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Best Fiction Books Last 10 Years

So, you love to read fiction books. But do you know that apart from your reading interests there are many hidden benefits of reading fiction books? In this article, you will find these benefits and along with it, we have selected the 10 best fiction books of the last ten years so that you admire more your love of reading fiction books.        

Imagining stories grow more capacity for empathy. That is because when you read about a feeling or a situation it is almost the same as we are feeling it and going through it ourselves. Another benefit of reading fiction is that you allow your mind to disengage your mind from your normal 24/7 work-related or personal routines, and it helps the mind to develop the other parts of your brain. You get better sleep if it’s a part of your routine. As you read the fiction books it takes you through different situations and your mind creates a connection to react if such scenarios occur in real life, so it helps in improving relationships as well. All these reasons are great but the best reason most fiction book readers find is a pleasure. They love what they are reading, it helps them improve their life and staying happy.

Below is the list of best fiction books we found:

1. A Visit from the Goon Squad by Jennifer Egan

A Visit from the Goon Squad feels much huger now than it did when it was first distributed almost 10 years back from today. The book’s mold-breaking form, which switches between independent characters with each chapter, has become a best-loved move of modern novelists. But it’s Egan’s foresight about technology that has truly stood the try-out of time. One unforgettable chapter is written altogether as a PowerPoint presentation conveyed by a daughter about her family, evidence of the way in which technology riddles personal stories. She also postulates a future in which toddlers become social media influencers and navigate pop lifestyle, a forecast that in the last few years has turned into a reality. This is Pulitzer award-winning novel

2. My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante


Starting during the 1950s in a poor however vibrant neighborhood on the edges of Naples, Elena Ferrante‘s four-volume story traverses very nearly sixty years, as its fundamental characters, the fiery and remarkable Lila and the bookish narrator, Elena, become ladies, wives, mothers, and leaders, meanwhile keeping a complex and now and again tangled kinship. This first novel in the series follows Lila and Elena from their critical gathering as ten-year-old through their school years and pre-adulthood. Through the existences of these two ladies, Ferrante recounts the account of an area, a city, and a nation as it is changed in manners that, thus, likewise change the connection between two ladies.

3. Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn

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On a warm summer morning in North Carthage, Missouri, it is Nick and Amy Dunne’s 5th wedding commemoration. Gifts are being wrapped and reservations are being made when Nick’s astute and delightful spouse vanishes. Spouse of the Year Nick isn’t helping himself with flinch commendable fantasies about the incline and state of his significant other’s head, however, sections from Amy’s journal uncover the alpha-young lady stickler might have bothered anybody perilously. Under mounting tension from the police and the media—just as Amy’s furiously hovering guardians—the town brilliant kid marches a perpetual series of falsehoods, double-dealings, and unseemly conduct. Scratch is strangely sly, and he’s most certainly unpleasant—however, would he say he is actually an executioner?

This book has received multiple bestselling positions. It was named as most influential book of the decade by CNN.

4. Americanah by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

Ifemelu and Obinze are youthful and in affection when they withdraw military-controlled Nigeria for the West. Delightful, confident Ifemelu sets out toward America, where notwithstanding her scholarly achievement, she is compelled to wrestle with being dark interestingly. Tranquil, smart Obinze had would have liked to join her, yet with post-9/11 America shut to him, he rather dives into a perilous, undocumented life in London. After fifteen years, they rejoin in a recently equitable Nigeria and reignite their enthusiasm—for one another and their country. An abstract wonder who distributed her first book, Purple Hibiscus, at age 25, Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie established her place as one of her age’s most noteworthy writers with Americanah.

5. Life After Life by Kate Atkinson


Ursula Todd bites the dust again and again in Kate Atkinson‘s Life After Life—from tumbling off a roof, from drowning, from capitulating to the flu. In any case, the deaths are only a tool: this is a book about living, or more all, discovering better approaches to do it until you at long last take care of business. Atkinson made her name as a mystery writer, yet Life After Life resists kindly. The clever ranges the greater part a century, and Atkinson’s changes in time develop her storytelling, permitting readers to encounter the impacts of the rambling cast of characters’ decisions—a marriage deserted or saved, a soldier who endures or perishes. It’s likewise a characterizing record of wartime London, as Ursula encounters the demolition of the Blitz according to different viewpoints, featuring the foolishness of besieging strikes. The account of her numerous lives is both moving and carefree, loaded up with comic asides and reminiscent language about existence’s many delights and distresses. Despite the undeniable misfortune, Ursula’s capricious presence is, at last, avowing, as she advises us that “we should attempt to put forth a valiant effort,” even as we face our own mortality.

6. Tenth of December by George Saunders

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Incredible Writers seldom procure their place in history through short stories. Among the exceptions are Munro, Poe, Borges, Chekhov—and, since the distribution of his fourth assortment Tenth of December in 2013, George Saunders. In 10 vivid fictions that felt current at that point yet uncover considerably more special insight six years on, the long-term Syracuse educator blends reality and oddity into an inebriating mixed drink, blending science fiction ideas, biting humor, and human emotion. “The Semplica Girl Diaries” envisions an existence where young ladies from agricultural countries are brought to America to fill in as living grass stylistic layouts. “Break From Spiderhead” happens at an advanced jail, where prisoners are utilized as guineas pigs for drugs intended to make them fall all through affection. Every one of these dimly funny stories hurts deeply, supported by a pressing good cognizance and all-around defended uneasiness concerning what happens when innovation begins to overwhelm mankind.

7. The Sellout by Paul Beatty

In the past, a flourishing city, Dickens’ decay has prompted its downgrade to a plain area, and the story is principally determined by Bonbon’s endeavor, alongside his slave Hominy, to save Dickens from additional disintegration by re-isolating the around the secondary school. Similarly, as with all extraordinary absurdist and mocking writing, the Man Booker Prize champ is comical, not for chuckles, but rather in the help of conveying scorching facts about the world. Paul Beatty‘s sentences ignite with the warmth and thickness of a neutron star, thick with sharp friendly perception, enlightening contemporary and recorded references, profoundly had raged against and affection toward life in 21st-century America and, more than whatever else, the kind of sharpened edge humor that makes you snicker yet additionally need to cry.

8. Sing, Unburied, Sing by Jesmyn Ward

Brought up in Mississippi and focused on archiving the inadmissible real factors of dark life in the South, Ward won the National Book Award for her subsequent novel, 2011’s Hurricane Katrina contemplation Salvage the Bones. After two years, she distributed Men We Reaped, a tweaking diary following the passings of five youthful individuals of color who assumed permanent parts in her day-to-day existence. The capstone to these accomplishments was 2017’s Sing, Unburied, Sing which made Ward the main lady to win two National Book Awards for fiction. A melodious apparition story of a novel, Sing follows a delicate, drug-abusing black woman named Leonie on an excursion with her two kids to bring the children’s white dad home from jail. As that apparently clear excursion develops perpetually burdensome, the book moves smoothly between the present and the past, progressively revealing the race-related trauma that has formed this interracial family.

9. Little Fires Everywhere by Celeste Ng

Little Fires Everywhere starts as a capricious whodunnit—who put a match to the home of the well-off Richardson family in Shaker Heights, Ohio— and unfurls into a confounding and diverse assessment of early termination, parenthood, racial character, and class fighting. Individuals from the Richardsons accept that Shaker Heights is an American ideal world, yet their perspective is tested when a helpless craftsman and her adolescent girl show up around with their own originations of self-esteem and accomplishment romance’s bloom, mysteries are traded, harsh rivalry structure. As the two families become profoundly caught in each other’s lives, the contrasts between them become too tremendous to even consider dealing with.

10. The Nickel Boys by Colson Whitehead

At the point when Elwood Curtis, a black boy experiencing childhood in 1960s Tallahassee, is unjustifiably sentenced to a juvenile reformatory called the Nickel Academy, he winds up caught in a grotesque office of horrors. Elwood’s just salvation is his companionship with individual “delinquent” Turner, which develops notwithstanding Turner’s conviction that Elwood is miserably guileless, that the world is warped, and that the best way to endure is to plot and remain generally safe. As life at the Academy turns out to be always hazardous, the pressure between Elwood’s beliefs and Turner’s doubt prompts a choice whose repercussions will repeat as the decades progressed.

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