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Best FIRC Courses

FIRC stands for Flight Instructor Refresher Course that trains students to become skillful Flight Instructors who are aware of Base systems, Flight security and safety, and lastly Pilot safety. A Pilot is only responsible for flying the aircraft, however, the major responsibilities remain on the Flight Instructor, who is responsible to instruct other aircraft crew on Flight Safety.

A Flight Instructor is more knowledgeable and is aware of the whole technical system. A Flight Instructor is more like a Pilot-in-Command who is responsible to instruct crew members, the Pilot and maintain safety measures. Many students who obtain a Commercial Pilot Certificate may pursue their career as a Flight Instructor instead because the work is challenging, you get to teach other crew members, get paid to fly, earn a respectable position, and mostly the position is in high demand. Flight Instructors have an increasing demand in the United States as compared to Commercial pilots. If you too are among those students who want to fly high and become a significant part of the Aviation Industry, then the best course to opt for is Flight Instructor Refresher Course (FIRC).

Now this FIRC course can be completed at the comfort of your home through online mode, and get ready to work for a reputed position. Here are the online courses offered by the best aviation websites that can change your lives:

1. Flight Instructor Refresher Course by Federal Aviation Administration

The Flight Instructor Refresher course from Federal Aviation Administration is one of the best courses in the market for aspiring Flight Instructors who want to stand out in the Aviation industry. With the best guidance and training, the students will be provided with the best learning experience and a complete understanding of their roles.

The FIRC program by FAA is Nationally Scheduled Federal Aviation Administration is Approved and provides the best resources to students so that they can complete their program smoothly. Students will also be taught to manage risk through scenario-based training, learn about based Systems for General Aviation, single-pilot resource management, and other significant areas.

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2. FIRC by Aviation Seminars

A trusted name since 1974, Aviation Seminars offers an online Flight Instructor Refresher Course at an affordable cost of $255 (includes IACRA renewal), which has been approved by the Federal Aviation Administration.

Aviation Seminars provides more than 175 FIRC courses, that provide dynamic experience to participants. In this online program, learners will explore CFI liability & marketing issues, will be trained to become trainers/instructors themselves, with the help of interactive sessions and online live classrooms. The course is self-paced, and the topics that will be explored include Pilot Deviations, Teaching Flight Safety, Human Factors in Aviation, Regulatory and Policy Changes and Updates, Special Use Air Spaces, Navigation, Loss of Control, TSA security training, and much more. This FIRC online course by Aviation Seminars renews your CFI certificate and provides everything one needs to become a successful Flight Instructor in less time.

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3. Airplane Flight Instructor Refresher Course by King Schools

King Schools is a popular name in the Aviation industry that is known to offer the best online courses including the one on our list, Airplane Flight Instructor Refresher Course. This course provides lifetime access to a free online Aviation Library and helps renew your CFI Certificate (Commercial Flight Instructor).

The aspiring Flight Instructors are introduced to the same topics that Pilots learn, and this fully online course will provide the same, including the tools required to help the pilot, and be prepared to become a Pilot-in-Command. The King School’s FIRC program offers the easiest and convenient way to renew your CFI certificate without having to submit any documents. The main topics that will be covered include Scenario-based training, Coaching Pilots to Avoid Deviations, Teaching Loss of Control Awareness and Prevention, The Benefits of IACRA and the FAAST Program, and much more. This course can be accessed from any device including computers, iPads, and mobiles.

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4. The Flight Instructor Refresher Course by AOPA

The online Flight Instructor Refresher and CFI renewal course offered by the Aircraft Owners &Pilots Association is the best in the industry and the most trusted choice. This online FIRC course is available at a very affordable price of $124 and will take learners to a great learning experience including the processing of your FAA paperwork.

The course proceeds with engaging multimedia including informative videos,  and interactive lessons, that enhance the knowledge of learners. The course is innovatively designed to train aspiring Flight Instructors in the best possible way, hence it also gives students the option to customize their course by choosing 10 elective choices based on their requirements. AOPA’s FIRC is an award-winning program and provides full support to students unless they have earned their certificate.

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5. Online Flight Instructor Revalidation Course by American Flyers

A renowned name in the industry, American Flyers brings top-rated online Flight Instructor Revalidation Course for students at just the cost of $99. Students are required to pay this nominal amount once, and they can renew their Flight Instructor certificate thereafter every 2 years.

This online course consists of 13 lessons including quizzes and can be accessed from computers, laptops, iPads, and tablets. This self-paced online course provides a lifetime service to students to revalidate their certificate and that too at no additional costs. Some of the major areas that American Flyers lets you explore are Navigating in the 21st Century, Current Safety Trends in GA, TSA training, Pilot Deviations, and many more significant topics that are most important for Flight Instructors to learn. There cannot be a better option for students than this online course from American Flyers.

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6. Online Flight Instructor Refresher Course by AceCFI

Next comes on our list an even more affordable option, the online Flight Instructor Refresher Course from AceCFI that is offered at an unbelievable price of $75. This online course contains the latest information about CFIs, fun and interesting lessons, and lifetime membership.

This excellent FIRC course includes the latest learning materials, can be accessed from any device including mobiles, is self-paced, and provides Annual TSA Recurrent Training Certification after completion of the course. This course also features the latest changes affecting CFIs and Aviation, tips for CFIs, and also provides real accident investigations to help avoid the most common mistakes that Pilots generally make. AceCFI guarantees 100% satisfaction of students through his up-to-date online FIRC course, and lifetime membership.

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7. Flight Instructor Refresher Online Course by Sporty’s eFIRC

The only highly rated free online FIRC program you will come across is available at the website of Sporty’s Pilot Shop. For students having budget issues, Sporty’s brings a golden opportunity to receive the best training free of cost. Sporty’s online course is designed like any other costly programs available on other websites, and provides the most convenient and effective renewal option. This course will improve your teaching skills, and other important information through 17 lessons broken down into modules that makes learning easier. The course is universally accessible and will cover important topics including Security Related Special Use Airspace, Paperless CFI Renewal, Transportation Security Administration (TSA) guidance, Navigating in the 21st Century: Pilotage to GPS: TAA & Automation, and many other vital areas. Enroll in this award-winning (for video lessons) online course and get ready to fly high.

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8. Flight Instructor Refresher Course by GLEIMAviation

GLEIM Aviation’s FIRC is an FAA-approved online program that makes it easier for Flight Instructors to renew their CFI certificates hassle-free. This online program provides the best training to aspiring Flight Instructors with the latest learning materials. GLEIM has successfully trained thousands of Pilots of the country, through their approved courses.

Students can customize their courses based on their requirements and choosing the elective areas of studies. They will also be receiving free TSA training essential for the industry.

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9. Online FIRC by Aviation Solutions

Aviation Solutions is your ultimate destination to develop the skills of a Flight Instructor Refresher. Aviation Solutions has provided constant support to students since the year of 2008 and has been turning amateurs into successful professionals ever since. With 60 plus online programs and more than 1000 instructions, it provides the best support to learners.

Learn from the experienced Instructors with the help of innovative learning materials, and grow at your own pace. The courses provided are not only meant to enhance the knowledge of students and help them to work as professionals but also make learning a fun experience for all. 

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10. FIRC Training Online by Heli Hub

As the name suggests, the last online course on our list is a Flight Instructor Refresher Course (FIRC) for the ones who want to fly in Helicopters. This Helicopter specific course is provided by the Helicopter Association International and covers the latest updates in regulations and helicopter flight instruction.

This program meets the requirements of the FAA and prepares students for the best. If you are thinking of working as a Flight Instructor for helicopters, then there cannot be a perfect program for you than HeliHub’s online HAI Flight Instructor program.

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We hope these 10 online programs on Flight Instructor Refresher Course will help students choose the best course for them that will meet their requirements and help them to achieve their professional goals. If you are among those who want to become a renowned Flight Instructor of the country, then you can certainly make your dream come true with the help of these courses and achieve your CFI certificates.

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