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Best Flight Schools in California

California is the home to the most successful aviation industry. Nearly 100 flight schools are there in California. But to become a first-class pilot, How do you choose the right flight school? How to find the right one out of more than 100  schools which provide private licenses? Don’t worry, I have got you covered. In this article, I have handpicked the top 10 flight schools in California.

Within just three months, you will get an opportunity to become a top-rated licensed pilot. But it will take another six months to receive the commercial pilot certificate. According to your future goals, you can choose the right program to have a successful career. Well, we gotta accept the fact that it is not easy to obtain a private license, but after getting into the following schools mentioned below, you will get hands-on training to receive the license. So without further adieu, let us get started.

1. JetEXE Aviation

JetEXE Aviation is a first-class aviation school which is located in Sacramento. If you are looking for a more affordable flight program, then choosing JetEXE’s fast track program will be very beneficial as it will help you complete the 20-month program within 10 months as well.

Another interesting reason why JetEXE is recommended is that students who have studied in this school always have less debt than other schools, and the school will also help you with job assistance right after you complete your licensing program.

Founded In: 2013
Tuition: 10,000$ +
Address: Sacramento, California
Rank: #1 of Best Flight Schools in California
Contact: (916) 421-6756
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2. NorCal Flight Center LLC

If you are looking for a school that has the right balance of both coursework and flight classes, then NorCal Flight Center LLC  is a perfect choice. The school has the best instructors who have advanced experience in the aviation industry. The program is a bit expensive.

The school primarily focuses on getting you to pass the licensing exam through their hands-on training approach. Moreover, whether you want to get a Private Pilot License, Instrument, or Commercial Pilot License, everything is taught to you through their tailor-made classes.

Founded In: 2012
Tuition: 34,000$
Address: Lincoln, California
Rank: #2 of Best Flight Schools in California
Contact: Lincoln, California
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3. King Air Academy

If you don’t mind spending a considerable chunk of money on the best classes, I will endorse King Air Academy located in Redlands. The school gives the best training to become a professional pilot. Students will also get a chance to complete the program within six months.

The advantage of studying here is the first-class instructors. They are great professionals who are recognized as FAA Gold Seal Flight Instructors. They will provide the best training with a more practical emphasis. The school also helps with job assistance after you complete the program.

Founded In: 2002
Tuition: 80,000$
Address: Redlands, California
Rank: #3 of Best Flight Schools in California
Contact: 1-602-551-8100
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4. ATP Flight School

ATP Flight School offers a rigorous curriculum for passionate students who want to become first-class pilots. The highlight of studying here is that you can also finance the cost of the instruction and flight hours, and there is also an option for airline reimbursement for those that qualify.

It is also pertinent to note that ATP Flight school is the home for the most extensive training fleet globally, with over 420 aircraft used exclusively for training students. This is a highly endorsed school with first-class instructors who have advanced experience in the field.

Founded In: 1984
Tuition: $83,995
Address:  Palomar Airport Rd, Carlsbad, CA
Rank: #4 of Best Flight Schools in California
Contact: (904) 595-7950
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5. US Aviators   

US Aviators is one of the finest aviation schools that offers first-class flight instruction classes. The reason why these classes are popular is that they provide new technology-based simulations for students to get real-life experience and also provide equal courses in the air.

It is located in Van Nuys, which is considered to be one of the world’s busiest aviation airports in the world. So studying here will give a global approach towards learning to fly.  With a fleet of 6 aircraft, students will learn how to operate various aircraft that will provide them with the necessary flight hours for licensing.

Founded In: 1983
Tuition: N/A
Address: Van Nuys, California
Rank: #5 of Best Flight Schools in California
Contact: (818) 779-2105
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6. Sierra Academy of Aeronautics   

Sierra Academy of Aeronautics is a first-class flight school with an excellent reputation for sending out first-class pilots in the industry. They provide first-class coursework first-class in classes as well as flight simulations.  Students can choose to earn a private, instrument, or multi-engine license as they attend Sierra Academy.

The FAA written exam has a unique syllabus, and this program will help you with exam preparation. It is also worthy of knowing that nearly 90 percent of students who studied in this top-rated academy have passed the examination in their very first attempt.

Founded In: 1964
Tuition: N.A
Address: Atwater, California
Rank: #6 of Best Flight Schools in California
Contact: (209) 722-7522
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7. Advanced International Aviation Academy

Advanced International Aviation Academy is a first-class academy that provides an excellent experience necessary in-flight academy. The reason why this school is highly recommended is that consecutively for nearly 6 years, the school has received the AOPA ” Honor Roll ” aviation institution.

Whether you want classes according to your future goals, they will tailor-make accordingly. Classes include Sport, Private, Single-Engine Commercial, Multi-engine Commercial, and anything you want. The instructors in this school are top-rated and highly experienced.

Founded In: 1975
Tuition: N/A
Address: Freeport Blvd, Sacramento, CA
Rank: #7 of Best Flight Schools in California
Contact: (855) 572-9378
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8. Howe’s Flight Concepts

If you are looking for a small-sized school where you will get full attention towards learning, then  Howe’s Flight Concepts is a great choice. Instructors are practicing pilots who are fully updated with the current trends in the aviation industry. This school is highly recommended.

To earn the flight hours necessary for licensing, students will either need to have their aircraft, or they can rent the Cessna 172 owned by Howe’s Flight Concepts for $130 per hour. You can have a tailor-made curriculum according to your future goals and ability.

Founded In: 2013
Tuition: 130$ per hour
Address: Laurel Ave, Stratford, CA
Rank: #8 of Best Flight Schools in California
Contact: (559) 836-3348
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9. California Flight Academy

California Flight Academy is a first-class academy that offers great education through hands-on training. Instructors are passionate about what they do and have extensive knowledge and experience both in the classroom and in the skies. It is a first-class institution.

The school is also known for its technologically advanced programs, which will also help its job outlook. So if you are looking for a safe bet, then I would recommend this top-rated school. The instructors are very caring about the student’s progress.

Founded In: 2002
Tuition: N/A
Address: Marshall Ave, El Cajon, CA
Rank: #9 of Best Flight Schools in California
Contact: (619) 448-2212
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10. Aerocademy 

Right from 2007, Aerocademy has been providing a first-class education for students who want to get their licenses in aviation. Aerocademy participates in community aviation events and offers an open house on Saturday mornings for local residents. It is a first-class institution.

Whether you want to get a  Private Pilot License or a Commercial Pilot License, they provide the best instructor classes for students that will require great scrutiny in the air. Another reason this is highly recommended is that they will also help with job assistance for passionate students.

Founded In: 2007
Tuition: 159$ per hour
Address: Old Santa Fe Rd, San Luis Obispo, CA
Rank: #10 of Best Flight Schools in California
Contact: (805) 544-2441
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