators are more advance than Scientific Calculators and are usually required in High School or college for their high-level mathematics. Graphing calculators also play a major role in competitive entrance examinations of universities like SAT, ACT, and other equivalent exams (make sure you check the lists or types of graphing calculators allowed at the examinations); hence graphing calculators are a college student’s constant companion. While most of the calculators have a black and white display, graphing calculators are available in both color and black and white displays. The advanced models with colorful displays feature 3D graph models and other real images.

Some leading brands producing graphing calculators are Texas and Casio, which maintain their standard while designing their calculators for college students, middle school students, and Engineers. For students who plan to pursue their higher studies in mathematics, a graphing calculator is their forever friend. Here are some of the best models of graphing calculators available on that you can buy at affordable rates:

Texas Instruments Black Rechargeable TI-84 Plus CE Color Graphing Calculator

The Texas TI-84 is the best graphing calculator for college-goers. This calculator is ideal for solving all your complex science and mathematical equations within a fraction of seconds. With a smart, sleek look and a high-resolution color screen display, this calculator has preloaded applications such as inequality graphing, correct math notation, and data collection to make your experience better. The calculator’s battery is rechargeable and is available in many fun colors where you can choose your favorite from.

Texas Instruments Black TI-84 Plus Battery Operated Graphing Calculator

Another version of the TI-84 series, the TI-84 Plus, is different for its black and white display; hence, it is available at a much lower cost than the CE plus model. This calculator is best for all-purpose graphing like pre-algebra, algebra, geometry, statistics and also helps in various science subjects. It can also be used in the disciplines of business and finance to create an accurate graph model. This model by Texas also includes pre-loaded applications and features a display of 96 x 64 screen resolution. This calculator can be connected with a USB and has long battery life. If a colorful display is not much of interest to you, and you are looking for an affordable one, then you can definitely buy this calculator by Texas.

Texas Instruments Black TI-Nspire CX II CAS Color Screen Graphing Calculator

As Texas is the leading brand for producing graphing and scientific calculators, various models are available on the website with different features. The Nspire CX has a colorful display, where you can create parametric and polar graphs in no time. This model by Texas provides faster performance, with preloaded applications that offer great help to maths and science students. This model features a 320× 240 pixels resolution and has a rechargeable battery that can last up to two weeks. It also includes the TI-Inspire CX Student Software to deliver enhanced graphing capabilities and other functionality to help students in every way.

Casio fx-9750GII White Graphing Calculator with 200+ Hours Battery Life

Another popular brand producing graphing calculators is Casio, a world-famous brand known for its many electronic gadgets. The Casio fx-9750GII is suitable for students from middle school to college. It has been beneficial for solving mathematical coursework, including Pre-algebra to AP calculus, statistics, geometry, and trigonometry. This calculator does not have a colorful display but is available in exciting, vibrant colors. Casio graphing calculators are approved for use on the various level entrance examinations such as the PSAT, SAT as well as AP tests, so it is safer to purchase them. Casio guarantees 200+ hours of battery life and offers high performance to meet students’ expectations.

HP 50g Graphing Calculator with 512 KB RAM

HP has been a trustworthy brand across the world for its high-performance electronic gadgets. This HP 50g graphing calculator is top-rated on the website for its long-lasting durability. It provides the best performance in power, flexibility, and connectivity and is designed to help mathematics and science,  engineering professionals, and college students. The calculator has other special features like an SD slot for storing memory (2.5MB total memory), a port for USB connectivity, and a built-in intelligent editor. With a high-contrast display and adjustable font type, along with 2,300 built-in functions, this graphing calculator is the smartest of its kind.

Casio PRIZM FX-CG50 Black & White Plastic Frame Graphing Calculator

Casio again maintains its reputation through this high-performance graphing calculator. The Prizm Fx is a user-friendly calculator, which means it is easier to use, and its features are more understandable than before. The calculator gets its main attraction for its smart build-up, lightweight, and high-resolution LCD; it also has an in-built picture plot technology that enables you to use real-life images. Prizm Fx is ideal for drawing 3D graph models and solving other mathematical and scientific equations. This calculator should definitely be on your “must buy” list.

Casio FX CG10 PRIZM Black with 3.7 Inch Color LCD Screen Graphing Calculator

This graphing calculator by Casio is another most rated in the FX Prizm series. A revolutionary graphing calculator to help you with Pre-Algebra, Algebra I & II, Geometry, Trigonometry, AP Calculus, AP Statistics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, and Business & Finance. This calculator is also permitted for use on the PSAT/NMSQT, SAT, and ACT college entrance examinations and AP tests so that you can buy this without hesitation. The high-resolution LCD has pre-installed 65,000 color variants to give you the best visual experience. Its processing speed is 5 times faster than any of its competitors in the market. It also features an in-depth Conics application, pre-loaded Geometry application, USB connectivity, a 1.5MB of flash memory ( 62KB RAM), a long 140 hours of long battery life. This model by Casio is certainly the best you can opt for.

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