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Best Fintech Courses in India

Fintech the short form of Financial Technology is a popular discipline of study especially explored by the students of Commerce and Engineering. The field of FinTech is an innovative blend of Finance and Technology that has been introduced to help in technologically enhancing businesses. India has witnessed remarkable growth in especially in recent days during the pandemic since everything has switched to an online mode (work from home). This digital growth in India has made it one of the leading FinTech markets in the world compatible with the U.S and U.K. This world-renowned popularity has shown a positive impact in the field of education ever since. Thousands of students in India after completing their bachelor’s are aiming to pursue their higher degrees in relation to FinTech to build their career in the global market.

A Master’s degree or a relevant certificate course in FinTech from Indian universities can help you a lot, and you can establish yourselves in various reputed positions including FinTech Consultant, Project Manager, Blockchain Strategy Manager, Digital Transformation Leader, and much more. If you too are a FinTech enthusiast and want to pursue your higher studies from the highly ranked universities of India, then here are the best courses that can be the best fit for you:

1. Masters in Fintech- MS in Finance (STEM) by SPJIMR

The first course on our list is a master’s degree program in FinTech from the renowned SP Jain Institute of Management and Research. This master’s program will help you gain a deeper insight into the field of FinTech, and will provide knowledge of how to use various technologies to bring out financial solutions like an expert. You will understand the financial technologies involved in a business from the core and develop problem-solving skills essentially required in an entrepreneur. With the help of creative technology solutions, you will lead a business and unwind it from various complexities.

If you have a background in Finance, Accounting, or Engineering, then this course provided by SPJIMR is going to help you a lot in building a successful career in the field of FinTech.

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2. MBA in Fintech by IILM University

A Master of Business Administration degree in Financial Technology from the reputed IILM University can be a great choice for your higher studies. This course will provide a thorough understanding of the field of Financial Technology, and how innovative technologies such as Blockchains, Data Analytics (using R and Python), artificial intelligence, and others help businesses to develop problem-solving strategies to make them grow. With the help of this course, you will develop professional skills that are significant for the FinTech sector and work under different reputed positions.

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3. Decoding Fintech by SP Jain Institute of Management & Research

The 3rd course on our list is also by a university that we have already introduced you to. The Decoding FinTech course is specially designed for financial technology enthusiasts, to help them expand their knowledge on the digital integration of Finance and how it and how it changes the dynamics of an industry with the help of innovative technologies.

This advanced-level course will introduce you to the various technologies applied in FinTech such as Blockchains, artificial intelligence, and much more. This multidimensional course is ideal for tech enthusiasts and students who want to work as FinTech professionals.

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4. Advanced programming in FinTech and Financial Blockchain by IIM Calcutta

The above-mentioned course is a 6-months advanced certificate program that is designed by IIM Calcutta to introduce students and working professionals to the revolutionary innovation of financial technology, and how it benefits multiple sectors including Insurance, Banking, ConsultingManagement, and Technology. The faculties of the institution are top-class professionals who serve at reputed posts in world-famous companies including Deloitte, Infosys, CitiBank, Standard Chartered, and much more. There are always many benefits in learning from professionals who were once students hoping to build a bright future. The professional faculties will provide you training and information based on their own experiences that will give you a brief understanding of do’s and don’ts. If you are among those FinTech enthusiasts who want to have a bright future in the sector, then you should definitely enroll in this course without a second thought.

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5. FinTech for Managers by S P Jain School of Global Management

A course completely designed for professionals in management to enhance and enrich their existing skills. This course is provided online keeping in mind the busy schedules of working professionals hence, the classes are organized on Saturdays and Sundays. The duration of the course is only 20 hours and is available worldwide. This cost-effective course by SP Jain School of Global Management is solely designed to develop some new skills that will not only make you an innovative thinker, but also a professional with deeper insights into the various technologies of the field. Gain a professional certificate on the successful completion of the course and add more value to your career.

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6. Post Graduate Diploma in Fintech by BITS Pilani

This is another online post-graduate program on our list by Birla Institute of Technology and Science Pilani. The internationally recognized institution has its branches in Pilani, Hyderabad, Goa, and Dubai, and is reputed for its courses based on FinTech.

This PGDM program is designed with an aim to provide students with a working-learning environment so that they face no problems in the future while working under the FinTech sector. This course also benefits and encourages professionals to enhance their skills by developing new ones.

If you want to hone your skills in the areas of financial technologies, machine learning, blockchain, and business analytics, or are willing to know more about the field so that you can work with it in near future, then this is definitely the right course for you to enroll.

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7. Certificate Programme in Fintech and Financial Blockchain by IIM Indore

This certificate course offered by very renowned IIM Indore is the perfect program to gain in-depth knowledge in the topics of FinTech and Financial Blockchain. The duration of the course is only 8 months, but in this short term, you will learn all the fundamental building blocks of financial technologies which are very significant to know before you choose your career in the desired field. You can also actively participate in occasional-campus training programs to prepare for the world of FinTech and rule it like a pro.

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8.  Fintech Certificate by Imarticus Learning

The last course on our list is a certificate course in FinTech provided by Imarticus Learning and its tie-up with SP Jain School of Global Management, who have come together with an aim to provide the best FinTech course in Asia. This is one of the top-rated professional certificate courses that is aimed to enhance your career with top-quality education and hands-on training experience provided by industry experts. Earn expertise in the knowledge of various technologies associated including Blockchain, machine learning, cloud computing, and much more.

The course is provided online mode, and some of its reputed tech industry partners include Rise Mumbai, PWC, BTA, and many others who help individuals build careers on the right path.

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