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Best Fiction Books 2021

One good thing about the global pandemic is that it dug down my deep-rooted interest in reading fiction books. Also, because I have nothing to do anyway. (okay, let’s come to the point) Watching tv shows mindlessly has been very unhealthy for a hale and hearty attention span. Switching to fiction books will not only feed your interest but also improves your cognitive thinking. It is the right time to make a switch! Feeding our eyes with zoom calls, social media, and Netflix has been very exhausting, and yes, that’s why we are doom scrolled. Let us get into some old-school hobby to replenish our vibe.

From gripping sequels to incredible debuts from fresh authors, the fiction market has been thriving. Fiction helps you escape from reality, go into someone else’s shoes and breathe in a different era. If you are looking for a grippy novel to pass your days in these tough times, this is a god-sent article for you. It’s time for you to snag your copy or pre-order the top fiction books of the year 2021. 

1. Circus of Wonders by Elizabeth Macneal

The critically acclaimed Circus of Wonders is awarded as Sunday Times bestseller fiction book. The book is beautifully written by Elizabeth Macneal. It has around 384pages, and it is drafted so exquisitely.

The book is about the character Nei whose whole life is revolved around her beloved brother and the sea. Once when jasper Jupiter’s circus of wonders came to their village, Neil’s father betrayed and sold Neil to the circus. Neil got devastated, but unexpectedly her fame grows, and she found good friends at the circus. Now What happens when her fame threatens to eclipse that of the showman who bought her? Is the astonishing concept of the story.

2. The City of Tears by Kate Mosse

The city of Tears is a sequel to the bestselling historical fiction by Kate Mosse, The Burning Chambers, which is primarily based on the wars of religion in France during 1572. The novel is based on revenge, persecution, and loss. It is a lengthy book with 560 pages.

Since 1572, France has succumbed to devastating religious wars and persecution. After 10 years of violent war crimes, France found peace and conglomerated a Royal wedding inviting all the enemy families. Minou Joubert’s family was not aware of Vidal, his oldest enemy, at the wedding. Now, what happens at the wedding, which completely distraught the situation, is the plot of the book. `

3. People Like Her by Ellery Lloyd

People like her is a debut book by Ellery Lloyd, which is meticulously dark and devious. The book has 336 pages and predominantly focuses on the dark side of social media and influencer culture.

The thriller story is based on Emmy Jackson, who is a famous influencer on social media. She is the Instagram sensation. She became viral for her unvarnished truth of parenthood in the present generation. The story takes a huge turn when one of her followers knows that she is not honest and fools her followers. How she was made to pay for her duplicity is the thriller notion of the story.

4. Detransition, Baby by Torrey Peters

At the cost of just $17.48, Detransition baby can be bought from Amazon. The fiction is written by Torrey Peters, a debutante who writes a celebrated novel that revolves around a woman, a cisgender, and a trans whose life changes because of an unexpected pregnancy.

Reese, the transgender woman, had everything in her life. A decent job, a lover, a home, and a beautiful relationship. All she wanted was a baby. Amy, her lover, decided to detransition herself, which was not a better decision since it broke their relationship. Amy changes her name to Ames. One day, she decides to hook up with his boss, Katrina. The story took a big L when Katrina became pregnant, and Ames thought this would be an opportunity to get back to Reese. Will this three-way relationship work as the plot of this fiction book.

5. Outlawed by Anna North

The new york times bestselling book, outlawed is a book on the feminist frontier written by Anna North. 

The thriller story orbits around Ada, a 17year old girl who got married before she turned 18 and worked as an apprentice for her mother. She decides to leave everything back and joins a notorious hole-in-the-wall gang. The gang is considered to be a safe place for all women who outlawed themselves. The story takes a crack when the gang hatches a treacherous plan which would put Ana into jeopardy. Will she take the decision to move forward with the plan? 

The book is a short one with just 272 pages, and it is published by Bloomsburg publishing. The cost of the book is just $18.18.

6. The Push by Ashley Audrain

The Push is a pulsating thriller that is considered to be very addictive and thrilling. Written by Ashley Audrain, the cost of the book is just $11.36 after the offer.

The psychological drama is based on Blythe Connor, a loving mother who gave birth to a new baby, Violet. Blythe thought the baby had some trouble, and later, she convinced herself that the baby was abnormal. She was dismissed by her husband, saying she just imagined things and was just in her head. She gave birth to Sam, a cute little boy with whom she had a great connection. The story twists when a devastating fallout makes the family face the truth. This book will hook you from the front page to the ending.

7. The Wife Upstairs by Rachel Hawkins

The book is a modern adaptation of Jane Eyre’s book. The wife upstairs is based on a forbidden romance with a pinch of modern trimmings. It is written by Rachel Hawkins, who’s a famous mystery author. The price of the book is $18.

The story is from the eyes of Jane, who is a dog walker for a rich gated community, Thornfield Estates. Jane always wants to live a life like the community that had a filthy rich lifestyle. She sees an opportunity when she meets Eddie Rochester, who is a widower. He lost his wife in a boat accident. What happens after they fall for each other is where the pleasing suspense starts. Jane is increasingly haunted by the dead wife by her ambitious beauty and rags-to-riches origin story. How will she overcome the dead wife who won’t just stay buried?

8. Fake Accounts by Lauren Oyler

Another Social media plot, Fake Accounts are written by Lauren Oyler, is an invigorating piece that is just $13.22.

The story discusses prime topics like gaslighting, social media, and relationships from the narrator’s point where she discovers the truth that her boyfriend is an anonymous internet conspiracy theorist. On a plan to end the floundering relationship with so many secrets, she decides to leave NY. After going to berlin, her embarking on her cycles of manipulation in the deceptive spaces of her daily life, from dating apps to ex-pat meetups, she couldn’t trust any single person in the world. The book was published in Feb 2021.

9. What’s Mine and Yours By Naima Coster

At just 17$, the thriller fiction is on your hands. What’s mine and yours is a grippy book written by Naima Coster, which deals with how race affects the most intimate relationships.

The story twitched when a county initiative made all the black high school students from North Carolina drawn to the white high schools in the west. It is a story of two students Gee and Noelle, who are completely distinctive, who fall in love after a school play. Gee’s black mother is ambitious and does not want her son to leave the community, and on the other side, Noelle’s white mother does not want her child to be with anyone who is black or Asian. The story takes a turn when the mothers take a choice that will haunt the kids for decades to come.

10. My Year Abroad by Chang-Rae Lee

The highlight of the book is the radical writing of Chang-Rae Lee where it revolves around a person who satirically becomes filthy rich in Asia. The cost of the book is $15, and it has 496pages.

Titler, an average American college student with no ambition and a good heart, meets Pong Lou, a Chinese American entrepreneur who sees something intriguing in Titler. Lou takes Titler on a trip to Asia, where he catapulted the young ordinary man into a talented protégé. The story covers controversial topics like Western attitudes, Eastern stereotypes, capitalism, global trade, mental health, parenthood, and mentorship, a humorous plot with darkness and surprises that will hook you up to the book.

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