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Best Football Prep Schools

Football is the most popular sport in the USA. Approximately 37% of Americans have declared football as their favorite sport to watch and play. Education and the culture of schools these days have well-evolved and games and sports are given equal importance when it comes to the overall development of a student. The boys in America consider football as their dream sport, and football is the most popular high school sport in 43 states; and it was reported that in 2018-19, more than one million boys participated in football.

If children are encouraged to practice and perform what they are interested in, they tend to show improvement in all spheres of life. And we believe in making our children the best version of themselves. Psychology says games and arts have a very positive impact on the minds of not only children but also old people. It rejuvenates the decayed and tired parts of the body and helps to fit in all situations without getting stressed. Thus, every interest of our children needs to be valued!

So now the question is, where does the child go when he shows interest in the game of football and wants to learn it further? We have it sorted for you in this article. Football Prep School is the perfect place for your child to go and polish the passion for football while getting to learn the basics of life as well. Football prep schools have everything that your child wants to pursue in the game, and you get that in very much reasonable fees.

Without further delay, let us get started and learn about the Best Football Prep Schools in America.

1. Carmel Catholic High School

A Five-time National Blue Ribbon School with extraordinary performance, Carmel Catholic High School is a well-known hub for not only imparting quality education but also preparing students for the future. The school presently has approximately 1,150 students and is a co-ed school. The school is quite famous for its activities indoor as well as outdoor which include arts, athletics, fundraising, and social events. The school offers many programs which give an all-around scope to the children. The areas include; Engineering, science, media, mathematics, social studies, and the list doesn’t end here. It is one of the top Football prep schools which deliver the best coaching to the students who carry a huge potential of out-shining in the same.

Founded in: 1962
Tuition: $50,000
Rank: #1
Contact: 847-566-3000
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2. Blue Ridge School

Blue Ridge School is a private, all-male boarding school for students grades 9-12 located in the foothills of the Blue Ridge Mountains in Saint George, Virginia. It was founded in 1909. The school has popularized the culture of outdoor activities and gives importance to learning by doing. The school considers each and every student as special and puts effort to make them learn at their own ease and comfort. Besides having a healthy atmosphere to learn lessons, the school offers a great environment for athletics, and it is also one of the top-ranked schools for Football Prep.

Founded in: 1909
Tuition: $55,500
Rank: #2
Contact: 434-985-2811
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3. Choate Rosemary Hall

A place where the uniqueness of a child is appreciated and accepted, a place where the values are taught in order to make children good citizens before anything, and many such visions are what the Choate Rosemary Hall works upon. Choate Rosemary is a private, co-ed, college-preparatory boarding school in Wallingford, Connecticut. This is a school that motivates and supports creativity, innovation, and meaningful creation. With more than three hundred courses, many programs, outdoor activities, which include sports and games, Choate Rosemary stands in the top-ranked schools of the US. The school has proven its strength in football and other games since 2007 by winning New England Championships in football, ice hockey, soccer, etc.

Founded in: 1890
Tuition: $49,480
Rank: #3
Contact: 203-697-2000
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4. Marian Catholic High School

Marian Catholic High School is a private, Roman Catholic high school in Tamaqua, Pennsylvania. The school is co-ed for grades 9-12. The school offers a transformative atmosphere to students. The values taught in the school make students lead the specific field they have chosen for themselves when they step out of school. The school has always put emphasis on the physical as well as mental ability of students, and to ensure this, the school has always taken a lot of effort in conducting outdoor and extra activities for its students, which keep them engaged and also generate awareness. The school has achieved IHSA State Championship in 4A Football and encourages athletics.

Founded in: 1958
Tuition: $17,035
Rank: #4
Contact: 570-467-3335
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5. Cranbrook Schools

Cranbrook Schools consist of elementary school, middle school, co-ed high school with boarding facilities. It is a private PK-12 preparatory school situated in Bloomfield Hills, Michigan. Hundred years ago, when the school was established, it aimed at achieving quality in all the domains, and it has successfully achieved it till date without any doubt. The school is ace in terms of academics, sports, extra-curricular activities, and the students are very brilliant because the overall result says it all! The football game of the school is quite popular too because of the extraordinary performances, and surprisingly the lineage is still going on. It is indeed one of the best football prep schools in the US.

Founded in: 1922
Tuition: $13,600- $50,000
Rank: #5
Contact: 248-645-3610
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6. The Bolles School

The school offers day boarding programs for students in grades PK-12. It is an American private college preparatory day and boarding school in Jacksonville, Florida. With an amazing four different campuses and the best of the education being provided to students, The Bolles School is ranked amongst top schools in terms of education and athletics. As the school puts itself, it is a “Place to Thrive,” and this is indeed the truth. The history of Bolles has been filled with a lot of recognition and exuberant performances since the day it was established. The Bolles School has received many awards in different sports activities.

Founded in: 1993
Tuition: $17,670- $59,310
Rank: #6
Contact: 904-733-9292
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7. Cate School

Cate School is a co-ed preparatory school for boarding and day students in grades 9-12 which is located at Carpinteria, California. The school offers 101 courses with more than 40 advanced and honors courses. The school uplifts the creative minds of its students and provides them with their space to flourish and reach for their desires. The school believes in giving the best of education, which means promoting learning both indoor and outdoor and also encouraging students to participate in games and sports, and to keep all of this in check, the school keeps organizing many activities which keep the school atmosphere happy and engaging.

Founded in: 1960
Tuition: $40,350
Rank: #7
Contact: 805-684-4127
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8. Admiral Farragut Academy

The school enrolls students from grades K-12th. It was established in 1933 and is located in St.Petersburg, Florida, in Pinellas County. With the magnificent motto, “Success is Never Accidental.” The school provides an environment of utmost growth and excellence. It is a co-ed school with many signature programs like engineering, marine science, aviation, scuba, etc. the school has more than 21 athletic teams as the school resides on one philosophy of achieving excellence, and this can be done only when the students have adequate practice and guidance. It is an outstanding place for all football enthusiasts because commitment is given to perfection!

Founded in: 1933
Tuition: $17,600- $ 44,700
Rank: #8
Contact: 434-423-4025
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9. Blair Academy

Blair Academy is a co-ed school in New Jersey. The school enrolls students from ninth through twelfth grades. With a continuous record of delivering excellence in academics, athletics, and much more, The Blair Academy has proved to be amongst the top football preparatory schools in the US. With a long history of achievement and moving forward carrying awards and excellent results, the school has created a well-known place in the list of Top-ranked  Schools. The school offers extensive training and ensures the effective functioning of the training being provided. The togetherness and belongingness with which students engage in the school strengthen the overall game and environment of the school.

Founded in: 1848
Tuition: $66,500
Rank: #9
Contact: 908-362-6121
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10. Cheshire Academy

Cheshire Academy is a co-ed college preparatory school located in Cheshire, Connecticut, United States. The school is committed to empowering its students as well as its teachers to create a beautiful atmosphere to grow and learn. The school offers more than 120 courses and is also regarded as one of the top preparatory schools in the US. The school has a record of producing well-groomed graduates from its campus. The school has proven time and again its brilliance by bringing results and enhanced performances. The academy has won more than 20 athletic championships in the previous ten years.

Founded in: 1794
Tuition: $41,900
Rank: #10
Contact: 203-272-5396
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