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Best Frontend Masters Courses

An exciting course and even more exhilarating career is what the frontend courses promise, as the technological aspects are always on the move. The web development as frontend involves the programming edge of a web application, referring to HTML, CSS and JavaScript segment of the total web site creation. The developers in the field have to toggle between numerous languages and the in-depth of how the web facilitates at a very basic level. There are a variety of online platforms that gives insight on HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

The work should be with primary concern about the customer. The developer should try to create the visual characteristics of a website and should be coded and made purposeful by bringing life to the illustrative elements.  The career is always interesting and challenging, as there is a constant change in the arena, so that the developers get the golden chance to work with innovative gears and they can acquire new skills. The arena is always the best place for applied learning.  

Some of the Frontend Courses and its details are provided here;

1. Web Design with HTML5 & CSS3 by Berkeley Extension

The basics and essentials of web development and designing with an introduction to HTML5 and CSS3 in order to create a miniature or private website. Assistance for coding the standards of the web, with appropriate info about the above-mentioned topics, one can easily move on to semantic coding, which initiates from editing a text and progressing to a webpage on cyberspace. The usage of HTML for intended purposes and its fine application and alternative open source software are also discussed during the sessions.

The students learn to code web pages by generating a webpage using tools that help to create a preliminary model of a website that is intended to be created as a real one. The student has to start with a layout design as wireframing, and then creating an initial form of the website as a prototype and ultimately developing it into the fine end version of it. The final design is made during the class itself utilizing HTML 5, CSS files, video integration, CSS3 transitions and animations, and other browser tools and finally its successful implementation. The course makes coding easier for designers and others who are intended to use it. The course fee comes around $917.

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2. Introduction to HTML5 by Michigan Online

There is an awesome number of software programs that teach how to develop a web. But to become an expert, it is better to have a deep understanding of the basics and backdrops of the course. The course mainly follows three involvements; one is to learn the theory of what happens when one clicks on a link, second the whereabouts of one’s self-created webpage, and third the overlooking procedure about what to do with the already created webspace. Importance is given to create standards for making it easier for the disabled to use the page. The course goes in-depth to all the necessary aspects regarding fundamentals and description of the subject. The instructors of the course are Charles Severance, Clinical professor and Colleen Van Lent, Lecturer; both at the School of Information.

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3. BS in Informational Technology by Thomas Jefferson University

The course is a novel thought to pursue a vibrant professional life ahead. The program is intended to lead the students through the modernized way of approaching the demands at the workspace. This is accomplished study about topics like networking, database managing, and many more.  The program also inculcates the quality of leadership which will surely be support in the career.  

Once they complete, they will be capable of diagnosing issues in computing and solving them, understand their responsibilities to make knowledgeable decisions. All these are cumulative and allow an individual to grow professionally as well as personally.

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4. Cs50’s Web Programming With Python and JavaScript by Harvard Online

The course digs deeply into applications on the completion and execution of the web applications with Python, JavaScript, and SQL via software like Django, React, and Bootstrap that helps to develop these apps. Ultimately one will be equipped with all the tools and accessories needed to plan and install apps on the website.

Learning outcomes;

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • Python
  • Django
  • SQL
  • JavaScript
  • Use  Application Programming Interface
  • Creating UI’s

The course is a 12 week long and is led by David J. Malan, Professor of the Practice of Computer Science at the Harvard John A. Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and Colton Ogden, Technologist at Harvard.

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5. Certification Training for Ethical Hacker by University of Texas, Arlington

The program helps to develop skills to develop into a principled hacker. Techniques of cloud computing with methods of hacking, cryptography, web apps on hacking, arising vectors of attack, enumeration and operation technology and malware revere engineering.

The course helps people who are in the security officer career, auditing personnel, analysts who check the security of cyberspace or basically anybody who can safeguard the personal networking communication. An average salary is $83,591, and the careers are most lucrative.

The courses include a whole lot of areas to be covered, out which the major ones are quoted below;

  • Introduction to Ethical Hacking
  • Scanning networks
  • Vulnerability Analysis
  • System Hacking
  • Malware threats
  • Sniffing
  • Session Hijacking
  • Evading ID’s
  • Hacking mobile platforms
  • Cloud computing
  • Cryptography

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6. Web Development Bootcamp by Florida Atlantic University

The course provider promises to attain complete understanding to become a web developer in the duration of 28 weeks. The program helps to learn about frontend as well back end programming (JavaScript, HTML5, React, SQL), and also the techniques and necessities required to kick off a web developing career.  

The program is paced on its own, so provides flexibility to the learner. The career is also very much welcoming as the demand never fades or slows down. Almost all fields of work atmosphere require the help of a web developer, whether it is a healthcare industry or if it is the Agriculture background. A pay scale range between $61,922 and $89,457 can be expected from careers after the course.

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7. Web Programming & Database Development by Dunwoody College of Technology

The course helps the learner to develop into a programmer, specialist or analyst in the arena of web development. The information provided during the study enables to improve skills to create cross-device apps and web pages.  It also stresses on languages and database systems. There is a vast area being covered under the program like;

  • Responsive web development
  • Client and server-side scripting
  • Secured coding practices
  • Industrial project management techniques
  • Data structures
  • Structured query language (SQL)
  • Color theory
  • Web graphics

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8. Web Development Specialist, A.S. Certificate by Daytona State College

The certificate course on the standards that has to be followed for the official creation of web pages using programming languages is led by Anindya Paul and Luke Sui. The success of the learner is guaranteed with the use of novel ways of educating and the most modern technology and the business significant language for coding.

Technical skills like designing and building web pages using the varied languages for programming depending on the use of the customer. They also teach the abilities to put forward technology for streamlining and assessment point of view. It gets ready the students to work in settings of Internet, Intranet and Extranet.The course fee for the program is $3,583.

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9. Business and Data Analytics Certificate Program by Hofstra University

The study of understanding statistics and info about something and turning them into insights in order to improve the efficiency of the situation is termed as Business Analytics. The basics about quantitative and qualitative information of data, proper perception of distribution of probability, development of hypothesis tests, creation of prediction models, and application of the all these techniques for finding solutions to business issues.

There are two parts into which the program is divided into;

  1. Initially, an understanding about the data using Excel, sorting out of variables, conducting analysis and probability, generation of sample sizes and the distribution of data are considered.
  2. Secondly, using of Excel to carry out confidence intervals for populace factor, using T-tests, developing regression models, alteration of reliant variables, and assessing prediction model and other regression models.

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10. Python Programming by UC San Diego

The recognition of the language Python is increasing and spreading all over the globe by both beginners as well as by professionals who are experienced in the field. The language has become acceptable due to the spontaneity, simplicity and powerfulness and easy to learn and use mode, and made it suitable for automation, big data analysis and integration. The course fee is $2,875 and is carried out in three stages;

  • Introduction to Programming
  • Python Programming Fundamentals
  • Intermediate Python

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